20 Photos Aunt Becky Doesn't Want Us To See Of Her Daughter

Full House was a favorite among many because of Aunt Becky - there is no denying that! Uncle Jesse was quite the lucky man. Years later, we got to watch Lori Loughlin do her thing on television again on the Full House reprisal, Fuller House. As many of you know, Loughlin is a married woman and has two drop-dead gorgeous daughters that are basically her identical twins. With social media nowadays, we’ve had access to photos of her two daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose.

However, due to unfortunate circumstances, we’ve heard a lot about Loughlin and her daughter, Olivia Jade, because of a college scandal they’re both involved in. While that is going on, Olivia, is still active on her social media platforms – and we’re sure that’s the last thing mama Loughlin wants. Seeing as her daughter is undoubtedly stunning, here are photos that Loughlin probably does not want us to see of her (not so) little girl.

20 Next Level Bohemian

via Instagram

Because of the scandal, Olivia Jade’s beauty line has been rejected! However, we cannot deny that Olivia has the looks that kill – and no, no rejection letter could take that away from her.

Here she is in a flattering bohemian print outfit that we could stare at all day – and it’s not the zig-zag lines that would hypnotize us, but her beauty.

19 La Bella Vita

via Instagram

This photo might be a little too revealing for mama Loughlin and we think that even Uncle Jesse would disapprove. Pictured on a boat living her best life, Olivia strut her stuff in an itsy-bitsy bikini top that shows more than most bikini tops do.

Maybe she just wants to do it for the ‘gram.

18 Outfit Approval?

via Instagram

Even though the tides may have shifted for Olivia, this beauty vlogger still has her stunning looks; that’s one thing no one could take away from her. Although she has remained relatively silent on the feud, she has continued to strut her stuff.

Pictured here exposing her midriff and some cleavage, Olivia is certainly still doing her thing. We doubt Loughlin would give this outfit a thumbs up, though.

17 This Must Be Her Favourite Pose

via Instagram

Does this pose look familiar? Olivia has a thing for teasing the world with this mirror-selfie pose that she pulls off way too often.

The beauty vlogger has a killer body, and she clearly is not afraid to rock it and put it on full display. Is what she’s wearing even considered a top?

16 All Grown Up

via Instagram

With her high-waist mom jeans and white sneakers, we’re getting some serious Aunt Becky vibes from Olivia. She looks exactly like her mother, so we’re not surprised that she could make any outfit look so flattering.

It would have been nice to see her beautiful face, but Olivia preferred to show off her plum bikini top.

15 Selfie Queen

via Instagram

Finding the right word to describe Olivia’s beauty is almost impossible; she is dreamy in every sense of the word. However, it seems that every photo Olivia takes of herself is somewhat revealing. She clearly does not hide what her mama gave her, even when she poses for a quick selfie.

And seriously, who looks that flawless in a sports bra?

14 Olivia, The Model

via Instagram

Of course, she can model, she is Loughlin’s daughter and got all the good genes! This half-Italian beauty, as we now know, is not shy to express herself or rock the camera.

And by the looks of this photo, there’s two things she does effortlessly; 1. own the camera and 2. live her life in a bikini.

13 Probably Not Her Best

via Instagram

What’s going on here? And why are photos like this being shared to her ’gram account? It’s probably not a photo she should have went on to publish during such rough waters. Either way, it’s clear that Olivia is a free-spirit and does not care what people think about her and her posts.

Truthfully, it would have been a cute picture if the sole focus wasn’t her body.

12 Olivia Slays

via Instagram

Get it, girl! It must be exhausting to be Olivia Jade’s lawyers, because this hot chick is unstoppable. Clearly, no allegations could stop her from dressing up for a night out and posing for pictures to share.

With all that junk in the trunk, Olivia is proud of what her mama gave her. However, we’re not too sure that Loughlin is proud of the way her daughter shows off her bod.

11 She’s Also Very Expressive

via Instagram

If you follow Olivia Jade, you may already know that she’s quite the expressive gal. Although the camera loves this brunette beauty, it still catches her less appealing moments, like this one.

We’re pretty certain that Loughlin does not want to see photos of her daughter with her mouth open and eyes rolled back…#justsaying.

10 Robe Pic? Yes, Please

via Instagram

Here is Olivia Jade pulling off a Kylie Jenner pose - because we all know how much Kylie loves to pose in her robe.

If we are going to put ourselves in Loughlin’s shoes, we’re pretty sure she does not approve of her daughter posing in a robe and sharing it on social media. Robes are meant for after-shower purposes only.

9 A Younger Aunt Becky

via Instagram

The apple does not fall far from the tree!

Olivia could literally pass as the younger version of her mother. The only difference between the two is that Olivia is a little less conservative. Looking at a photo of Olivia could easily fool us into thinking it’s a photo of Loughlin, but Loughlin never showed too much skin.

8 An Italian Goddess

via Instagram

Olivia is an influencer for a reason, and this photo is self-explanatory!

Her beauty speaks for itself, which is probably why she has remained pretty low-key recently. She is the youngest daughter of Loughlin, but her looks could certainly fool us. Modeling was made for her, even if her parents are probably less-than-thrilled to see her show off her body.

7 She Does It For The ‘Gram

via Instagram

Olivia is simple; she never overdoes it and knows all her angles! A flawless beauty, and only 19-years-old, Olivia always posts the most perfect photos to her ‘gram account.

One thing we noticed though, is that she never does without showing a little cleavage. We guess that’s her niche.

6 Lady In Red

via Instagram

Who could resist a lady in red? Nobody and Olivia knows that. Back in front of her favorite selfie mirror and pulling off the same pose, Olivia looks confident and sassy. We do not blame her for having that attitude when she looks like that.

The real question here is; what happened to the middle of her top?

5 What’s She Wearing?

via Instagram

As an adult, she can wear what she wants to, and do what she wants to - we totally get that. However, we’re scratching our heads over her outfit. By the looks of it, she was attending a fancy occasion, but that outfit barely covers the bottom half of her body.

We’re sure Loughlin wasn’t so fond of the look.

4 Pyjama Or?

via CelebMafia

Someone, please get Olivia another mirror! We’re pretty sure Loughlin is fed up of seeing her daughter post photos of her crouched down in front of her mirror with barely any clothing on.

Although we know that privacy tends to not exist so much nowadays, Olivia could have done without posting this photo of her in what looks like a set of pyjamas.

3 A Younger Olivia

via Feeling The Vibe Magazine

Even when Olivia was a minor, her pictures were not so PG-13! It almost seems like Olivia must absolutely show off some of her chest in all her photos. What happened to turtlenecks?

Jokes aside, with her undeniable good looks, she sure has given her parents a hard time.

2 She Knows What She’s Got

via Instagram

Olivia is a fashionista and can pull off just about any trend! Here she is wearing what looks like lingerie and/or a corset, not for bed, but for a night out.

You cannot blame Olivia for wanting to show off with her mom blessed her with.

1 Is That Lori?

via Instagram

One quick glance, we thought this was a photo of Lori Loughlin back in the 90s, but it’s Olivia. You probably agree with us that it is almost impossible to find a difference between the mother-daughter duo.

Since this baby has got back though, we know right away that it’s Olivia.

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