Their Parents Had To Hear About It: 20 Times Kids Absolutely Lost Their Marbles

I always feared getting in trouble with my parents, so I never acted up in school. The idea of doing something bad enough that my teacher would actually have to send home a letter describing what I did was horrifying. I knew that if I did something bad that my bottom would soon be reacquainted with one of my dad’s nice big belts. There also would probably be some sort of extended punishment to go along with my sore derriere. And my sister felt exactly the same way. Since we were the oldest, our parents were the hardest on us. This was not the case for our little brother, however. By the time he started going to school, they didn’t really seem to care anymore. His teacher called him out so much that it seemed like my mom had to come into his class every other day to discuss his latest antics.

The kids on this list may not have done anything too extreme, but they did do some pretty funny things. Their teacher was concerned enough to send notes home to their parents discussing their behavior, but in my personal opinion, their offenses were more funny than they were depraved.

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20 Slimy Friend

When I’m outside for a really long time, I usually start to feel disgusting. I don’t even have to be doing anything extreme. If I just happen to be sitting down in a park reading a book, by the time I get home I have this overwhelming urge to get in the shower and wash the outside off of me. And that’s because most adults have pretty good hygiene. We want to smell good, and we like feeling clean, so we try to stay this way as much as we can. The same can’t be said for children. Kids seem to be attracted to things that are really gross and dirty.

Youngsters will play around in mud and dirt until they’re forced to come inside. And when they do eventually come back indoors, they bring in the things that they had with them outdoors. If you’re lucky, the worst thing you’ll find is patches of dirt on the floor from where they’ve walked with their grimy shoes. On the other hand, if luck doesn’t happen to be on your side then you might find creatures with them.

Apparently Amara made a friend while she was outside, and she wasn’t willing to part ways with it.

19 Little Miss Sassy

This girl is so sassy and I love it! Her teacher clearly has a problem with getting her class to use their quiet voices otherwise she wouldn’t have said this. Like, as soon as Juliana’s instructor told the class to quiet down, she knew it was going to be a waste of time. The students never follow instructions, and this little one knew that the educator was wasting their breath by saying this.

So she spoke her mind, and ended up getting in trouble for it.

The best part about this though is how young this child is. By the way she writes she can’t be more than five or six years old. So, essentially this little child has an insane amount of awareness for such a young age. If I was her parent, I’d be torn. I’d be proud that I had raised a daughter who’s not afraid to speak her mind. I would realize that this is would be a good thing for to have down the road. But at the same time, I would know that she should be a bit more respectful to people in authority. Luckily, I’m not her parent, so this is not something that I actually have to grapple with.

18 That's Not Food

I can’t even blame this child for taking a bite of their classmate’s chapstick. Depending on what kind it was, it probably smelled really good. When you’re young, you like having lip balm that smells really yummy. You want the bubble gum flavored and ice cream flavored kind because they’re cool. And sometimes you get a little bit tempted to try taste a bit of it.   Something that smells that good has to taste good too, right? Well, that’s what this kid’s classmate thought. The child who had the chapstick knew that it wasn’t tasty because they had probably already licked their lips a couple of times and found out that the smell was just for show, but the same could not be said for their friend.

Their pal wanted to see for themselves, but instead of just taking a little lick, they decided that they would actually take a bite. You can’t get the full taste from just running your tongue along it, which is why they knew that they had to take a chomp. Luckily, consuming a bite sized amount isn’t enough to put you in the hospital. It’ll definitely upset your taste buds, but other than that, this youngster would’ve been fine.

17 A Little Gassy

I didn’t used to think that I could ever laugh at something involving passing gas until I saw a particular sketch that Key and Peele did. I have watched that video countless of times, and I laugh EVERY single time.

Before this moment, however, I couldn’t see how people thought that farts could be funny. I thought they were just childish and immature. They were something that children were amused by, and not adults. Little kids, like the ones talked about in this note, partook in gas related humor, but not someone my age.

Since Wiley was young, however, he probably thought that this was peak comedy. He sat as his desk, thinking about the funniest thing he could do to one of his friends. And after wracking his brain for what seemed like hours, he came up with the perfect thing. He would get up from his desk, walk over to where his buddy was sitting, and then he would turn around, put his bottom against his pal’s back and let one loose. And he didn’t care if he would get in trouble for it because he knew that his plan was comedy gold. For him, a note home to his parents was worth a few seconds of laughter.

