15 Overwatch Fan Drawings By Thirsty Fan Boys (And Girls)

Sombra At The Bar by nell-fallcard

Overwatch is a hugely popular shooter from Blizzard. Following on from the success of their other franchises, they made the jump into the competitive first-person shooter realm. While the gameplay in Overwatch works well and the overall experience is good, the biggest factor in the game attracting so many fans has been the characters.

This is because each hero has their own unique personality and backstory. Characters such as Tracer, D.Va, Mercy, and even Hanzo, have captivated players largely because they are interesting and distinctive. Obviously, once an audience has fallen in love with characters such as these, fan art is sure to follow.

In the case of Overwatch, most of the fan art is unsuitable for children. The mature audience that the game has means that much of the art produced by players ends up being risqué or a little more revealing than you might have imagined. It’s no wonder then that many of these pieces look as if they have been created by thirsty fanboys.

15 Sophisticated Mei

Sophisticated Mei by Hoobamon
via deviantart.com (Hoobamon)

Rather than show Mei, otherwise known as Frostbite, in her usual cold weather protective clothing, an artist gave her a more sophisticated look. In this particular drawing, Mei appears to be more like a movie star in a film noir feature, with her evening dress and cigarette on full show.

14 Skintight Ana

Skintight Ana by Sciamano240
via deviantart.com (Sciamano240)

Ana Amari was once an expert sniper in the Egyptian armed forces. She is now one of the most important members of the Overwatch organization. In this artwork, Ana is depicted at a younger age, perhaps when was still a soldier rather than a hero trying to end the war.

13 Tracer Doing Her Paperwork

Tracer Doing Her Paperwork by JaezX
via deviantart.com (JaezX)

Even heroes have to spend time in the office doing more mundane work. Although it isn’t as exciting as being out in the field fighting, it can provide some valuable downtime to relax and rest. However, we aren’t sure how most workplaces would respond if you turned up wearing such a low cut top in the office.

12 Honeybee Frostbite

Honeybee Frostbite by GaoErJi
via pixiv.net (GaoErJi)

Have you ever wondered what Frostbite might look like if she were a beekeeper rather than a climatologist? One artist aimed to answer that question by imagining Mei in a more bee-themed outfit. That gives her a yellow style rather than her traditional blue one. It’s also a bit skimpier than she would normally dress.

11 Sombra At The Bar

Sombra At The Bar by nell-fallcard
via deviantart.com ( nell-fallcard)

Sombra is a hacker and her portrayal in Overwatch is about as stereotypical as you can get. She has colored hair and a distinctive appearance that people seem to think is what hackers look like. This drawing is far more natural in the appearance of Sombra and is all the better for it.

10 Hanzo The Archer

Hanzo The Archer by jiuge
via deviantart.com (jiuge)

Hanzo is a master assassin. The older Shimada brother uses a bow for his weapon of choice, with the silent nature of the weapon helping him to take out his enemies without causing any noise. Even though stealth and agility are most important, Hanzo could probably have done with a little extra protection from clothing than is provided in this piece of fan art.

9 Tracer Gone Retro

Tracer Gone Retro by Jay-Phenrix
via deviantart.com (Jay-Phenrix)

In this piece of fan art, the drawing shows Tracer wearing an outfit that doesn’t cover her as much as her traditional clothing. The crop-top and the shorts are more appropriate for a hot summer day, suggesting that the hero might not be about to be involved in any firefights.

8 D.Va And Roses

D.Va And Roses by phamoz
via deviantart.com (phamoz)

D.Va is rarely seen without her powerful and heavily armed mech Tokki. She is usually portrayed as a toughened pilot who takes no-nonsense. Yet, in this fan drawing, the artist has given her a more delicate look as she lies in a bed of roses. It is certainly a different look to what players will be used to.

7 Revealing Symmetra

Revealing Symmetra by fainxel
via deviantart.com ( fainxel)

Symmetra is one of the most powerful individuals in the world of Overwatch, with the ability to transform the world around her. The Indian native is shown in a far more revealing outfit than she can usually be found in. It gives her more of a movie star feel than a warrior who is trying to create a perfect world.

6 D.Va At The Beach

D.Va At The beach by AyyaSAP
via deviantart.com (AyyaSAP)

Some artwork and drawing just try to show how a particular character might appear when they are having some fun. D.Va is seemingly enjoying her time in the sun as she saunters around in a bikini. With this piece, the hero has still got her sensible head on, though, as she wears a hoodie to help keep her protected from the UV rays.

5 Tracer On Playwatch

Tracer On Playwatch by jpl-animation
via deviantart.com ( jpl-animation)

In this particular piece of fan art, the drawing depicts Tracer as if she is the cover model for a fictional magazine called Playwatch. Considering her fame in the real world and the fact she is so popular, it wouldn’t be surprising to see such a hero get a similar offer from a genuine publication.

4 Realistic Frostbite

Realistic Frostbite by DigiFlohw
via deviantart.com (DigiFlohw)

This artist has created a piece that could show how Frostbite might look in real life, with this more realistic portrayal of the character. It clearly looks like Mei-Ling Zhou would be capable of looking after herself in this guise. However, she would probably need more layers in that type of weather.

3 Hair Bun Hanzo

Hair Bun Hanzo by oneveryhornyunicorn
via tumblr.com (oneveryhornyunicorn)

A traditional drawing from a fan, this piece of artwork shows Hanzo seemingly relaxing. The hero and assassin is taking some time off from his usual schedule of trying to restore his family honor to just chill out. The laid back look combined with the lack of any top covering his torso is certainly an appealing one.

2 Posing Tracer

via deviantart dandonfuga

It isn’t usual to see the Overwatch heroes with so little protection. With Tracer wearing seemingly nothing in this fan drawing, the hero must have been in a safe place to be so vulnerable. In fact, it looks like Tracer may have even had a change of profession, doing modeling work rather than fighting bad guys,

1 Jet Ski Tracer

Jet Ski Tracer by xenbis
via deviantart.com (xenbis)

Who doesn’t enjoy some water sports when the weather is good enough? Tracer clearly does if this fan drawing is anything to go by. Just because she’s in her bikini and enjoying the sun, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is off duty. The hero is always prepared for danger and is even getting some extra training in with a water pistol.

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