Paris Residents Keep Honeybees Thriving Using Urban Beekeeping

Urban beekeeping is on the rise in Paris with residents keeping honeybees thriving on top of landmark buildings, as well as in community gardens.

Over the past decade, the city of Paris has seen more than 1000 beehives come to life thanks to residents. Luxembourg Gardens has a beekeeping class, which has a waiting list for attendants. Yes, you need to take a course to properly learn how to take care of the black and yellow little fellows. The most recent graduating class had over 200 students.

Beehives have become such a hot commodity, the mayor's office has to allocate them to those who want to keep them. Whether it is for a rooftop community garden or one the city owns, all requests have to go through the mayor's office, which has been inundated with requests.

Despite the high number of requests, the actual number of groups receiving the beehives is steadily increasing. The city is determined to keep an eye on the number of bees to ensure they do not outstrip the pollen provided by the trees and plants in the parks.

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The reason beekeeping has taken over the city of Paris, it is because over the years they have captivated people. They are great protectors of the environment and bees give us honey. Even though they can sting you, there is something about the little creatures that has been intriguing people for decades.

One Paris resident, Armand Malvezin, took up beekeeping as a hobby over 33-years ago. He was one of the first people ever to have a beehive in the city. Malvezin has been hooked since he took his first class all those years ago. Today, he has six hives on his balcony. He checks on them twice a day to ensure their safety and make sure they are not overcrowded in the colonies. He told the New York Times that it was just like having a dog. You pay attention to the bees and take care of them.

Being a beekeeper is not for everyone, especially in a city. But if you ever feel the need to check one out, a trip to Paris may be in order. They take safety very seriously for the bees and the beekeepers.

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