Our Little Family: 20 Dark Secrets TLC Tried To Bury

For anyone rolling their eyes and saying, “gosh, Our Little Family was JUST LIKE Little People, Big World; why talk about it now?” Let us just say that there’s more than meets the eye with this show. Yes, IMDb lists it as only being around for 2 seasons. Those 2 seasons were certainly special, though, and gave us a huge amount of insight into life as a family all living with achondroplasia. We watch their struggles and their successes, as well as all the comedic bits that go into being a family and raising kids.

Is it any surprise that people loved this show? We’re always a little upset about the fact it was cancelled so quickly, but there are reasons. We’ve gone through and found as many of those reasons that we could, as well as some of the other dark secrets TLC wants to bury.

20 The ‘Talent Search’ Was Surprising


Believe it or not, social media has the power to pluck people out of thin air and hold them up to stardom levels. That’s what happened with Our Little Family. Originally they hadn’t had any interest in doing a reality TV show. Channel Guide Magazine explains that the network was looking for a woodworker specifically, not a family.

19 Their Behaviour Has Come Under Fire


Pull up any kind of article or magazine on the internet and you’ll see a variety of opinions, not many of which you'll 100% agree with. The comments on the Channel Guide Magazine article mention some questionable behaviour that Michelle and Dan exhibit.

Anger, ignoring each other, and poor parenting tactics are cited; but remember, that’s one person’s anonymous comment.

18 There Was Talk Of A New Cast Member For A While


In a blog post that Michelle wrote, she talked about how she’d like to have a child again. The fact that she actively would like to have another baby is impressive and admirable. However, she decided to refocus her efforts on convincing Dan to get a dog. They’re much more reasonable, in our opinion!

17 Michelle Was Hesitant At First


No, not about the marriage or the family. Channel Guide Magazine mentioned the fact that Michelle was hesitant about the content of the show. She wasn’t sure if it would make them a spectacle, or be a really good learning and growth experience for other people out there who can connect with what they’re going through. Spoiler alert: it’s the latter.

16 The Kids Are ‘More Than They Can Handle’


She Knows mentioned this quote, which took us by total surprise. Apparently the three kids are a lot for Dan and Michelle to handle, which we don’t blame them for. Three kids is a lot, for any parent out there. Otherwise, the height is just another hurdle, we think.

15 Dan’s Handiwork Was Supposed To Be The Star


Remember when we mentioned off the top how easy it was for them to put a call out on social media and get a ton of responses. Believe it or not, for this situation The call worked out way better for everyone. While he was supposed to be featured because of his handiwork, people love the fact that he’s so talented.

14 The Behind-The-Scenes Divas Will Come As A Surprise


Channel Guide Magazine is back at it again with the tips and gossip. But this time, there’s a twist! This time we, the behind-the-scenes folks, will be graced with dealing with a whole new generation of divas; literally named “Shhh” (at least as Michelle would have us believe), the twins are one example of TLC divas.

13 Jack Is Going To Be The Next Big Star


Seriously, just look at how cute this kid is. He just looks like a star. It’s not that his sisters don’t; no, they’re certainly the two divas we referred to in the last slot. But they’re not the future stars. Jack is instead totally cool as a cucumber no matter what’s going on, an excellent indicator of him getting a little fame.

12 While Michelle Is Often Considered ‘Mean’


Again, this is coming from the comments section of Channel Guide Magazine. It’s not something that we personally agree with, but the comment does make a good point. It mentions how Michelle doesn’t seem to want to engage with her husband Dan, and sometimes speaks harshly to the kids. AKA: mean

11 There Might Not Have Been Enough Drama To Renew It


Here’s a fact which is more our guess rather than the actuality of the situation. All of these reality shows need a certain level of drama in order to be interesting. Now, we’re not saying it’s essential. But it is a common theme. Our Little Family was one of those shows which never seemed to have much drama; and that might be why it doesn’t exist anymore.

10 People’s Prejudice Gets Put On Full Display


When dealing with folks who look different from the norm, there’s going to be some ugly reactions. Unfortunately The Wrap reminds us we saw that during their New York trip. Hailing a cab turned into a photography session, and us viewers got to see first hand how much that ogling behavior hurt them.

9 Yes, It’s All About Entertainment


But that’s not a bad thing. No matter how much they might talk about doing the show because of the message it gives, at the end of the day it’s still all about the entertainment factor. We personally don’t mind, as it is very entertaining. However, there definitely was a struggle between the “make it fun” producers and the message the family wanted to give.

8 The ‘Demo’ Was A Total Surprise


Capital Gazette mentioned this fact, which we thought was very interesting. Whenever MTV or TLC or any of the other networks decides to make a reality show, they have to film a demo first. The Our Little Family demo consisted of a camera crew showing up at their house and filming for the whole day. Surprise! Yikes.

7 They’re Really, Really Not Into The Fame


The other theory about why the show never made it past two seasons is simply the fact that they weren’t super into the fame. Capital Gazette reminds us that neither of them really enjoyed being the centre of attention, even though the cause was good. Maybe that was always a sign it wasn’t meant to be.

6 The Show’s Really Pushing The Association That’s Behind It


But, again, not a bad agenda for a show to have. Dan and Michelle are both a part of the Little People of America Association, which seems to get featured in the show every once in a while. Not a bad thing, but just something to be aware of if anyone was thinking that this show was impartial.

5 TLC Totally Redid Their House


But not in the most practical way. From moving furniture to get better angles all the way to moving lighting fixtures, TLC totally redid their space. This was mostly to make it film-able, rather than in accordance with any of the dreams Dan and Michelle lay out after. It’s a shame; so much work for just two seasons!

4 Dan’s Had Some Losses Lately


While we were digging into Dan’s past, we stumbled across some unfortunate news about his present. According to Twitter Dan’s lost a couple good friends lately. This means he’s probably quite upset, and not acting like himself. We wonder if that’s part of the reason his behaviour could seem erratic sometimes?

3 There Has Been Edits, As Always


Like any good reality TV show, the editors have a field day trying to make 18 hours of content fit into one 47-minute slot. It’s not an impossible task, but it does require some editing. While Our Little Family is better than others when it comes to editing to change the meaning, it’s still not entirely innocent.

2 Their Dreams Are Pretty Average


Lower light switches and some happy kids; those are the two big life dreams Dan and Michelle talk about to Capital Gazette. Sure, these dreams are pretty average. But when they would so greatly improve the quality of life for them, it makes sense that these are the things they’re thinking about.

1 Dan Might Have Some Trust Issues


Here’s one thing that we totally might be overblowing, but is still worth the eyebrow raise. Dan told Channel Guide Magazine that he’s always eager to watch the episodes so he gets to know what Michelle and the children are up to when he’s not around. Innocent on a first read? Sure. But why would he even joke about that, right?

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