16 Getting By On Good Looks

There are some people in the world who can actually make a living off of looking good. The fashion industry strives on this. They take the “prettiest” women and the “handsomest” men, and they pay them thousands upon thousands of dollars to wear clothes and walk around in them. The rest of us actually have to use our minds to make a living.

This kid was hoping that one day he could become one of those people who get paid to look good. And depending on how this child looks, he may be able to book a modeling deal or two. And then from there he could go on to continue posing for shoots during his teenage years and when he’s an adult. If that’s the case then he really wouldn’t need math. He could just pay to have someone handle all of his financials. Then he could look back on this note years from now and laugh knowing that he was right.

The chances of this happening, however, are slim to none, so it’s a good thing that Ms. Holt decided to teach him that everyone needs to learn math. He’ll need it just like the rest of us.

15 Potty Mouth

Not everyone has a knack for poetry. It takes a special kind of person to combine words in such a way that are actually able to evoke real emotions in the person who’s reading it. It’s an art form that has to be crafted over many years, and for some people, this journey starts at a young age. Some individuals realize early on that they have a gift for writing poems. Usually it’s when a teacher or some other influential adult in their life tells them that they have a real talent. That’s not what happened here.

This student had an assignment where she was supposed to create a poem. And so she actually took the time to come up with something that she was proud of and turned it in. She knew that she had produced something of value, but her teacher just didn’t like everything about her work. This educator couldn’t appreciate the fact that some forms of art are meant to shock. The instructor was clearly not happy about the language that her pupil decided to use, so they chose to write home to her parent in order to make her aware of what her child did.

14 Can't Stop the Groove

I totally understand the urge to start dancing out of the clear blue sky. Sometimes you get a song stuck in your head, and you can’t get it out. And if the song is catchy enough then you’re going to want to dance to it.

The Hamilton soundtrack stays stuck in my mind all the time. Not a day goes by where at least one song doesn’t play on repeat for a significant amount of time. And since most of these tunes are easy to dance to, there are moments when I just want to start grooving to whatever song happens to be in my head at that moment. And on occasion, that’s exactly what happens. On this one occasion, I was hanging out with my brother, and The Schuyler Sisters popped into my head. There’s this part in the song that mimics The declaration of Independence when it says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” This line in the song has very specific movements to it, so when I got to this part it in my mind, I started doing the choreography that goes along with it. Since I was in public, I tried to be discreet about it, but my brother caught me, and I haven’t done it since (unless I’m in the privacy of my own room, or car).

13 It'll Come Out Sooner Or Later

So, like I said earlier, I totally understand why the chapstick kid decided to take a bite of it. It probably smelled good and they wanted to see if tasted how it smelled. I get it. What I don’t get however is why this child wanted to swallow a rubber band. Those things don’t smell good at all. They actually usually smell pretty bad, so it’s beyond me as to why anyone would want to eat one. That is, unless it was a bet.

When I was in the seventh grade, a group of boys bet another one of my classmates that he couldn’t drink a tiny school-sized carton of milk with all kinds of nasty stuff inside of it. He accepted the bet, and the rest of the boys proceeded to put bits of their own lunch into the milk. Someone even had some hot sauce and piled it in there. When the concoction was to their satisfaction, they mixed it all together and gave it to the boy. He proceeded to drink it, and even though he ended up going to the bathroom and throwing it up, he won the bet and got the money.

That’s not what happened here, though. For some reason, Madison accidentally swallowed a rubber band. I’m not sure how something like that happens, but at least she said she was fine.

12 Agreed

I don’t think that there’s anyone on the face of the earth who doesn’t agree with Josiah. Work is not fun. In fact, it’s downright annoying. We learn this fact at a very young age. Very few kids actually enjoy doing homework. They would much rather go outside and play or hang out with their friends. And this sentiment stays with you as you get older. You just happen to replace playing outside with more adult-centered activities.

That’s why if one day someone came up to you and said that you had won the prize of a lifetime, where you would never have to work again a day in your life, but you would still have everything that you needed and wanted, you would be one happy camper. If the deal was actually legit you could spend the rest of your days doing things that you actually enjoyed doing. You could travel the world and see all of the amazing sites that span across the globe. Or if you didn’t want to do that then you could just sit around your house all day relaxing and not doing anything because you didn’t have to be at work. The thought of this happening is seriously amazing. It’s just too bad that it’ll never be.

11 The Afterlife By Homework

This poor child was so fed up with her homework that she tried to figure out a way to get out of it. She didn’t give up like Josiah did. She had one more last stitch effort up her sleeve, and she decided that she would use it. The only thing is that since she didn’t have the greatest handwriting, and since she didn’t have the firmest grasp on the intricacies of the English language, she ended up failing.

