Papa John's Has A Marmite-Stuffed Crust You Can Add To Your Pizza

Papa John’s locations across the United Kingdom have added Marmite-stuffed crust as an option for your pizza. Marmite is quite a polarizing food, so this recent addition to the menu has caused quite the debate amongst pizza lovers—although not to the extent of the pineapples on pizza debate.

Marmite is a popular spread in the UK, and opinions of it are either you love it or hate it—no in between. It’s made of yeast extract and a combination of other vegetable and spice extracts. The flavour is strong, yeasty, and quite salty. While it’s surely British, the discovery was made by German chemist, Baron Justus von Liebig, when he found that yeast leftover from brewing beer could made into a high-protein spread. Ever since the first jar was sold in 1902, Marmite has made its mark on British culture.

Until May 20, all 400 UK Papa John’s stores will make your pizza with a Marmite-stuffed crust if you desire. For an additional $3, you can customize any pizza with this cheesy, Marmite-y rim. From personal accounts, the layer of Marmite in the crust is thin enough not to overpower the rest of the flavours—serving as a booster for the salty flavours of pizza. This promotion came after the success of the release of the Marmite and cheese scrolls last January. Turns out, people can’t get enough of the cheesy-Marmite bread.

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If you hate Marmite, then you won’t be happy to know that Marmite and pizza is not the only combination out there. The yeast spread is used in a variety of recipes, including chocolate cake, popcorn, and glaze for pork ribs. Those who love Marmite will gladly welcome its addition to anything on the menu, even if it’s supposed to be a sweet dish.

Papa John’s has certainly brought a new debate to the table: does Marmite belong on pizza? No matter what the public opinion is, the fact remains that they were able to capitalize on a market that will do anything for Marmite—including stuffing it in pizza. Even if the haters of Marmite boycott Papa John’s until after May 20th, its loyal supporters will continue to give the pizza joint as much business as it needs.

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