This Otter Went Viral Twice By Getting A Mascot

An otter named Chi-tan who lives in Japan has become so famous that she now has her own mascot who has gone equally, if not more, viral online.

When it comes to the conversation of what your favorite animal is, it can be one that causes a heated debate depending on the group of people with whom you are discussing. There's the age old debate over whether cats or dogs make better pets. In terms of animals, in general elephants and dolphins are often at the top of the pile due to their smarts. Today, we're going to bring your attention to the humble otter.

Not to get into a heated discussion right now, but if otters aren't your favorite animal already... then they probably should be. Also, if they aren't right now they likely will be by the time you get to the end of this article. Take a look at the video below and let us introduce you to Chi-tan. Chi-tan lives in Japan and the video of her squeaking happily below has been viewed almost 4.75 million times.

Chi-tan has gone so viral and is so loved in Japan, that she has her very own mascot of the same name. The mascot Chi-tan acts as the sightseeing ambassador for Susaki, Kochi and goes around the town playing with locals. You can see some of the things she gets up to during her day to day via Twitter and on her very own YouTube channel.

For some reason, meeting her and playing with her on the streets of Susaki isn't enough for fans of Chi-tan. They also send the mascot sports equipment for her to use. The human-sized otter then proceeds to use the equipment, and then post videos of herself doing so on Twitter and YouTube. It's bizarre but hilarious, and the videos all tend to easily garner at least a million views each.

We get that the original Chi-tan is a pretty cute otter, but we have to admit we don't quite get how that led to the creation of a mascot version that breaks trampolines and rides bicycles. We appreciate it though, because the result is extremely entertaining and clearly there are millions of people around the world who wholeheartedly agree with us.

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