PETA's Latest Move For Animal Rights Is To Take Down Popular "Anti-Animal" Phrases

Animal rights group PETA has taken on a new cause for people to stop using "anti-animal" phrases that are being called speciest and offensive to our furry friends.  If you're confused by what all of this means, well, frankly, so are we.

According to PETA, an anti-animal phrase would be some common phrase with animal ties such as, "bringing home the bacon" or "kill two birds with one stone" and "take the bull by the horns."  You get the gist. This announcement surprised the internet and sparked some funny reactions.  But in case you had any questions (and we all do) PETA provided us all with a fun chart with some alternative phrasing that won't offend pigs and birds.

For some reason, "bringing home the bagel" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "bringing home the bacon." PETA also suggests saying, "take the flower by the thorns" instead of saying "take the bull by the horns," or "feed two birds with one scone" in place of "kill two birds with one stone."  The chart has a lot of alternatives for common figures of speech we all grew up on that really do not make sense, but are much more positive to the animal community.

PETA followed up with another tweet further explaining their stance comparing these animal phrases to the same type of discrimination that people of color or people who identify as LGBTQ would experience. Um, ok.

The general consensus is that PETA may have gone a little too far with this latest campaign. They took everything very literally and they weren't supposed to. We really don't think people out there are killing birds with stones, but people do come home with bacon which we understand why that would be offensive to PETA. The people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals may have gone a bit far this time.

As expected the internet wasn't kind to PETA with the vast majority finding this plea to be pointless, ridiculous, and humorous.

How do you feel about PETA's latest statements? Do you think these phrases are offensive to animals? Or are they just sentences with animal names in the name? Let us know your opinions in the comments!


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