Pets And Owners Are Finally Being Reunited Months After California Wildfires

During the summer, when the deadly fires broke out in California, hundreds of people lost their homes, and there were many among them who couldn’t locate their pets, or just didn’t have enough time to rescue them, so they thought their trusted companions were lost forever.

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However, a volunteer group called Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification, filled with animal lovers, have proved plenty of those people wrong. A group of about 35 volunteers has been working to reunite the displaced pets and families for over two months after the firefighters managed to put out the deadly flames.

According to the volunteers, so far, they have managed to reunite around 80 families with their pets who believed they had been lost in the fires, which unfortunately claimed the lives of six people and ruined over 1,000 homes in the Redding area.

The families that have been reunited with their pets had been utterly surprised when they learned that their pets were alive. The volunteer group was formed with the help of another volunteer animal group which was formed out after the devastating Tubbs Fire, which claimed at least 22 lives and destroyed many homes last year in a wine country located north of San Francisco.

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The way that the volunteer group is reuniting the families with their pets is bu placing specially-made kiosks in Redding, with pictures of all of the pets, along with the power of social media and sharing between the members of the community. And they go to even greater lengths at trying to capture all of the animals, which tend to be injured and traumatized. They are all equipped with night-vision cameras, special traps and a lot of food for bait, and they’ve used their own money to pay for all of this equipment.

According to one of the survivors of the fire, losing a home as well as a beloved animal at the same time is definitely a “double whammy of grief”. However, thanks to this group, plenty of families have been reunited with their pets, who happened to be still alive, although likely injured, which brings a bit of the feeling of their lost homes back to them, even if it happens a few months later.

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