Owl Who Has Raised Dozens Of Orphaned Owlets Is About To Become A Mom

Hedwig the owl raises owlets who have lost their mothers. Now she has a couple of eggs of her very own waiting to hatch.

The animal kingdom can be pretty incredible, and animals can behave in ways we don't expect or even understand. Stories of wild animals protecting other species or even humans, sometimes taking them in and raising them as their own. It often flies in the face of what we expect from some animals who often turn their noses up at their own young, or even eat them.

What we didn't know until now is that female owls have a pretty astounding mothering instinct. The Owl Rescue Centre in the UK dedicates its time to trying to save the nation's owls. If any of those owls are babies, or owlets, the center has mother owls back at base camp who will take them in and raise them as if they were their own.

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Hedwig is one of those owls. She has been raising orphaned owlets for years but the center recently revealed on Facebook that she had laid some eggs of her own. Sadly, due to Hedwig not having a male companion, the eggs are unfertilized meaning they won't hatch. This story does have a happy ending, but unfortunately needed something incredibly sad to happen first.

Hedwig has been with us for a few years now and is one of our surrogate moms who looks after and raises orphaned owlets...

Posted by Owl Rescue Centre on Sunday, September 15, 2019

Center employees were called to a rescue where they tragically discovered a deceased owl. However, they also found two fertilized eggs. Those eggs were gathered up and switched with Hedwig's unfertilized ones. Hedwig is none the wiser, and within a week or two, she will have two owlets of her very own to raise.

As you can see in the post above, the center shows how you can tell the difference between a fertilized egg and an unfertilized one. The veins in the photo on the right show that there is indeed an owlet developing inside the shell. An owlet that will soon have an incredibly caring adoptive mom in Hedwig. For updates and news on Hedwig and her soon-to-be-born babies, be sure to give the Owl Rescue Centre a follow on Facebook.

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