Pet Peacock Joins Up With Gang Of Turkeys, Parents Plea For His Return


A runaway peacock has joined up with a gang of turkeys with his owners pleading for his return.

They grow up so fast, and when they do, some birds can fall in with the wrong crowd. Take Pea, a male peacock belonging to the Johnson family. He’s decided that rather be the mild-mannered house peacock that Rene and Brian Johnson love very much, he’d instead rather take off with a bunch of random turkeys.

About 6 weeks ago, a roving band of wild turkey came by the Johnsons' house in Springfield Vermont, and Pea decided to run away with them. After a month and a half of sightings, the Johnson’s took to Facebook for help.

“My peacock has run off with the turkeys. Do you have any suggestions on how to catch the little twerp?” Rene asked on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Facebook page. She then asked if it was possible for turkeys to mate with peacocks, which prompted another Facebook user to respond with what this kind of union would produce.

You never know what the day will bring here at Vermont Fish & Wildlife. This was a request for help we got via email...

Posted by Vermont Fish & Wildlife on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

In an interview with WCAX-TV, Rene revealed that after Pea’s little brother died he might have gotten lonely and seen the turkeys as a more companionable option than the family’s small roost of chickens.

"When we lost his little brother, I think the turkeys were more like him than the chickens and he decided to take off with them," Rene said.

Posted by Rene Johnson on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

At the time, Rene had actually been tipped off to Pea’s location by a neighbor saying he was spotted on a nearby road. She and the reporter found him high up in a snow-covered tree beyond their reach, and unfortunately, Pea didn’t decide to come down to go home.

Local law enforcement doesn’t consider a peacock on the loose to be a problem that requires professional intervention, so they’re not taking any action to help the Johnson’s out. Rene is becoming increasingly concerned as we head into the coldest part of winter that Pea might not survive the freezing Vermont temperatures.


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