10 Personalized Mason Jar Gifts Perfect For Any Occasion

By now, you’ve probably already seen all kinds of things that you can do with mason jars. You can use them to store craft supplies, you can turn them into beautiful décor, or maybe into a few lamps. Or perhaps you’d like to take a practical approach and use them instead of glasses, like most young people are doing these days, or even use them to store your pre-made meals. Or, you can use them as storage for ingredients in your pantry! The possibilities are truly endless, as well as trendy. That’s why today, we’re going to show you a few ways you can turn these jars into gifts!

10 Sewing Jar

This is a perfect gift for anyone in your life who is into DIY projects as much as you are! You can start this project by making the lid of the jar appropriate for sewing first, and then you can move on to the jar itself and the contents inside of it. So first, you can make a pin cushion for the lid and stick it on top. Then, you can add some thread, some straight pins, a small pair of scissors, a seam ripper, a tape measure, and a few buttons inside. Voila! Your sewing gift jar is done!

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9 Holiday Jar

It’s best to start your holiday shopping early, that way you’ll make sure that you don’t forget anything or you’re not rushing to the last minute. If you are in a bit of a rush, you can just make some of these holiday jars, which you can do in just a few minutes. All you need to add to the jar is some small oranges, a few twigs of Rosemary, and a few cranberries. Then, all that’s left is the decoration, which you can quickly wrap up with a sticker and a ribbon.

8 Money Jar

If you want to avoid going down the same boring old route of giving a card and some money to anyone who’s graduating in your life. You can pull out some creativity and style with a present like this one. All you need to do roll up your bills like little individual diplomas and put them inside the jar. Then you can make a graduation cap instead of having a regular old lid for the jar, either completely bare or with some cool slogan and top it all off with a tassel!

7 Date Jar

If you're looking to spice up your life or are you wondering what you should do on your next date? Let us help you out! You don't have to do that date we recommend here. You can come up with your own options, like an ice skating date jar that includes mittens and lip balms. In the image above, this is a golf date jar. This jar includes a golf ball, some snacks, and a notebook to keep score.

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6 Jar Of Sunshine

Sunshine is best in the summer, and that’s what this jar is all about. You can give these out at the end of the school year, or as party favors at your next pool party. You can even color coordinate everything in bold and bright colors! You can put a box of orange tic-tacs, a lip balm, a small packet of sunscreen, and band-aids. Any other small things you think a person might need during the hot summer days. As a bonus, you can also add some water balloons, just make sure you don’t fill them up.

5 Jar Of Notes

You can give this to anyone that you really appreciate in your life, it'll be a great expression of your love for them. This jar is also really easy to make. All you need to do is take a bunch of scraping paper, and cut it up into strips. Then, on each strip, write a different reason why you love and appreciate this person. Put them in the jar, along with a card stating the number of reasons why you love them, and decorate the lid!

4 Planter Jar

Another great way to use old mason jars is as planters. If you or the person you intend to give this gift to, doesn’t necessarily have a green thumb, but loves plants nevertheless, we have the perfect plant! But first, you’ll need to paint the jar so that the dirt inside isn’t visible and looks much nicer. Then, you’ll need to fill the bottom part with some pebbles, put some dirt and sand on top, and wiggle a succulent in there! They are gorgeous and easy to care for!

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3 Jar Full Of Kitchen

If you have someone in your life that loves spending time in the kitchen, more specifically, if they are really passionate about baking, then this is the perfect gift jar for them. Get some mini cookie cutters, a few cupcake liners, a couple mini silicone pinch bowls, small measuring spoons, a mini cheese grater and a mini whisk, put them in there and decorate the jar itself with a piece of string and a note. We guarantee that they are going to love this gift.

2 Jar Of Memories

You can make a jar of memories like this one for yourself. But this is a great gift to give to your grown-up kids, as a reminder of some of the good times you’ve spent together. All you need to do is paint some blue waves at the bottom of the jar, and then fill it up with some sand. Next, take a stroll down memory lane and look through some of your vacation pictures and print the best ones. Finally, just attach them to wooden skewers using tape and put them in the jar.

1 Jar Full Of Spa

This gift jar is both easy to put together and really inexpensive, as you can find all of these items in practically any store. You can put a few face masks in the jar, a nice nail polish, along with a nail polish remover, a small body scrub, a set of eyelashes, a lipstick, some hand lotion, and a mini manicure set. You can even organize a spa day for you and your friends, or your close family members and have a jar for everyone. Then, along with the label, you can also add their name on a piece of string that you’ll tie around the jar.

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