20 People Who Need To Sell Their Beanie Babies And Go Outside

Beanie Babies were a craze that completely swept the nation in the 90s and early 2000s. As Malcolm Gladwell has detailed and explained quite well in his book The Tipping Point, this is one of those products that gained popularity steadily until it reached its tipping point, when the entire nation was swept up in a craze for these little beaned creatures.

They skyrocketed in value, the bubble grew bigger and bigger as families and investors poured all their money into collector models. All happened like a tsunami, the bubble expanded rapidly until it popped. Now you can find Beanie Babies, even collectable ones, at thrift stores. People still love them though, sometimes too much. Let's take a look at some people who need to sell their Beanies and go outside.

20 A Pile Of Beans

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This old lady couldn't be prouder of her little pile of beans. Maybe if she had sold at an earlier point in time she could have made a lot of money. But now they aren't worth much at all, though they are dear to her heart clearly, making them worth a whole lot.

19 At The Height Of The Crazy

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This lady could not be more jovial about her Beanie Babies. This photo, taken during the height of the craze, illustrates just how fixated the entire nation was with these silly little toys. and how crazy people were just to get their hands on them. Go outside, take a walk, see some real animals.

18 Chillin' With Her Babies

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This 90s kid punk clearly was a big part of the massive phase that everyone and their dog was part of. She's posing her now grown with all her precious Beanies, just chilling out and having a good time. She knows they aren't worth anything, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying the personal value.

17 Go Play Tag Or Something

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This is quite the massive collection of small toys, all lined up in neat rows in this girl's living room. It's pretty amazing how many of them there are, really. This girl looks a little too happy sitting in a dingy room with her toys, she should probably go outside and play tag or something.

16 Maybe A Little Too Excited

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This guy is seriously happy about the amount of Beanie Babies he's holding. Maybe he should calm down a little bit, or share some of the excitement with the outdoors. Go on a hike, do something. Or chill out in a dingy 90s era McDonald's. Ah, reminds me of childhood.

15 Painfully Funny Snapshot

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These women look truly hysterical for this glamour shot taken either at a mall or in the photo center of a Walmart, posing with all of their Beanie Babies. They really don't look like they could be any happier. If only they knew the doom the Beanies would soon face.

14 Piled Up High

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Some parents just loving making their kids suffer through some kind of terribly embarrassing photo just in the name of the memory, and this little girl is here posing with all of her Beanies as they surround her and cover most of her up. She doesn't look the happiest, does she?

13 Proud Mother

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A little backstory about this indoor only family from mercurynews.com: "Cathy McCause Fuss, of Martinez, holds her favorite "Valentino" Beanie Baby along with others with her daughter Kelby Fuss, 18, holding her favorite four "Curly" Beanies as they reminisce while they unpacks hundreds of Beanie Babies in Martinez, Calif." Says it all, doesn't it?

12 Proud Of His Beanies

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This man has taken a selfie with his Beanie Babies, arm outstretched to illustrate just how big of a collection it really is. He seems pretty proud of all the little friends. He's also pretty pale, which means he really needs some sunshine and some of that good Vitamin D.

11 Rough Divorce

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The Beanie Babies craze was such a huge phenomenon that when divorced couples were separating their things, they actually brought the Beanie Babies into the courtroom and separated them all out. Talk about an obsession. Especially considering they aren't worth anything now. Couldn't they have discussed this at home? Purely comical in every way.

10 So Many Creepy Eyes

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This girl has a serious obsession with massive eyed Beanies, and her collection is just as massive as said eyes, filled with dozens upon dozens of those plush, soft, incomprehensibly scary next-gen Beanie Boos. She really should get outside at this point, the indoors are great but only to a certain extent.

9 So Many Of Them

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This kid grew up in the golden age of the Beanie Babies, when they filled the shelves of the local mom and pop shops around the nation, you could grab them by the handfuls and buy them all. What a joyous time for kids, really, when their parents were just as excited about toys as they were.

8 Spot the Woman

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This, at first glance, looks like a massive collection of Beanie Babies and various stuffed toys, but there's one thing that is different (though not by much at this point), and it's the lady smiling at the center, holding a bear. She's spent all her time and energy inside for years now. This will be her tomb.

7 Surrounded By Babies

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This girl, in her room completely decked out in pink and purple, has her entire collection of Beanie Babies arranged around her on her bed. She sure looks proud of them all, and with good reason as it's an impressive collection. Alas, there's no substitute for going outside and playing.

6 Take Those Things Outside

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Middle aged people surrounded by their Beanie Babies collection really is kind of a depressing sight to see, even if they look happy surrounded by beady lifeless eyes and sacks of beans. This girl should really get outside sometime. She can take her Beanie Babies with her if she really wants to.

5 That's Just Too Many

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This person seems to be quite the avid collector of Beanie Babies, especially this specific kind of Beanie. She's proud of them, too, holding one up in triumph, as if it was a hunting trophy of some kind. I wonder what kind of event this is, and why she would have them all on display like this.

4 The Creator Himself

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Here we have a photo of the creator himself, Mr. Ty Warner. While his ingenious entrepreneurial idea swept the nation, it made him filthy rich at the same time– before they made some pretty bad marketing decisions and bankrupted families across the nation and bringing an end to their masterpiece. Since then, he's been caught and sentenced for tax evasion.

3 The Whole Family Is Here

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Vice.com tells us little bit about this obsessed family: "the 69-year-old and his 38-year-old daughter, Sondra, have amassed what might be the largest collection of Ty products in the world." They're even planning on opening their very own Ty museum, with a complete catalogue of every Ty product. If nothing else, they're productive.

2 They're Even Organized

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This girl doesn't seem to have a very big collection of Beanie Babies, but she's got them all lined up and perfectly organized, with labels and everything, names for each one on little cards. Talk about an obsession. Maybe she should go for a bike ride or a hike or something.

1 Only Wants One Thing For Christmas

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This young man is seriously happy surrounded by a swath of Beanie Babies as he lies next to them all across a pool table in his basement. He's surrounded by Christmas decorations, living up to the spirit of the season. His Christmas gift will be an easy one, there's no doubt about that.

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