16 Ridiculous People Who Decided The Road Wasn’t Good Enough

Cars belong on the road, trucks belong off-road, and Monster Trucks off-road on top of cars. The history of the automobile hasn't always been set in stone, though. Early cars were little more than horse-drawn carriages minus the horses. They had to be able to handle mud, muck, snow, cobblestones, gravel, dirt, and anything in between.

These days, commuter cars can barely handle a gravel driveway, much less a dirt track. At the same time, pickup trucks and SUVs—like the Jeep Wrangler—have technology like disconnecting swaybars, multiple electronically-controlled differentials, and adjustable dampers to help them off-road.

Even supercars seem to be hitting the market in greater numbers with track-tuned all-wheel-drive setups. But the best automotive tech in the world can't help a bad driver get past their own problems behind the wheel. Keep scrolling for 16 ridiculous people who clearly decided the road wasn't good enough for them.

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16 Train Delays

via Patch

In Japan, trains are delayed so frequently that students and office workers receive little sheets of paper from station attendants that describe why the fact that they're late isn't their fault. This is a new one, though. Someone was running a little late to get to the train and rushed through the parking lot.

15 Good Muck

via Auto Evolution

This Porsche Panamera may have all-wheel drive but the owner still shouldn't be taking this car off-roading. Driving into a puddle this big in an SUV would be a risky maneuver; in a Panamera, it's quite clearly a terrible decision. Stick to the tarmac, people, it's where passenger cars were designed to remain.

14 The Struggle Is Real

via clutchd

The Bentley Continental GT is another vehicle that borders on supercar status despite its massive size—and it's got all-wheel drive. But the muddiest mud was clearly too much for this car and probably its owner, too. The look of confusion on his face is matched only by the mystified onlookers wondering how a day could possibly have gone worse.

13 Only In Russia

via Carscoops

The Bentley Continental GT helped bring one of the UK's most tenured automotive brands back to the forefront of the car world. Combining awesome power with slick styling and impressive luxury, the model earned itself a loyal celebrity following. But at no point did its engineers ever figure a Continental GT might end up with tank-like tracks installed.

12 Desert Heat

via Holy Horsepower

The only excuse this driver has for their behavior is that they were trying to back their boat down the ramp at Lake Havasu on a record-setting heat day. Namely, they forgot to go in reverse, instead hoping that the slope would be shallow enough before the water got deep enough to flood their engine.

11 A Footprint

via Autoweek

Many homeowners who renovate their houses will press their small children's feet into fresh cement as a reminder of time passing. The owner of this Porsche 911, though, should probably have avoided the patch of cement they've gotten stuck in. Maybe the cones weren't high enough for them to see. Oh wait, it's a Porsche 911.

10 Rocky Road

via Reddit

The fact that someone was able to high-center a commuter car so effectively coming out of a restaurant parking lot is just impressive. How fast must this car have been going to skitter up onto a rock that large? Hopefully, the damage isn't too bad, though in reality, how much worse could a Hyundai drive, anyway?

9 Mount The Curb

via Curbed LA

Driving in Los Angeles is known worldwide as an exercise in futility. But a lesser-known hassle is also parking in Los Angeles, where there are way too many people and every single one of them drives separately to dinner. This E46 BMW has taken the easy way out and just parked on the curb. Why not?

8 Tough Mudder

via YouTube

Supercars are hitting the market in increasing numbers with all-wheel drive. But Lamborghini has long pioneered the mid-engined, AWD layout, largely because they share so much of the engineering with Audi. Still, the AWD system on a Lambo is tuned for track and street driving—as are the summer performance tires Lamborghinis leave the showroom wearing.

7 Cayman Cannot

via Pistonheads

To be fair, a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive car is probably better in the snow than a front-engined, rear-wheel drive car. But still, the sight of a Cayman at the ski slopes is hilarious. Not only do the skis barely fit in the back hatch but it's also filthy. At least get a Carrera 4 with all-wheel drive if a Porsche coupe in the winter is required.

6 Top Gear

via The Telegraph

The maniacs on Top Gear do more than their fair share of truck testing to go alongside all their in-town and on-track shenanigans. In this pic, Clarkson is putting a Nissan through its paces by fording a river. It can't be said enough, though, that the average viewer at home should take everything that happens on Top Gear with a grain of salt.

5 F50 Fun

via Motor Authority

Driving a Ferrari F50 is a dream that very few people get to live out in real life. Driving one aggressively is even rarer. Driving one in anger on a frozen lake, however, is something that only Bond villains and real-life crazy people would ever undertake. Just look at the width of those rear tires.

4 F40 Fun

via Red Bull

As crazy as it sounds to run a Ferrari F40 up an actual ski slope, the wild minds over at Red Bull have definitely done crazier. The risks to the Ferrari are slight compared to what the likes of Travis Pastrana get up to seemingly on a daily basis. And yet, it's a glorious sight to see one of Ferrari's greatest products tackling the snow at speed.

3 Formula S

via CarScoops

The reason so many supercar manufacturers are producing sleek coupes with all-wheel drive is that the increased traction helps in off-the-line acceleration, braking, and cornering. The only disadvantage is a slight weight increase. Formula 1 considered allowing all-wheel drive but the similarities to Group B rally racing may have seemed a little too strong.

2 Monster Truckin'

via Car Throttle

Fun in the mud has its own peculiar appeal. Running a pickup full speed through a field that could send a pig into ecstatic wallowing pushes the limits of truck technology, as evidenced by the fact that the enormous, lifted F-150 is having to tow out a truck that looks like it's about to disappear into quicksand.

1 Son of a Beach

via The Drive

Land Rover has long stood at the forefront of rough-and-tumble SUV production with their Defender and Discovery models. But anyone who expects owning a Land Rover to be cheap is about as crazy as someone who thinks driving one onto a tidal shelf is a good idea. Nope, this car is about to get ruined.

Sources: Jalopnik, Wikipedia, and 4 Wheeling in Western Australia.

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