20 Overwatch Skins That Make No Sense

For years, downloadable content has transformed the landscape of gaming. It allows players that have the extra funds to go out and buy their way into becoming a better player much faster than the ones who cannot afford to spend the extra cash on a game that they already purchased for $59.99.

But even with all the available perks you can purchase in video games today, the most popular type of downloadable content is character skins, which is nothing more than a cosmetic item that serves no other purpose than allowing a player to customize the look of their player.

To understand why players purchase character skins for popular games like Overwatch, you need to understand what it means to own them. You don't need them, but they do offer you something: status.

But not all of the Overwatch skins are worth the price tag. We went all the way back to the beginning and found the 20 Overwatch Skins That Made No Sense.

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20 Specimen 28 (Winston)

via wikia.com

There is just not enough of a difference to consider calling this a skin. The color scheme, for one, is so similar to his actual skin that it makes us wonder why they would even try to sell this to their audience.

When it was first released, most of the fans felt the same. They thought it was pretty underwhelming for Winston, mostly because the coloring is too close to the base.

19 Megasoma (Orisa)

via reddit.com

Orisa's skin selection is abysmal compared to all the other characters but it might be because her base skin is so complicated and advanced that maybe it would cost too much time and energy to develop different ones.

However, of all the ones available for Orisa, the Megasoma is one of the most widely hated skins among fans because of the lame color scheme and the overall bug-like feeling this design gives off.

18 Abominable (Mei)

via icy-veins.com

The biggest problems with Mei's Abominable skin is that she already has a winter clothes skin and that is pretty much all this is. She is basically set up with big and bulky winter clothing after already having winter clothes.

The character herself already has the ability to create ice yet we are led to believe she walks around only wearing winter clothes? If she has ice in her veins, she will probably never get cold.

17 Wadjet (Ana)

via ingame.de

About a year ago, a user on Reddit decided to construct a poll to ask all of the Overwatch fans in his particular group to vote on every character's worst legendary skins.

With 420 votes, over 50% of the total votes placed in the poll, the group chose Wadjet for Ana, and it was not even close. The rest of the polls were tight races, but not this one. No one likes it because it makes no sense for Ana and does not belong in the Overwatch universe.

16 Young Hanzo (Hanzo)

via icy-veins.com

For such a simple character like Hanzo, this is a skin that simply doesn't justify its price tags. In other words, why would you want to spend credits buying something that is barely even a skin? It's a color patch.

If you wanted to get something interesting for Hanzo, focus your time and money on one of his other skins, the ones that make sense for him.

15 Stunt Rider (Soldier 76)

via icy-veins.com

Although Soldier 76 does have some really nice skins, the Stunt Rider skin is just plain not up to par. Sure, it has an Evel Knievel style to it and that makes it very interesting indeed, but the helmet is just plain awful.

Most fans are against this skin because the visor on his helmet is clear. If it was tinted black, then it would work. But there would be a very small chance it would be able to make up for the backlash it has already caused.

14 Jazzy (Lucio)

via deviantart.com

Lucio is a character that has earned a reputation for his ugly skins that seem to be nothing more than another way for Blizzard to cash in on the success of Overwatch. One of them being the Jazzy skin which left us all wondering just what was going on at Blizzard.

Lucio is a Hip Hop artist, DJ, soccer star, and Olympian and yet they decided to sell us a skin that looks more like Bruno Mars than anything else.

13 Woodbot (Bastion)

via nocookie.net

Bastion is one of the most universally hated characters in Overwatch and because of this, any of the robots skins tend to instantly become just as hated. But then there was the Woodbot skin and it was more than just bad, it was pointless and made no sense in terms of gameplay.

It looks as if someone added the wood paneling to this robot and walked away thinking they did a fantastic job. It was ugly and just plain awful.

12 Cybergoth (Zarya)

via icy-veins.com

Zarya is known for having the worst skins and cosmetics of all the other heroes in the game. Her Cybergoth skin is a prime example of just how much respect she gets in the game.

All the other heroes have amazing Legendary skins, some even have multiple ones that are considered the best, but Zarya gets a boring goth skin that does nothing more than give her a different hair color and some goth flairings.

