18 Revealing Photos At UFC Events Dana White Wants Us To Forget

It all started in 1993, back then, it seemed like a sport that just couldn’t last especially given the amount of violence attached. Thanks to rule changes, sponsorship deals and let’s face it, Dana White joining in 2001, the sport would reach new highs in the following years.

It is live television so with that being said, we’ve seen so many moments that had White turning red. Heck, in a particular moment on the list, he would say after the fight never had he been so embarrassed in his life, ouch! Along with wardrobe malfunctions that took place in the octagon, we’ll also feature steamy weigh-in encounters along with other not so PG moments.

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18 Nadia Kassem’s Attire

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She has an impressive MMA record of five wins and one loss, in which four of those victories came by way of knockout.

However, the day of this weigh-in, UFC fans might’ve been more impressed by her outfit choice, one of the not so PG nature. Heck, even Dana can’t help but bust a smile.

17 Problems With Reebok

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Just imagine what a nightmare it would be to dedicate your life to a sport and when the day finally comes to make an impact, you're affected by something out of your control like ring gear.

Valerie Letourneau blamed Reebok for her UFC loss, claiming the outfit caused her one too many problems and completely distracted her. In Reebok’s defense, they issued an apology.

16 VanZant & Curran Weigh-In

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Let’s be real here, this doesn’t look like a photo featuring two ladies about to step inside the octagon. Given the outfits and physiques, this seems more reminiscent to a couple of ladies that are about to step on stage for a bikini contest.

Perhaps Dana would’ve preferred some shorts and sports bras in this particular weigh-in.

15 Jessica Eye’s Not So PG Stance

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Eye is a recognizable name in MMA. We’re not sure if she’s just having fun or trying to play mind games with her opponents given her odd pre-match rituals.

She was up to her old tricks in the picture above rocking a not so PG stance – however, the boss Dana White doesn’t look too impressed.

14 Slipping Out

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Unfortunately, this also happens a lot during a UFC bout – those on Twitter always catch such malfunctions, hard to get away with anything in this day and age.

In this predicament, the fighter slipped out of her gear while down on the ground, thankfully the malfunction was short-lived but enough to make Dana see red.

13 More Grabbing

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The photo above generally shouldn’t be allowed, grabbing the gear is prohibited inside of the octagon.

Not only does it give a fighter the unfair advantage but it can also lead to a malfunction – which was the case in this exchange as once again the fighters briefly came out of her attire.

12 Holm & Tate Square Off

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The match itself turned out to be one of most emotional victories in Tate’s career as she came out on top with a stunning victory via submission.

However, pre-match, fans were talking for different reasons. Tate turned heads in numerous weigh-ins for her, not so PG look and that followed in this exchange as both women rocked skimpy lower attire.

11 Dennis “The Goat” Hallman

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He goes by the nickname of “Superman,” however most fans will always remember the veteran as “the Speedo guy.”

It caused quite the stir and a lot of laughs. However, according to his interview with Bleacher Report, the boss Dana White was none too pleased, “I've never been so embarrassed being in the UFC."

10 Waterson & VanZant Break It Down

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It definitely made for some good television as Waterson and VanZant decided to have some fun at the weigh-in, busting a couple of dance moves in revealing attire.

Ultimately, the fight itself didn’t follow the same trajectory. VanZant was easily defeated by Waterson in the first round via submission.

9 Ronda’s Cleavage

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We’ve seen Rousey rock some cleavage in the past with a not so PG dress or outfit – that was purely intentional – though this wasn’t. While in the octagon, Ronda would slip out of her gear while locked in a submission by her opponent.

Rousey is known for edgy attire – the same would hold true during her WWE run – just go look at her WrestleMania 34 ring gear!

8 UFC Girls In Monster Outfits

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In truth, we could have easily worked in an article alone on UFC Girls rocking edgy outfits both at the shows and during the weigh-in ceremonies.

However, on this night, they kicked things up a notch during UFC 226. The girls had everyone talking as they sported some revealing Monster Energy outfits.

7 Tate Weigh-In With Rogan Looking Away

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The moment itself wasn’t too revealing, however, Joe Rogan’s reaction made this pic that much better – given his look, it was like something not so PG related had just gone down.

Props to Rogan for having the class to look away in such a scenario, the same doesn’t always hold true as we’ll see in a later picture.

6 VanZant Making Weight

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During the UFC on FOX, we got to see this hilarious yet revealing moment of VanZant taking it all off on-stage.

She cut the weight to the very last pound, therefore she was forced to reveal it all, of course in the back of a curtain provided by UFC. Seriously, could they not have brought her backstage...

5 Ronda In Pink

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Ah yes, this time Rogan seems to be sporting a different reaction, one of pure joy. How can he not? Just take a look at Rousey looking pretty in pink. Sure, she’s a legendary fighter but heck she even has the look to back it up.

The mind definitely spun a little on this day...

4 VanZant & Chambers Dressed For A Night Out

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Paige has her fingerprints all over this article. She always makes quite the impact, especially prior to a match at the press conference.

On this day, both the woman in the bout decided to dress up, looking like they were about to hit the club after the staredown. These women can do it all while looking like ten on tens.

3 Eye at It Again

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Jessica Eye is at it again in the staredown above. She has the revealing sports bra along with revealing bottoms. Pena also has us talking with a slender pair of yoga pants – some might even say those are as effective as a revealing pair of shorts...

Nonetheless, Dana is only focused on the exchange and nothing else.

2 Rousey’s Brazil Weigh-In

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Yes, let’s get it out of the way, that dude in the background looks a little too eager but we don’t blame him.

Rousey was glowing even further after the fight. She traveled all the way to Brazil taking on hometown hero Bethe Correia. The bout ended in complete disaster as Rousey took home the TKO win in 34 seconds, ouch.

1 Justine Kish Let’s Go

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Everything went wrong for Justine Kish on this night. She lost the bout by decision and is if that wasn’t enough, she basically “let go” inside of the octagon. Herrig admitted after the fight she instantly knew.

To her credit, she defended Kish during an interview with TMZ – gracious, we guess...

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