She may not have succeeded in getting less homework, but she did succeed in making her teacher laugh. Her instructor didn’t seem upset that one of her students had tried to trick her into giving her less homework. She was amused and so she chose to send home a note with the child so that her parents could get a kick out of it, too.

The kid was probably hoping that she wouldn’t get caught, but since she did, all she could do was turn in her homework so that maybe she wouldn’t get in as much trouble with her parents as if she had chosen to not turn in the work. Hopefully it ended up working out in her favor.

10 Hanzo Main

So, when I saw this, I laughed. I didn’t understand the reference, but like the teacher, I could clearly tell that this was meant to be an insult. And the best types of insults, in my opinion, are the ones where the person is too clueless to know that they’re being insulted. You know that they’re being insulted, and that’s satisfaction enough.

But since I didn’t understand what Hanzo main meant, I decided to look it up. This is a direct reference to the video game, Overwatch. It’s a shooting game made up of teams of six players. There are 24 characters that you can pick from, which means that there a lot of different combinations you and your team could go with.

When a player is obsessed with one character and doesn’t want to switch in order to make the team more effective this is called “maining a character.” So when someone chooses to main Hanzo, they Hanzo main. This has a negative connotation because Hanzo is a player that works better by himself. So if you’re trying to make a stronger team, and somebody chooses him then they’re essentially just being selfish at the expensive of the greater good.

9 Commando

Sometimes kids are just going to do what they want to do, no matter how hard you try to get them to stop doing it. This child has a problem with underwear. David doesn’t like to wear it, and so he takes them off before he has to leave the house. And while this may seem like a problem, at least they don’t have to worry about him walking around completely exposed.

There was this boy that my mom used to babysit and whenever it came time for him to take a nap, he would completely disrobe. In the beginning, my mother would really try to get him to put his clothes back on, but eventually she just let him do it. For her, it was easier for him to just sleep in the buff than it was for her to try to fight with him to put his clothes back on. And whenever I would babysit him, I used the same approach. So, I definitely understand why whoever is looking after David just accepted the fact that he was okay with not wearing any undergarments. Sometimes the path of least resistance is the path that you want to take!

8 Not Their Fault

When you get into trouble, the first thing you may do is try and come up with an excuse for why you did the bad thing. If there’s a reason for your inapt behavior then maybe the person that you’ve wronged will forgive you. In this case, the child called one of their classmates ugly. As far as insults go, this isn’t very creative, but the excuse was. This kid was smart enough to use a head trauma as their explanation. Everyone knows that if you hit your head hard enough it can end up making you do some pretty crazy things. This child was aware of this fact, and decided to use it to their advantage. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t seem like the teacher believed it.

I doubt very seriously that this student fell out of their chair and sustained an injury that was a severe enough for them to make this work. They would’ve had to hit their head pretty hard in order for it to believable. And if they had injured their noggin that much then the teacher would’ve heard about it before the youngster decided to use it as an excuse. It was a nice try though!

7 Nice try, 'Jen'

So this letter was intended for a parent, but it looks like it never made it there. This student was misbehaving in class. It was so bad that he made it all the way into red. If he had stayed in yellow, then at least that wouldn’t have been too bad, but red meant that he had really messed up. Brady couldn’t seem to stay in his seat and he was disrupting the lessons for that day. He knew that if his parent(s) saw this note, that he would get in trouble for it. And of course, he didn’t want that to happen. But instead of facing the consequences like most children would do, he chose not to show the note to his parent. Instead, he tried to forge the signature.

But since Miss Web wasn’t born yesterday, she knew that her pupil had tried to sign for his mom. And since he did that, he probably ended up in even more trouble than he would have if he had just decided to give the note to his mother in the first place. Now, he ended up getting in trouble for misbehaving and for committing a crime. I just hope that his parents aren’t as tough as mine were otherwise he was in for a world of pain.

6 It was an Accident

This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say that kids track all kinds of things in with them when they play outside. They don’t realize that certain things should stay outside. There’s a reason that they’re not indoors in the first place, which is why they should never make their way there. This is especially true for dead things.

Tanner was just having some fun in the sandbox when he spotted a little creature that he thought he would like to play with. And since a lot of times kids don’t realize that they’re actions can have negative consequences, he ended up slaying the lizard. He didn’t mean to. When he said that it went “up in the air,” I’m sure that he meant that he threw it. Lizards don’t just get up in the air on their own. They don’t have wings, so he had to have thrown him for this to occur. He just thought that his new friend would enjoy flying through the air, so he made that happen for it. But chances are that the animal was dead once it hit the ground. He didn’t have to step on it to end it. His circus act did that.

