Patagonia To Donate $10 Million From Tax Cuts To Organizations That Fight Climate Change

Outdoor apparel company Patagonia announced recently that they will be donating $10 million to groups and environmental programs that are committed to fighting climate change.

Patagonia CEO Rose Macario posted a letter to Linkedin detailing the donation and the reasons behind it. Macario stated that "irresponsible tax cuts" resulted in Patagonia saving $10 million in taxes, and instead of putting that money back in into her company, Macario decided to make a powerful political statement. By giving it to organizations that protect the air, land, water, and finds solutions for climate change, Patagonia is taking the steps to help our planet and protect the outdoors.

In the passionate letter, Macario wrote, "Our home planet is facing its greatest crisis because of human-caused climate disruption." She then referenced the government's most recent climate assessment that shed a very serious light on the problems we'll face as a society as global warming progresses. The report found that human health, the economy, and the environment will all suffer greatly in the coming decades if steps weren't taken to rectify the problems.

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The report concluded that climate change will result in dangerous and deadly weather, melting ice caps, rising global temperatures, species extinction, and a failing U.S. economy. Her letter went on to show just how much she supports the plant: "Far too many have suffered the consequences of global warming in recent months, and the political response has so far been woefully inadequate—and the denial is just evil."

CNN reported on this refreshing news of a company giving back instead of the CEOs getting raises. These tax cuts that Patagonia received were introduced by the GOP and given to large corporations. President Trump publicly dismissed the climate change report making Patagonia's announcement all the more politically charged.

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This isn't the first time Patagonia has taken a definite political stance. In November, the company endorsed two Democratic candidates for Senate both of whom won their races. They've always been strong supporters of protected wildlife and the outdoors, but their whole business depends on the state of the environment so their stance was already known. They just like to do something about it.

Patagonia's selfless donation will definitely help in some important ways. What do you think of this donation? Let us know in the comments!


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