11 Talon (Sombra)

via artstation.com

For being such an unpopular character skin for Sombra, the Talon skin that was released in 2018 during the Retribution Archives Event is actually not that bad except for the fact that she has that horrible bowl hair cut.

Outside of the haircut, the skin is not that bad. But fans continue to voice their opinions, even today, about how ugly and distracting the skin looks on her.

10 Security Chief (Pharah)

via twitter.com

Wait a minute, did Blizzard get bought out by Bungie?

That is exactly what a lot of gamers thought when they saw Pharah's Security Chief skin because it looked an awful lot like something you would see in Halo. It was actually a reference to her comic and the security company she worked for.

Regardless, the entire skin was a bit over the top, even for Pharah.

9 Lake (Doomfist)

via gamepedia.com

Doomfist got a wonderful skin that many gamers enjoyed thanks to its obvious reference to Tekken, and that was his Irin skin. The skin itself was one of his best and became quite popular in the game.

However, he also had a skin called Lake which was basically just a new color style of his original outfit. The recoloring of skins is nothing new, but it seemed that outside of Irin or Caution, most of his skins were horrible.

8 Architech (Symmetra)

via gamepedia.com

Symmetra's list of skins are wonderful as she has a Chun-Li style about her that reminds us all of growing up playing Street Fighter with our friends. We would never fight as Chun-Li but we always wanted to, right?

However, Blizzard ruined our memories with the Architech skin. It's a skin that fails to convey a clear understanding of exactly what they were looking to accomplish here. What was she supposed to look like if we did not know it was an architech?

7 HippityHop (Lucio)

via icy-veins.com

The only redeeming quality about Lucio is that he is a Hip Hop artist who also DJs. So we have an idea of what to expect of Lucio, and when they released his HippityHop skin, all the fans tried to understand exactly what they were looking at.

It is obvious they were trying to give off a Deadmau5 vibe with the helmet but they just had to make him look like a frog and completely ruin that appeal, making it just a ridiculous mess of a skin.

6 Sprinter (Tracer)

via gamespot.com

Was Tracer an Olympian and we missed it?

She must have been because this was a skin dedicated to the Olympics, featuring Tracer in full Great Britain sprinter gear. She looks as if she could have walked right out of an Olympic Stadium after running the 100m finals. But accuracy does not equate to a skin making sense in the game.

5 Junebug (D. Va)

via deviantart.com

The Junebug skin that was released for D. Va became an instant failure because it looked so awful. At what point where they supposed to explain the bee outfit on her?

All we can come up with is that Blizzard lost track of what they were trying to do here and all they ended up with was a confusing look for a character that we otherwise would love to play with.

4 Mystery Man (McCree)

via icy-veins.com

McCree was one of those characters that Blizzard probably had no idea what to do with but knew they had to sell new skins for him anyways. For the most part, many of McCree's skins were just plain awful because they felt as if he was the final person they had to design and they rushed it.

The Mystery Man skin kind of looks like Dick Tracy, does it not?

3 Bedouin (Genji)

via deviantart.com

Genji has a ton of good skins to work with in Overwatch, and most of them make sense for the character except for one: the Bedouin skin. Not only is this skin a big mess of a skin, it is pointless for Genji and confusing to the gamer.

What exactly was he supposed to be? And why are his eyes hidden behind the mask and googles?

2 Noire (Widowmaker)

via digiseller.com

Love it or hate it, Widowmaker's Noire skin has become one of the most controversial skins in the entire game. It was the best way to prove that many of the skins in the game were designed for monetary reasons only. There is nothing wrong with making a profit but do not try to disguise it behind a color scheme.

The Noire skin was basically the same exact thing you get if you did not buy it since it was so similar to the original Widowmaker skin that came with the game.

1 Mechaqueen (Pharah)

via youtube.com

When it comes to bad skins that make no sense to Overwatch, Pharah's collection belongs in here simply because of how horrible most of her skins are, but mostly because of her Mechaqueen skin.

The coloring is so confusing, it has players wondering why they would create such an awful mess for the character's skin. It was a color skin to the core.

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