Panama Has Banned All Single-Use Plastic Bags Across The Country

As plastic continues to pollute our oceans and landfills alike (among other places), people and corporations are trying to do their part to reduce all that plastic. This includes vowing to get rid of plastic straws in favour of more eco-friendly alternatives, not using plastic cups anymore and so much more. These are just some steps people can take to reduce plastic consumption so that it won't pollute Earth as much as it is right now.

In the Central America country of Panama, they've banned each and every single-use plastic bags everywhere. This includes all grocery stores, pharmacies, retail shops, and many more similar shops and businesses. This big announcement makes Panama the first Central American country to ban plastic bags.

All businesses in Panama have been given a grace period so that they can phase out all of their single-use plastic bags. They'll also have the chance to figure out what alternative to use instead. In addition, all wholesale stores will have until sometime in 2020 to abide by the plastic bag ban. If a business refuses to comply, they will face the possibility of fines. Panama’s Authority of Consumer Protection and Competition Defence (ACODEO) will even go so far as to inspect retailers and keep them informed of this environmental-related ban.

via Herald Sun


Panama's single-use plastic bag ban was implemented as a method of reducing waste and pollution that's generated from the production of plastic bags. The federal government is also trying its best to create more awareness of the different types of waste that are regularly created by citizens, as well as its impact on the environment. Given the well-known fact that Panama's coasts are notoriously full of plastic, it's unsurprising that the government is looking for ways to address this growing concern.

This is definitely great news for Panama and its citizens in the fight to reduce plastic pollution. It's not the only thing that will fix it, but it's certainly a great place to start. Here's hoping that Panama will continue to implement more bans and legislation to reduce even more of their plastic pollution.

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