20 Top Overwatch Heroes Ranked Purely By Win Rate

Every now and then, a game comes along that completely captures the interest of players everywhere. Blizzard released Overwatch in 2016, yet it’s still going strong today. Frequent updates to existing characters, new modes, and brand new heroes has given the title everlasting power. Though the pitch-perfect gameplay doesn’t hurt matters.

But the characters are what makes Overwatch so unique compared to other first-person shooters. Though they all can fit into a category (tank, damage, or support), each one of them is vastly different from the last. Rather than having players control generic soldiers, searching the surrounding areas for the best weapons, Blizzard gives players the choice for which playstyle fits them best. Each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses, which forces adaptation to the opposing team’s composition. Here are 20 Overwatch heroes ranked by win rate in Competitive Mode on PC.

20 McCree: 49.67%

Via: pcgamer.com

The gun-slinging cowboy is one of the more popular damage selections Overwatch has to offer. He wields a powerful six-shooter that’s key in attaining precision damage.

However, he’s certainly not the most durable hero. He can dodge and throw a flash grenade to stun foes. But if an opponent gets around that, McCree will go down rather easily.

19 Mercy: 49.68%

Via: dotesports.com

Mercy is a wonderful healer. She glides towards any teammate to either boost their health or damage output. And her Ultimate Ability makes it so she can boost whatever’s needed for her whole team. She’s also the only healer who can bring a teammate back to life.

The downside is that her gun does such a small amount of damage that if she’s cornered, she’s done for.

18 Tracer: 49.73%

Via: dexerto.com

It’s only natural that the poster child for Overwatch makes it into the top 20. Tracer doesn’t have the highest damage output, but she makes up for that by being a complete nuisance to the opposing team.

Tracer has a chronal accelerator that allows her to teleport a short distance in any direction and travel backward in time to regain health. But she’s the weakest damage hero because of it.

17 Ana: 49.91%

Via: heroesneverdie.com

Having this sniper play in the distance for your team is undeniably beneficial. Her bullets do damage to enemies but heal her teammates.

She also carries a sleep dart gun and a grenade that damages any enemies in the vicinity and heals teammates. Also, her ultimate can significantly increase the damage of one of her teammates. She’s the very definition of support.

16 Roadhog: 49.94%

Via: polygon.com

The first tank on the list can soak up a lot of damage and still keep charging. Roadhog carries a shotgun that fires scrap metal. It can shoot a close-range, widespread or a long-range ball that detonates on impact.

He can hook enemies to drag them closer, heal himself, and his Ultimate essentially sprays a shower of metal at rapid-fire to push enemies back while dealing heaps of damage.

15 Winston: 50.08%

Via: game-art-hq.com

One of the best aspects of the tank class is being able to shield your teammates. This super-smart gorilla can place a shield dome to protect everyone, though it’s not as durable as shields of other tanks.

His gun sprays electricity which can hit multiple targets, but it’s short-range. His Ultimate fills him with rage and extra health as he hops around, smacking opponents out of the way.

14 Torbjorn: 50.19%

Via: playoverwatch.com

This little guy can place a turret down to shoot enemies and he can also repair it when it starts to take damage. His gun can fire both short and long-range, and he has the ability to boost his defense and produce a higher fire rate.

All of these qualities make him extremely annoying to enemies. But he’s a strong addition to any team.

13 Lucio: 50.35%

Via: playoverwatch.com

There are some healers that can deal out significant damage while supporting their team. Lucio is not one of them. However, he has one of the highest pick rates among healers for good reason.

His healing/speed boost has a certain area of effect that helps any teammates inside. He can also skate on walls, making him agile and incredibly hard to put down.

12 D.Va: 50.48%

Via: polygon.com

D.Va is one of the more popular tanks in Overwatch. If opponents drain her mech’s health, she’ll still be running around with a pistol until she can bring it back.

Her moveset is pretty great too. She can continuously fire short-range without reloading, has missiles, can fly for short periods, and can suck up incoming damage through her Defense Matrix. Plus, her Ultimate turns the mech into a literal bomb.

