10 Pets That Look Extremely Human

Animal lovers love their pets. Sometimes, a little too much. There are just some pet owners who get so used to having their dog or cat around that they start treating them as if they were human. Sometimes, animals will start to exhibit human behavior themselves. Your dog attempts to talk, your cat starts eating at the dinner table or your pet monkey likes to wear hats.

It’s one thing for an animal to act human, but entirely another, when they start to look like us. Here are the top ten pics of animals that scarily resemble humans.

10 Roger The Body-Builder

When someone is ‘ripped’ we’re usually referring to a fitness trainer, an athlete or a human being for that matter. A Kangaroo that looks like a bodybuilder, however, is unusual. Here is a photo of heavy-weight champ, Roger, the Red Kangaroo of the Australian Outback. At just nine-years-old, he’s in already in the best shape of his life. His caretakers say that Roger is a naturally-ripped marsupial, whereas many have assumed this photo and others, to be photoshopped. Much to our shock, Roger’s muscles are legit. Just check out this video and you’ll see what we mean!

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9 A Damsel In Distress

People freak-out and stress over the most trivial things sometimes. Although, nothing quite compares to the expression on this poor monkey’s face. In this photo, sitting behind a glass enclosure is an 18-year old Black-Capped Capuchin who looks uncharacteristically like a distressed human. Whatever he was watching that day must’ve truly upset him. Though his expression is quite comical, we can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him.

8 It’s Not Earl, It’s Mr.Earl

Unlike Sloths who are skillful smilers, this poor puppy can’t stop mean-mugging us. His owners may have named him Earl but social media fans know him as Grumpy Puppy. His bored gaze and profound frown make him look like an old man with a mean scowl. He couldn’t care less about anything. Unfortunately, this pup suffers from an underbite and has since had to live with the deformity. Though this pug may look like a grumpy old man, he certainly is an adorable pup.

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7 A Tale Of A Sadden Kitty

Some cat species have naturally grumpy faces and we love them for it. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever is a movie based on that famous frown. Though, this 2-month-old kitten’s depressed, stoic expression resembles a human more so than it does a cat. By being a Maine Coon Cat, this kitten is an enigma by default. These cats are one of the largest domestic cats found in the world and are known to have large, round intelligent eyes, hence this kittens usually human face. The more look you at him, the more fascinating he becomes.

6 Look Into My Eyes

A 1-year-old Shih-poo had everyone going crazy when photos of him started circulating the internet. No, it wasn’t because he did a neat trick or was trained by famous Dog Whisper Caesar Millan. Instead, it had to do the dogs face. That pouty mouth and those hazel eyes—especially those eyes—lead one to stare and wonder if someone did a face-swap. Fortunately, the owner claimed that is her dog's natural face and she has the videos to prove it. Maybe it’s possible that some animals are born with very human-like eyes.

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5 Richard Branson’s Long-Lost Twin

It’s always fun to see side-by-side photos of animals who look like celebrities. This long-haired dog could definitely play English billionaire Richard Branson’s twin. Most of the resemblance is in the face, where the dog's expression matches Branson’s perfectly. Not to mention how the lighting from the window catches the dogs face spot on. The pooch should feel flattered by being compared to a famous businessman. I know I would!

4 A Monkey Going On 50

It’s no secret that humans share DNA and a common ancestor with monkeys. We may have evolved beyond the point of walking around on our knuckles and swinging from tree branches, but there are some similarities. Take this Procibous Monkey’s uncanny appearance for example. His flat, large nose and the whiteness surrounding its eyes, make it appear as a middle-aged man with a big nose and an uneven tan. Whether some of us like it or not, there’s a bit of ape inside all of us.

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3 I Just Can’t Stop Smiling . . . Literally

Pet owners like to think their pets are laughing or angry, attributing their pets with human emotions. Really, we have no idea what they’re thinking, no matter how hard we try. Yet, there is one animal that seems content with their lives. Whenever you see a picture of a sloth, isn’t their smile the first thing you notice? It’s usually this happy demeanor that makes us think they’re more human than animal. Sadly, sloth’s mouths are just naturally shaped into an upward curve, giving us the illusion that this animal is truly happy. Nonetheless, they’re great actors.

2 A Fish That Drools Like A Grown Man

Voted as one of the most unattractive animals known to mankind, this Blobfish has the appearance of a drooling, droopy-nosed senior citizen. This amphibian may look human and scarily so, but not for the reason we think. Blobfish are deep water fish, spending much of their time in the oceanic waters of beautiful Australia. Because the water pressure of deep water being 120 times greater than that of the surface, fish who live there often lack any skeletal structure at all. Thus, the reason for the Blobfish’s dreadful appearance when on land. Bottomline, leave the poor fish alone.

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1 What Big Eyes You Have

With heads that can turn 360 degrees and huge eyes, you’d expect just about anything from of an owl. Particularly when you stare long enough at an owl, you tend to get locked in their unusual gaze. This Great Grey Owl, in particular, is certainly hypnotizing in a way that’s both strange and intriguing. If you look closer, you can see the resemblance of a human face coming through the owl's face and eyes. Odd indeed!

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