20 People Who Tried Cosplaying Villains...But Failed Hard

Some people are born to cosplay; others are better off attending conventions in casual attire. Cosplay has become a worldwide phenomenon where people get to dress up—and in some cases—roleplay as their favorite characters.

It may look easy on the outside, but it takes vision, money and a whole lot of creativity to pull it off right. However, there’s a fine line between a great and poor cosplay.

When cosplayers dress up as villains, they can end up being unintentionally scarier than the original version. Whether it’s a lack of effort or lack of awareness, these cosplayers attempted to dress up as popular villains, but fell short of the mark.

20 Thanos

via Reddit user kerokeroimpoppy

With the release of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Thanos has never been more popular. Even mainstream audiences know who he is. So if someone decides to dress up like Marvel’s Mad Titan, they better do it right.

Unfortunately for this costume, despite staying true to Thanos’ look from the comics, flopped.

19 Catwoman

via eBaum's World

This cosplayer looks one second away from saying, “Meow” in a sincere voice. One would think that after the Halle Berry Catwoman movie, no one would want to dress up as that character anymore.

This cosplayer was no scaredy-cat though and went all in on portraying everyone's favorite antiheroine from Gotham City.

18 Jabba The Hutt

via MMOHuts

If the man dressed up as Princess Leia wasn’t present, it’d be hard to peg what villain is beside him. At first glance, it looks like a blow-up pool toy. It also resembles those inflatable dinosaur costumes.

Thanks to Leia though, we’re all led to believe that this is, in fact, Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.

17 Juggernaut

via eBaum's World

Juggernaut is a villain from X-Men whose powers are straightforward enough. He’s enormous, wears a metal suit and helmet and literally runs his head into things.

Hopefully, this cosplayer didn’t roleplay the character or try to run into any walls. The costume’s materials don’t look like they could hold up to that.

16 Voldemort

via Theme Me

If not for the heading, many might find it hard to discern who exactly this villain is. It is, in fact, Voldemort, the villain from the Harry Potter series.

A bald cap, tape over the eyebrows and a black trash bag is all this cosplayer needed to make their costume.

15 Jessie

via eBaum's World

Embodying one half of Team Rocket from the animated Pokémon show is this Jessie wannabe.

While they made sure to have all the details in the show, from the purple hair to the green earrings to the black gloves and boots, the end result adds up to a failed cosplay.

14 Darth Vader

via In A Far Away Galaxy

As one of the biggest franchises ever, Star Wars characters have been a go-to cosplay for decades. This photo has Yoda, Princess Leia and even a blue trash can that’s supposed to be R2-D2.

Yet looming in the background, in what looks like a black ninja mask, is Darth Vader—though the black button-up shirt begs to differ.

13 Dr. Robotnik

via Flickr user Matthew Stevens

With Jim Carrey tapped to play the role of Dr. Robotnik in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, one can expect this video game villain to have a resurgence in cosplay.

This unenthusiastic cosplayer even brought a chaos emerald and a ring with him, which he holds in each hand; though even that wasn't enough to salvage this costume.

12 Frieza

via eBaum's World

Fans of the show Dragonball Z will immediately recognize this iconic villain, Frieza. Although the design and colors of the suit look accurate, it’s the actual materials that don’t quite look right.

There are even some added traits the character never had, like Frieza's wrinkly neck. He even has his fists clenched the way the character would when he’s powering up.

11 Venom

via Imgur dweidenaar2017

Venom has always been a cult favorite among Spider-man fans. With the recent live-action film only adding to the fandom, appreciation for the symbiote is even bigger now.

There’s no denying this cosplayer went all out with a full body suit that has lots of details. Perhaps Venom is one of those cosplays that’s just too hard to do.

10 Joker and Bane

via RPF.com

These cosplayers come close but fall short of reaching great costumes. The Joker put a lot of effort into his face makeup, however, the rest of the costume is lacking.

Then there’s Bane, which captures key pieces of the character’s costume, though they could’ve added some of the smaller accents like a belt and storage tanks on his back.

9 Piccolo

via Unrealitymag

As a caveat, Piccolo is a good guy, but he started out as a villain in the original Dragonball series. It looks as if the cosplayer used toilet paper to make the character's signature turban and markers to draw on his alien arms.

Let’s not forget the glasses either, which Piccolo never wore.

8 Mojo Jojo

via No Ordinary Balloon Man

When there isn’t clothing available to make a costume, make it out of balloons. That was the idea behind this Powerpuff Girls enemy, Mojo Jojo. While the balloon work is impressive enough, as a cosplay, it’s strange and proportionally off.

The face alone is enough to raise eyebrows.

7 Darth Vader Hairdo

via Imgur user itseasytorecall

This is cosplay at its lowest. Appropriately dubbed “low-cost cosplay,” all it requires is long black hair and sunglasses to pull of this Darth Vader. It just isn’t a great cosplay.

While this guy’s hair manages to capture the same shape of Vader’s iconic helmet, it wouldn’t get recognized in public.

6 Bowser

via Amino Apps

Bowser is a tough cosplay to nail down. The dinosaur turtle has been terrorizing Mario in video games for years. Now he’s terrorizing us through cosplays like this one.

While the cosplayer sports the characteristic tail, horns, and haircut associated with the villain, it's not going to win any awards.

5 Queen of Hearts

via Pinterest

These three decided to take on characters made famous in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. In the center is the Queen of Hearts, the story’s villain, while Tweedledee and Tweedledum are standing on both sides.

Though when someone incorporates what looks like a Burger King crown in their costume, they might have to rethink their cosplay.

4 Joker And Harley Quinn

via Try Not Laughs

It’s not unusual anymore to see themed weddings. This one took inspiration from the characters Joker and Harley Quinn from the Batman universe, who have a love-hate relationship.

If these two actually did tie the knot, one would think they would have put more thought into the cosplay-side of their outfits.


via funnyjunk

One of the more bizarre villains from The Powerpuff Girls was HIM, a theatrical and devilish villain. Not only did this cosplayer dress up like HIM, but even evoked some of his mannerisms.

While the cosplay isn’t lacking in effort, considering he had to paint himself red, it ultimately falls flat.

2 Majin Buu

via SAYS.com

There’s something endearing about cosplays made out of things people find lying around their house. That doesn’t mean they’re all good costumes though.

This re-creation of the villain Majin Buu in his final form from Dragonball Z may have found a creative use for a footstool, but its power level isn’t even 9000.

1 Mooglie

via Reddit user 9999monkeys

Someone must have asked, "Who you gonna cosplay?" To which this person came up with the ghost, Mooglie, from the Ghostbusters icon.

He even included the red crossed out symbol. While it might be a stretch to call Mooglie a villain, it’s an unusual cosplay that won’t impress at any conventions.

Sources - Reddit & Twitter

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