Goodbye Paint Nite, Palm Beach Plant Nite Is Taking Over With Succulents And Spirits

It’s time to trade your paintbrushes for green fingers on your next night out. Plant Nite is taking over from Paint Nite as the latest fad for a unique and creative way to spend an evening.

The trend was started by the same brains behind Paint Nite, a popular activity where friends get together to “paint and party” at a local bar or restaurant. Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail are the masterminds behind the idea, and after seeing the success of the “paint and sip” craze, they created Plant Nite.

According to Plantnite.com, their mission was to “encourage creativity, empower communities and inspire connections,” all without the use of screens or technology. Plant Nite has been growing in popularity across local bars and coffee shops throughout North America as people get inspired to mix cocktails and creativity in a fun, new way.

During a Plant Nite party, guests create their very own terrarium, featuring everything from succulent plants, moss, rocks, to crystals and agate slabs, all while sipping on a glass of wine or beer to get those creative juices flowing. The locale hosting the event often offers unique deals on certain drinks too.

Plant Nite isn’t just for those who are naturally talented and artistic. Each event is run by so-called “Creative Entrepreneurs,” who own and run the business in their local area and guide guests through a step-by-step process. One such Creative Entrepreneur is Kaitlyn Grimail, who hosts Plant Nite parties in the Palm Beach and Broward Counties areas.

Speaking with Bocamag, Grimail shared how her new business has been growing in popularity amongst a wide range of people. She says, “[Succulents] comes in so many shapes and varieties and they’re colorful. People like them because it’s hard to kill them.” Her events have found success not only for “plant and sip” nights, but also for private events, such as girls’ nights, birthday parties, and even activities for seniors at community centers.

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Everything about Plant Nite events can be tailored to guests’ specific interests. Even the containers are unique and distinct. Depending on the style of the event and the guests’ individual preferences, the succulents can be planted in modern, classy containers like a glass hanging globe, or fun and colorful options like a dinosaur figurine.

“It just feels good to be part of that community,” Grimail says. It seems that community and impacting others is one of the main goals behind Plant Nite. Besides being a fun way to bring people together to create something beautiful, the Plant Nite website also says it is a way to “bring people in your community together with unique and inspiring creative experiences.”

You can find Plant Nite events happening in your area but visiting the website, which also offers a ‘spin-the-wheel’ discount opportunity to get between ten and 30% off your ticket price.

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