Pet-to-Owner Face Swaps That Went Horribly Wrong

The Face Swap feature on Snapchat has caused the people of the internet to lose their damn minds since being released a few months ago.

People across the globe have been using this app to swap faces with siblings, parents and friends. If you haven't heard of it yet, it is basically just a feature that lets you swap faces with another being, kind of like wearing a mask out of someone else's face. Totally normal, right?

The creep factor definitely went up when people started swapping faces with babies, but face swaps really took a wrong turn when people began swapping faces with their pets. To be fair, the baby face swaps are incredibly disturbing, but the pet face swaps bring a certain something to the table that the baby ones just can't.

Some of them are pretty entertaining but most are downright disturbing. Others will burn themselves into the backs of your eyelids to show you what real nightmares are made of.

You know how the saying goes: People eventually start to look like their pets. Take a look at these examples of how face swap is inducing nightmares everywhere!

18 What the lady-dog said: This is just so wrong on so many levels.

It's so wrong it's right.

17 The only thing scarier than a giant human-cat is a giant human-cat holding a tiny human-cat baby.

Yeah.... #faceswap #petfaceswap #killingit

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"Sleep, my child."

16 A whole lot of nope right here.

Tell me I'm beautiful #faceswap #petfaceswap

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Kitties just aren't meant to have human mouths.

15 This is what nightmares are made of.

This is absolutely terrifying.

14 Face Swap gone terribly wrong.

IM DYING. WTF. #faceswap #dogfaceswap #snapchat

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I will never be able to see a Milkbone box any other way now.

13 Those eyes...

When face swapping goes right. #dogsofinstagram #faceswap #dogfaceswap

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He's turning into Chewbacca!

12 Why so glum?

I feel like this would inspire a super trippy Salvador Dali painting.

11 Sniffing teeth and eating brains.



9 The loveable characters from the next horror movie.

#faceswap #joke #funny #instafun

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This cannot be unseen.

8 Evil in it's purest form.

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This little piggy was summoned straight from Hell.

7 This is what happened when you face swap your pets' faces.

The one on the right is petrifying.

6 I don't know which is scarier the cat-girl or the girl-cat.

Just so creepy lol #catfaceswap

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This must have been what inspired the horse head mask craze.

5 I'm would be much more comfortable with people having dog noses rather than dogs having human mouths.


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Ugh, it's like that creepy commercial with the dogs with the human teeth.

4 That Malamute totally rocks the red hair.

I'm strangely jealous.

3 I'm waiting for them to make a movie about an army of these mutant cat-children taking over the world.

via: boredpanda

You know it's bound to happen.

2 Oh, good god, no!

Please, make it stop.

1 Okay, that's it guys. I'm out.

Dafuq is this abomination?

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