20 People Who Straight Up Failed At Modding Their Trucks

The pickup truck has gone from being a humble work vehicle to a fashion- and lifestyle statement. These days, a pickup can offer the same luxuries as one might expect to find in a high-end sedan, and with usability that far exceeds anything a regular car can do

But of course, owning a standard vehicle isn't for everyone - some people like to turn theirs into something unique that can't be found anywhere else. Unfortunately, this can often backfire. It's quite obvious that modifying isn't for everyone. Some people can't seem to visualize what parts will go together and which mods will look completely out of place. The owners of the modified trucks in this article clearly need someone to tell them when to put the angle grinder and credit card down.

20 Toyota Testarossa

via The News Wheel

A man living in Florida restyled his late 1980s Toyota Hilux pickup truck after the legendary Ferrari Testarossa. Perhaps due to watching too many reruns of Miami Vice? Too bad the old Hilux is virtually unbreakable, because this pile of misery and awfulness needs to be destroyed. Unfortunately, it will still be on the road long after most of us have left this world.

19 Gold GMC

via Pinterest

We know Shaq had a truck identical to this one, and we really hope and pray there aren't more people out there with this poor taste and style when it comes to modifying their trucks. It does have a pretty serious suspension setup though, too bad it will never see any off-road action.

18 Adventure Truck

via Autoblog

We get that people sometimes purchase a truck so they can do some off-roading and go on adventures. But this truck looks like it wants to do all the adventures at once. What's with the doors? Can it fly? And is the seat on the outside for high-speed fishing? It's just way too much going on here.

17 Custom Cab

via Flickr

The owner of this truck found out he didn't have enough space to haul around his family and friends, so he decided to get a custom cab. It seems he didn't put in more than 5 minutes on getting the fit and finish right though. It looks home-made and unsafe, and we bet his family is now asking to sit on the bed when they go somewhere.

16 Something Is Missing

via Pinterest

First of all, those fenders look like they were torn off a different truck and then glued on with crazy glue... with extra crazy! Why go through the trouble of having work done to fit an extra pair of wheels, and then not actually fit the wheels? We also like how all the rims are different, including the spare wheel.

15 The Renovator

via Reddit

The Renovator should probably start renovating his own truck! We don't even know where to begin, there's just so much going on - and it's all horrible! What is that front made of? And why is there a header fixed to the door? Is that giant mirror needed? We're not even gonna mention the fake stuff on the hood, nor the worn out rear tires...

14 Donk Truck

via GM Truck Club

Donks are definitely an acquired taste. There are some vehicles that manage to pull off that look, but they've had extensive work done and everything flows together. This truck is not one of those vehicles! Absolutely nothing has been done to it other than some suspension mods and those ridiculous wheels. It's now useless for anything but slow cruising on paved roads.

13 Fancy Door Solutions

via Scissor Doors Inc

This truck was sooo close to being really cool, but then they managed to ruin it. It actually has the right amount of lift, the wheel and tire package looks good... but then there's the doors. The doors look so bad that we'll even forgive the LED lights they've fitted.

12 Shark Attack

via Funny Junk

We found this shark truck hilarious... and also about as dangerous as an actual great white shark. There are so many sharp and pointy bits poking out, any pedestrians should keep a lot of distance to this creation when it's circling the parking lot. And don't count on the driver being able to see anything past the shark's nose.

11 Happy Truck

via Pinterest

Well, we can definitely say that this truck looks colorful and happy - which would sometimes be a good thing, but not when we're talking about trucks, they're supposed to be mean and macho. To be honest, we would be a bit embarrassed to be seen in this thing. And what's with the exhaust? It looks like they stole it from a giant ricer civic.

10 Road Kill

via Ugly Truck Day

The candy cane stripes seem to be the theme of this truck, seeing as we can find them on the wind deflectors, the bottom of the door, and on the rims. Then there are the faux air-vents on the fender, and of course the front! What in the name of everything holy is going on with that front? How many grilles does one truck need?

9 Downward-facing Dog

via Daily Mail

Surely this thing can't be very comfortable to drive?! And having to keep your arms straight while holding on to the wheel in order to not slide out of the seat doesn't really scream safety! It seems the owner didn't think this one through, as it's now useless on the road.

8 Turf Truck

via Reddit

Why on God's green earth would anyone cover their truck in grass? Other than being expertly camouflaged for some hunting, we don't really see the point in this mod. We do wonder if the owner carries a lawnmower or a weed whacker in the back though, it just looks so well-kept.

7 Limo Truck

via Youtube

We don't get it. Why not get a regular limo? While this thing might look like it's built for some heavy duty action, it's useless on anything more uneven than a gravel road. Show up in this thing and everyone will wonder if it's the stars from some redneck tv-show that are hiding behind the tinted glass.

6 Dessert Inspiration

via Reddit

At least nobody can say they didn't see you when you roll around town in this creation, and we do appreciate all the labor that has gone into building it. However, that choice of color is slightly nauseating, and we're wondering if the owner was inspired by a dessert seeing as he chose a cream interior to go with the exterior.

5 Wrapped Ram

via ALR Media

Vinyl wraps aren't cheap, they can easily run a few thousand bucks - especially when there are intricate designs involved, such as this. The problem is that there are no other mods on the truck whatsoever, now it just looks like the owner is screaming for attention. Hopefully, they got around to fitting some cooler wheels and tires after this pic was taken.

4 Low Red

via Truck Trend

We gotta be honest for a second, we don't get the whole slammed truck thing. It pretty much means the truck is useless as a utility vehicle. Sure, there are heavy-duty air suspension kits out there, but there's no room left in the bed after welding in wheel wells that can cover the wheels. Besides that, the wheels and suspension seem to be the only mods going on here.

3 Smooth Ram

via Mad Whips

Clearly, this truck has had tons of time and money thrown at it... too bad we don't like the end result. The rims are, well, let's just be diplomatic and say they're not very nice and don't suit the truck. The smooth bodywork just ruins the lines of the truck and makes it seem like a blob.

2 Redneck Stance

via Truck Trend

This truck seems like it's been put together from 3 different trucks - in true redneck fashion - and we are not fans. The mods have rendered it pretty much useless for any serious trucking duty, and while the color scheme might be eye-catching, it also makes the truck look like a junkyard special.

1 The Upside Down Truck

via Pinterest

No! Just, no! There's nothing cool about this truck and it is completely useless for anything else than being a prop. The owner has said the looks he and his dog get from observers are priceless - incidentally, we think his truck is priceless as well, as in 'no price' and 'worthless'.

Sources: Daily Mail, Truck Trend

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