One In Three Americans Would Name Their Child 'Pumpkin Spice' For Free Coffee

People have been listing what they would do for a lifetime supply of coffee, and turns out a lot of us would be willing to name our child Pumpkin Spice.

September is in full swing and for us here at TheThings that means one thing and one thing only: the return of pumpkin spice everything. At the top of the pumpkin spice chart is, of course, coffee. We know we're not the only ones who go mad for the seasonal favorite either.

That was showcased via a survey by OnePoll and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the results of which were reported by New York Post. The poll asked coffee lovers a number of questions regarding how far they would go to have pumpkin spice products available to them all year round. 41% of the 2000 people quizzed would rather give up carbs than sacrifice the fall treat, while 28% would forgo chocolate before ditching pumpkin spice.

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via Washington Post

Perhaps the most worrying/entertaining statistic of all was how many coffee-drinking parents were willing to drag their children into the equation. One of the questions on the survey asked whether lovers of Pumpkin Spice would be willing to name their child after it in exchange for a lifetime supply of the flavored coffee. Incredibly, 35% responded that they would be willing to make that sacrifice.

Although this is a hypothetical situation for now, it might not be crazy to think classrooms 5-10 years from now will be filled with little Pumpkin Spices. Last year, KFC ran a competition which required new parents to name their baby after Colonel Sanders. The winning prize was a significant chunk of change towards that baby's college fund. Should Starbucks get wind of that and this survey, it might try something similar.

Other extreme lengths Americans would go to for pumpkin spice lattes on tap include standing in line once a month at the DMV, sitting in traffic for two hours a day, and even taking a red-eye cross country flight once a week, every week. We love the fall treat, but we think that's what makes it so special. That it's available at this time of year. If we had it every single day, we think the novelty would wear off.

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