Peterbilt-Truck Named Thor24 Hammers Out 3,324 Horsepower

Southern California land developer Mike Harrah has built a 3,424 horsepower 24 cylinder beast named Thor24 and it's as ridiculous as it is awesome.

The beast, which started life as a 1979 359 Peterbilt has been stretched and fitted with twin twelve cylinder engines. A project that was taken on for the most classic of reasons, because he could, Automobile Magazine was able to detail some of the incredible custom work that went into this giant testament to excess.

4 Dual Marine Diesels

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At the heart of the beast is not one but two 12V-71 two stroke Detroit Diesel engines from a yacht married at the nose and sharing one custom built splined shaft.

That combines the engines to a 1,704 cubic inch displacement or 27.9 liters. Harrah took on the project when he came across the opportunity to get both marine engines at once.

3 Superchargers Charging Superchargers

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The task of shoveling air into this gigantic beast goes to a series of eight BDS 8-71 superchargers. Harrah built a custom manifold that allows these eight superchargers to the twin engines which themselves come equipped with twin roots blowers laying between the cylinders, bringing the total number of superchargers on the truck to twelve. Not done yet, the truck also holds room for eight NOS bottles.

2 Easy to Start, Hard to Stop

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The end result is a 3,424 horsepower monster. Given that a truck engine usually puts out up to three times the horsepower in the form of torque, Thor24 must have unbelievable towing power.

Harrah commented that getting the truck to 100mph wasn't a problem, getting it to stop is a different story. Four twelve foot parachutes are in the back to help out.

1 Decked Out Interior

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The interior is also decked out for the long haul. The Lambo-style doors lead to a cab decked out with a 40-inch TV and a 15,000 watt stereo system with power provided by a Hawker Jet Helicopter engine. Gears are selected through a broadsword shift handle.

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