18 Photos Bayley Would Rather Younger Fans Didn’t See

Bayley's WWE run has been quite the rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs. It started with nothing but ups, entering WWE and living her dream. Things were off to a blazing start with NXT as she became one of the most over babyfaces on the roster.

That same momentum was squandered on the main roster. She had many ups and downs with Vince in charge, however, things now look to be back on the up, with Bayley hitting it out of the park with her new heel persona. Let's hope this momentum continues.

The younger fans might not be too happy with her recent heel turn and we won't want them seeing these pictures either, featuring Bayley and a revealing side. We'll also feature moments she'll want the younger fans to forget. Enjoy, let's get started!

18 Candid Autograph Session

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Bayley’s got back, but she might not want the kids to realize, it is a sensitive topic in truth. Heck, she has her own Twitter account which pays homage to her backside.

This was one of the many candid pics snapped that had all the fans talking – let’s hope the young fans just don’t get it.

17 The Hugger’s Sister

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That’s right, Bayley has a sister and given some of the photos online, we assume she probably doesn’t want us to see her. She has more than a couple of revealing pics – the type of pics that might’ve been suitable for the Attitude Era but not the current state of WWE.

16 Corey Graves Angle

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We’re not quite sure what WWE was doing with this one. They teased an angle between the two during an interview, which ended with an awkward hug.

Some speculated that a love storyline was on the horizon, one that could have been edgy like back in the ‘90s and 2000s – though it was quietly scrapped.

15 More Candid Glutes

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She gets the fans talking, especially with candid photos that compliment a certain area.

As we’ll see in this article, there are several from inside the squared circle. The same goes for her public appearances, as evidenced by the pic above. There’s just no escaping this type of pic, given Bayley’s glute gains in the gym.

14 Bikini Time

Ah yes, a throwback photo featuring Bayley during her NXT days. We get a rare glimpse of the hugger rocking a bikini – this is a rare visual we’ve hardly seen throughout Bayley’s rise to fame.

She’s a PG character so it definitely makes sense – perhaps with this recent heel turn, she’ll be pushing the envelope with the wardrobes as well.

13 Like A Diva

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During her earlier days with WWE, Bayley took part in what looks to be an awkward shoot looking back. She was basically dressed like a Diva, conforming to the outdated time period. The shoot had a water-gun theme, which just goes to show how behind McMahon and company still were. Thankfully, that has all changed these days.

12 Twerk Time

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Anything can happen at live events. Wrestlers are a lot looser especially compared to TV days. A lot of them like to go off script and have some fun among themselves and with the fans.

That’s what happened with Bayley, who just happens to bust out a twerk during a match alongside Sasha Banks. She wouldn’t do that on national TV.

11 The Toronto Incident

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Young fans must’ve been heartbroken on this night. Not only was Bayley forced to watch from the sideline due to injury but she was also booed pretty harshly by the fans in Toronto.

Kids were upset with the reaction and it is said that McMahon was also quite irate backstage.

10 Hugs With Fans

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This pic was posted to Twitter. It should have got fans talking for Bayley’s generosity, though the majority were focusing on something else... Bayley, in a pair of tightly fitted jeans. It is pretty obvious by now, her backside is noticeable in pretty much anything that she wears.

9 Dancing With No Way Jose

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Young fans should avoid this one for a couple of reasons. For one, those that are crushing on Bayley won’t be too happy with Jose swooping in and dancing with the Hugger. In addition, it might be a little too steamy, especially with Bayley’s outfit of choice – one that is quite revealing.

8 Entering The Arena

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She has our full attention in the pic – Bayley’s rocking a tightly fitted dress, something most fans just aren’t used to seeing. When the Hugger dresses up, she has everyone’s attention, especially during special events like the Hall Of Fame, or the Mae Young Classic red carpet event.

7 Putting In The Work With Sheamus

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She’s putting in the work, this time alongside Sheamus at the PC. Bayley is all about keeping fit, even when she’s on the road, Typically, the first thing she’ll do after a flight is find the nearest Cross Fit gym in order to release all that plane rust. Definitely a role model for young wrestlers.

6 Up Close

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An up-close picture during RAW. Bayley had several runs with the Women’s Championship, none really comparable to her days with NXT.

Fans are hoping that’s all going to change, especially with Bayley on top of the mountain at the moment as the champion and sporting a new persona as a villain.

5 Super Fan In Tears

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Is anyone curious as to how Izzy feels in relation to Bayley’s latest heel turn? She likely won’t be too pleased, especially since Bayley would also join forces with Sasha. In the picture above, it was actually Sasha that made Izzy start to cry.

In addition, there are clips available online of other young fans reduced to tears when Bayley turned to the dark side.

4 NXT Days

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Bayley’s breakout party took place with NXT. She dominated in the developmental brand, becoming arguably the most popular babyface ever with Hunter’s group.

Who knows if she’ll ever go back but if she does, Bayley will get quite the reaction from the crowd down in Full Sail.

3 More From NXT

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Of course, Bayley’s most memorable NXT moment has to be defeating Sasha Banks at TakeOver: Brooklyn, in what was one of the greatest women’s matches in WWE history. The Hugger hitting the Bayley to Belly is forever regarded as one of the top pops in NXT history, along with the three count that followed.

2 Ring Ready

Another live event booty photo – yup, we could have done an entire list on these types of photos.

Booty aside, the Hugger continues to live her dream these days, always envisioning a run with WWE since she was a kid. She climbed the ranks the right way and at this moment already, she has Hall of Fame credentials – with still so much left in the tank.

1 Spotted With Sasha

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During WrestleMania weekend, a fan caught both Bayley and Sasha out and about, in public. We’re not going to point it out but the main talking point was... well... you know... yup. The pic made the rounds online and let’s hope it didn’t wind up in front of a younger fan.

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