15 Photos Of Biker WAGs They Don’t Want You To See

Sons of Anarchy and its spin-off, Mayans M.C., have brought romanticized biker culture back to the mainstream of popular attention. And with Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam, running around bedding only the most beautiful and powerful women on TV, who could blame an entire country for tuning in to watch?

But real-life motorcycle culture hasn't fallen by the wayside since the 1960s, when the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and movies like Easy Rider immortalized an outlaw lifestyle that was a screaming apotheosis to both bland Americana and the rebellion of free-love hippies.

Today, motorcycle clubs have spread all over the world—and when women aren't all-out running their own chapters, they're right alongside the men.  Keep scrolling for 15 MC WAGs caught on camera in real life.

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15 Sturgis

via Thought Catalog

For anyone who loves choppers, motorcycles, chaps, and the roar of V-twin engines, the annual rally at Sturgis is a can't-miss event. Sturgis draws hordes of spectators and a fair share of motorcycle clubs, not to mention enough women in skimpy jean and leather outfits to populate Coyote Ugly on a busy Friday-after-payday evening.

14 A Crew Of Their Own

via slubnie-suknie

According to the Mongols Nation streaming channel, this image is of seven WAGs of the club's members. They're dressed fairly conservatively compared to plenty of other women in the biker scene—maybe their notorious husbands and boyfriends are getting wild enough that these women feel like they don't have to up the ante.

13 More Sturgis

via leatherup

If the motorcycles, leather vests, live music, and copious bar scene together didn't sound like a good enough reason to visit Sturgis, let this picture serve as another incentive. The scene gets even wilder than this relatively tame photo, though, so the children are best left at home with the nanny.

12 Deviated Septum

via Timeline

The black-and-white photos that came out of California in 1965, taken by Bill Ray for Life magazine, included plenty of riveting shots that revealed an insider's look into motorcycle culture—the good and the bad. The woman on the far right, curlers in her hair and plaster on her nose, probably didn't just get a nose job. But then again, maybe she did.

11 Having a Blast

via Geelong Advertiser

Everyone thinks of motorcycle club members being hairy, smelly, and dirty. Though those stereotypes are generally based on reality—riding a hog can get pretty filthy—there are moments when the bike and biker have been washed, especially if a redhead is liable to hop on back and go for a spin.

10 My Property

via Pinterest

If someone is a member of the Bandidos and has earned the moniker 'Scary Larry' for their actions, there's a good chance that someone would be unwise to mess with. If Larry has a WAG that's wearing a vest with patches embroidered on it describing her as his property, it's probably best to stay away from the couple (and especially not bring up Women's Lib).

9 Angels

via Timeline

The most famous bikers in the world are a subject of dread fascination and have been for decades. From some infamous concert security to intimidation on the road and Hunter S. Thompson's immortalizing writings, they're about a notorious as possible. They might seem too scary for ladies to want to be involved but there are plenty of photos of Angels' WAGs from back in the day.

8 Bosozoku Style

via Gentlemens Pride

These days, Bosozoku is internet famous because the cars adorned in excessive anime decorations seem cartoonish and barely able to drive. But Bosozoku actually started in biker culture, when crews of riders on similarly absurd bikes would grind traffic in Japan to a halt by driving en masse at a snail's pace. And women were involved in Bosozoku, too.

7 Is There No One Else

via Riding with Gary

This guy might be surrounded by women in fishnets and chaps but he sure looks out of place at Sturgis. He looks more likely to have rolled in on a recumbent bicycle than the typical Harley chopper seen on the streets of the South Dakota town. But who knows, maybe he just wears a reflective Under Armour shirt because he rides so aggressively.

6 Travel Channel Stars

via Big Beaver Diaries

Maybe things are different in different parts of the world, but it seems like trying to sell Howling Helmets to tough guys by saying they were "Featured on the Travel Channel!" isn't the best marketing ploy. Then again, no press is bad press—and the lady in her fur and horn helmet looks pretty happy to be there.

5 Don't Tell No One You Seen Me

via Rapid City Journal

This outfit is more like what most people might expect to see from the wife or girlfriend of an MC rider. The background is pure Sturgis and so is the leather corset, the face paint, and the chaps. Sunscreen is a must in the hot Dakota sun, though, so hopefully, she's investing all those one-dollar bills wisely.

4 Tough Guys

via Herald-Whig

As proven by Sons of Anarchy, being a WAG of an MC member is no easy life. The tough-guy image isn't just something they can slip into and out of at the drop of a hat, clearly. But still, plenty of women become wrapped up in motorcycling culture all the same. In the big scheme of things, leather vests, bandanas, and riding pants don't seem too silly compared to stiletto pumps in the club.

3 You've Been Caught

via Las Vegas Review - Journal

The authorities have to crack down on MCs every now and then to help establish the rule of law. Recently, a newsworthy showdown in Texas revealed just how far the machismo of MC culture will take a horde of bikers—to no one's satisfaction, nothing really happened when Johnny Law got involved.

2 Keep It Simple

via Argus Leader

Sometimes, the most intimidating guy isn't the loudmouth with all the tattoos doing his best to make a scene; sometimes, it's the quiet one keeping his own counsel in the background that no one wants to mess with. This Harley-Davidson fan has the sunburn to prove she's spent enough time on a bike.

1 Real Life

via Vice

Motorcycle clubs might seem almost cartoonish in their tough-guy ways, as if everyone involved is doing their best to play Jax from SOA or Marlon Brando from The Wild One. But this is real life and these guys are playing for keeps—when a big clump of bikers pulls up and surrounds a mom and her kids in their Toyota Prius, the nervousness is justified.

Sources: Wikipedia, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and Timeline.

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