Paul Rudd Turned 50 And The Internet Exploded In Disbelief

Paul Rudd celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday and the internet quite understandably couldn’t accept the fact that this seemingly ageless actor is anything over 35 (36, tops).

The “Ant-Man” star has been in the public’s eye since the early days of his career, where he appeared such hit films as “Clueless”, “Romeo + Juliet”, and the cult-classic, “Wet Hot American Summer”. He also had a recurring role on the popular television sitcom “Friends” where he played Phoebe’s boyfriend-turned-husband, Mike.

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While the years have certainly been good to Rudd’s acting career, there’s definitely something to be said about how good time has been to his appearance, too. He’s always maintained those boyish good looks, well into his 30s, his 40s, and now into his 50s. Even just looking at a photo of him during his stint on “Friends” in the early 2000s is enough evidence to make us come to one simple conclusion: the man just doesn’t age. Or, he's aging backward. And Twitter couldn’t agree more.

According to ET Canada, users on the social media site had a lot to say about Rudd turning half a century old. One user speculated that his timeless appearance can be attributed to the fact that the actor is “unproblematic” and has steered clear of controversy for his entire career as a celebrity.

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Another user brought British actress and fellow seemingly anti-ager Helen Mirren into the mix, claiming that if Mirren and Rudd were to have a baby together, that baby would remain an infant for 3 decades. After that, it would become a beautiful adult and be attractive to people in their 20s until it was 350 years old. That’d be one beautiful offspring.

Back in March, Rudd finally addressed the fan theories about his inability to age while sitting down with his “Clueless” co-stars Alicia Silverstone, Donald Faison, and Breckin Meyer at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. According to People, Rudd explained the secret to his age-defying appearance is simple.

“In here, pure darkness,” he said, gesturing at his chest. “And a little moisturizer.”

So, for anyone out there hoping to look just as impossibly good as Rudd when they hit the big 5-0, that’s the secret: pure darkness. Oh, and make sure you don’t forget the moisturizer, too. We feel like that’s probably an important part.

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