5 No Thanks

When kids are really young, they may be potty trained, but they still can end up having accidents. And that’s exactly why whenever I was a substitute teacher for really little kids I would let them go to the bathroom whenever they wanted. When I would teach kindergarten and first grade, it was like someone would raise their hand and ask to go to the restroom every five minutes. But since I wasn’t their regular teacher, I didn’t feel the need to have to force them to sit there and practice their bladder control. It was so much easier for me to just let them get up and use the washroom than it would’ve been for me to find someone to clean up a kid’s pee if I had chosen to tell them to hold instead. And I’m happy that I made that decision.

One time after school was out, I was talking to one of the kindergarten teachers and she told me that that day she had two kids wet themselves and one child who threw up. And she said that like it was a good day. I couldn’t even imagine being in a full time profession where that was considered a good day. That’s why elementary school teachers are a true gift to our world.

4 Enough is Enough

Being trapped inside of a classroom for eight hours with a bunch of smelly kids is no joke. When you teach teenagers, this is expected. If they have PE or if they were playing really hard at recess, then they’re probably going to smell since they’re bodies are developed enough to where they have serious BO if their deodorant wears off. So at that point, you just have to suck it up and deal with it. Small children, on the other hand, should not have this problem, especially first thing in the morning.

When you’re coming from home, you should be nice and clean. You haven’t had time to run around outside yet, so there’s really no excuse for dirty clothes. And the fact that multiple toddlers were showing up to class smelly is really strange. If it was just one or two then that might just be a coincidence, but since it’s happening with several of the little ones, it seems like the parents of the children in this class have an unhealthy habit that needs to be checked before it gets any worse.

And as a side note, it’s definitely weird that the note is handwritten. I do totally understand where this instructor is coming from with the content that’s in it though.

3 It'll Grow Back

When I was a kid, my mom would cornrow my hair. I didn’t like this particular hairstyle on me because it would never stay neat for as long as I wanted it to. After a few days it would start to get fuzzy, and then after about a week, bits of hair around the front of my head would start to come out of the braids. And I REALLY disliked it when that happened. I despised it so much, that I would cut off the stray bits of hair. In my mind, having no hair in the front of my head was better than having fly-aways.

After the first time I did it, my mom got really concerned. She had no idea why I had bald patches in the front of my hair. Of course I didn’t tell her what I had done because I didn’t want to get in trouble for cutting my hair, so naturally she thought that there was something wrong with me. She was so upset that she even took me to a dermatologist so that they could try and figure out why I was losing my hair up there. To this day she still doesn’t know that I was cutting my hair on purpose, and since she won’t ever read this, my secret is still safe!

2 Why Though?

Sometimes I seriously don’t understand kids. Why is this something that a kid would actually enjoy? I try my absolute hardest not to make gagging noises because it feels gross. It reminds me of throwing up, and since that’s something that I despise doing, I try to avoid gagging whenever possible. If I smell something really bad then I’ll just breathe through my mouth in order to avoid having to experience that feeling that I dislike so much. And I realize that it’s better to just breathe through your nose so that you can get used to the smell, but I’d rather spend my time breathing like a dog, than have to experience a gag or two in order to become accustomed to the odor.

I just hope that this teacher pays attention to win Wiley shoves his fingers down his throat. If he does it right after snack or lunch time then they might be in for a real problem after. If he has a full stomach and he sticks a finger in his mouth so that he can gag then it will most likely end up with a desk covered in vomit. And nobody wants that to happen.

1 Smelly Cheese

I totally understand why parents send their kids to school with certain lunches even though they don’t like them. Like if it’s healthy then you should make your child eat it even if they don’t want it. I never liked the lunches my mom packed for me. They were absolutely disgusting to me, but they were much healthier than sending me to class with some of the junk food my classmates had. Would I have preferred eating chips to eating fruit? Of course I would’ve! But my mom wanted me to eat a nutritious meal, which is a totally respectable thing to do.

Fancy things, however, probably shouldn’t end up in a child’s lunch.

Kids like basic stuff, and many of them don’t enjoy the finer things in life just yet. They’re happy with a simple slice of American cheese while many cheese loving adults would much rather prefer something like brie. All this parent did was waste money on this wonderful treat by giving it to their little one. They would’ve been better off giving Gabby a Kraft Single in her lunch and saving the fancier stuff for themselves or for someone else in the household that would’ve appreciated it.

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