11 Moira: 50.91%

Via: polygon.com

As a Moira main, I’m a little bummed she didn’t crack the Top 10. She’s one of the more balanced heroes as she can suck the health from enemies with one hand and grant health to teammates with the other.

She can also send orbs of her choosing forward and teleport, which makes her very agile. Her Ultimate is a giant stream that combines her main two abilities.

10 Reinhardt: 51.21%

Via: usgamer.net

Reinhardt personifies the tank class, which means he can be deadly or hard to maneuver depending on the player. He carries a giant hammer that deals incredible damage close range or can shoot a fire blast to anyone far away.

He also projects a durable shield from his arm and can propel himself forward to pin an enemy to the wall. If that enemy isn’t another tank, they’re done for.

9 Wrecking Ball: 51.34%

Via: dexerto.com

If this list were for the funniest characters, Wrecking Ball would probably sit at the top. He’s a genetically altered hamster linked to a big mech suit.

His mech has two automatic weapons, can increase its own defense, and can turn into a giant ball, helping him to escape any firefight. It’s the chain he can attach to any surface that turns him into a literal wrecking ball.

8 Zarya: 51.85%

Via: playoverwatch.com

Though Zarya can’t produce a shield to protect her whole team, she can produce a barrier for herself and for one teammate at a time. And the damage these barriers take only increases her weapon’s strength.

Her weapon, by the way, is a massive cannon that can fire a stream of energy or energy grenades. And her ultimate sucks all nearby enemies in, letting your team lay waste to them.

7 Genji: 51.89%

Via: playoverwatch.com

Since Genji doesn’t have a gun to tote around, Blizzard needed to make him as agile as possible. And they certainly did. He’s the only character that can double jump. And just like his brother Hanzo, he can climb up walls.

He can throw ninja stars in a spread or a group of 3 into one opponent. And he can also dash forward, slicing through enemies with his sword.

6 Doomfist: 52.52%

Via: engadget.com

One of the characters that I have yet to figure out is Doomfist. But whenever I come up against one, it’s always a challenge. His giant mechanical arm can do a ton of damage whether it be through uppercuts, forward dashes, or ground slams.

His other hand can shoot small bursts, but it’s the abilities that make him highly sought.

5 Orisa: 53.12%

Via: playoverwatch.com

This robotic tank can produce barriers that don’t cover as much as Winston’s but are significantly more durable. Her automatic gun can fire 150 bullets before having to reload. And she can fire an orb that can draw enemies to its location.

Like Wrecking Ball, she can also increase her own defense. And her Ultimate boosts the attack power of her entire team. No wonder she’s the top tank.

4 Symmetra: 53.57%

Via: inverse.com

Turrets are a godsend to your team and a curse on your opponents. And Symmetra can produce three of them. They’re smaller and more easily destroyed than Torbjorn's, but they fire a destructive laser stream.

She can also create a teleporter for these turrets or for her team. And her ultimate is a giant, level spanning wall that blocks most damage. That’s not even getting into her awesome laser gun.

3 Zenyatta: 53.6%

Via: playoverwatch.com

The robotic monk Zenyatta has the most precision damage of any healer, making headshots for him much easier. He can also produce orbs for teammates and enemies.

The Orb of Harmony regenerates health for one teammate of Zenyatta’s choosing while the Orb of Discord increases the damage one enemy takes. There’s also his Ultimate, which restores the health of teammates near him and makes him immune to damage.

2 Ashe: 53.94%

Via: gamecrate.com

Though this DLC hero is newer than most, she quickly became one of the most popular damage options. Her rifle is great for precision damage, she can periodically throw sticks of dynamite, and she uses a shotgun to blast enemies backward.

Then there’s Bob, her Ultimate: a robot she calls with an automatic gun for a hand that shreds nearby enemies unless they deplete his health.

1 Brigitte: 56.94%

Via: fanbyte.com

Though her pick rate isn’t as high as others, Brigitte currently holds the highest win rate. She’s an excellent support character since dealing damage with her mace heals the teammates around her.

But she can also give allies armor, bash opponents with her shield, and her Ultimate provides armor to all nearby teammates while simultaneously making her faster. She’s like a tank and a healer rolled into one.

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