15 Creepy Photos Captured By Drivers At Night

A wise woman once said, “The night is dark and full of terrors.” That person was Melisandre in Game of Thrones, in a chant to call upon the Lord of Light, but it could easily apply to real life. If you’re driving alone at night, here are some things you should avoid: fog, trees, backroads, dirt roads, single lamplights, unlit roads, forks in the road, ghost women, silhouettes on the side of the road, clowns. Most of those probably go without saying, while others might be unavoidable.

The point is that nighttime can be frightening for a driver. We’ve all seen too many scary movies, and when the lighting is just bad enough, and the fog rolls in, and it’s four in the morning . . . that’s when the goosebumps start to rise. Things happen at night that simply can’t be explained by logic. There are also people who prey on people’s fears of night driving, and there’s a special place in hell for them.

For now, stay safe, and check out these 15 creepy photos that drivers snapped at night.

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15 The Cursed Friends

via Reddit

This would be pretty unnerving to see on your nightly commute home: a squad of four ghostly kids (little people?) hanging out near the side of the road. They almost look like scarecrows, or maybe scarepeoples, since that’s what they’re doing. Whatever they are, they’re clearly not human, so it’s best to avoid what this driver is calling “the Cursed Friends.” (via Reddit.com.)

14 Haunted Hitchhiker

via Bluestonesone

Granted, this could just be a regular photo of someone walking down the street at night, but the way it’s framed makes it much scarier than it otherwise might be. With the silhouetted figure slowly ambling underneath the streetlights (aren’t there way too many of them?) on a slightly foggy night, it would be easy to lose your nerve after spotting something like this.

13 Trees Make Everything Worse

via EaseMyTrip

It certainly doesn’t help that this picture is in black and white, which is the prototypical color scheme for all things scary. The way the road winds, surrounded close on the edges by gnarled, twisted trees, makes this quite the eerie photo. And the way the road sort of goes on forever, into the fog, doesn’t make things any better.

12 Girl In White

via The Occult Museum

NOPE! We all know how this movie ends. If you’re ever on the New Jersey Shades of Death Road (great name to give drivers confidence, by the way), and you see a little girl dressed in white standing in the center of the road, it’s probably too late for you. But if you can, you’d better U-turn and hightail it out of there, and then go home and stay awake for the next three days because you’re worried she followed you home.

11 Chennai’s Urban Legends

via Thehindu

Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. People who visit here during the Halloween season like to bask in the creepy spirit that seems to permeate this place. This is a pretty mundane photo, made creepier by the streetlight highlighting the willow tree that seems to be creeping over that wall. You can imagine it only gets worse as you travel further down the road.

10 Ahmedabad Is All Bad

via Pandareviewz

Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat, India. While it’s home to some beautiful bridges and waterways that look like they belong on Game of Thrones, it’s also home to roads like this. Anytime you’re in a completely unlit highway, with trees surrounding you on all sides and only your high beams to give you solace, you know you’re in a bad spot. You can practically see the ghosts at the fringes of this driver’s headlights.

9 London At Night

via 500px

Edo Zollo is a photographer who is renowned for capturing the dramatically transformed life of London after the sun goes down. This is a real drive-by picture, which looks completely dramatic and movie-like thanks to the lighting, the shadowy figure, the half-lit stairs, and the “Office & Artists Entrance” sign above the person. That being said, it’s probably a totally harmless photo—but it sure looks eerie!

8 Smoke Break

via 500px

This is another photo taken by Edo Zollo, of a nightworker enjoying a smoke break in the creepiest nook you could imagine. Again, the lighting of this photo is what makes it scary, in an otherwise mundane picture. It doesn’t help that this person has seemingly about 10 square feet of lamplight before the ghosts and bad people converge.

7 Road Block

via Autoblog

Dashcam footage here captured a frightening moment when a motorist was stopped in what first appeared to be a potential robber set-up on the New Jersey Turnpike. It turned out to be tow stranded motorists’ ridiculously stupid call for help. In this grainy photo, with the orange cones blocking the way and only the sight of two legs coming into the light, you can see why the driver would want to get out of there in a hurry.

6 Men In Black

via YouTube/Albinator

Another grainy photo that only makes things worse, this is the epitome of someone’s worst nightmare when they’re traveling on a lonely dark road at night (except maybe the little girl in the center of the road). Imagine minding your business when suddenly a pack of wild lawyers bombards you—looking otherworldly. Truly a frightening sight!  You’d totally be in your rights to run them all over (just kidding).

5 Silent Hill

via Reddit

One Redditor posted about the topic of creepy roads, saying that this is his daily commute. It’s a foggy road in County Offaly, Ireland. Another Redditor immediately posted asking if this person lives in Silent Hill, to which the original poster said, “Definitely feels like I do sometimes!” There isn’t anything specifically creepy together, but taken altogether—the rickety fences, foggy trees, crows on the slumping telephone wire—it’s pretty spooky.

4 Only In Florida

via Backpackverse

Florida has a reputation for having all the crazies. It’s a running gag that when Americans hear a story of outlandish proportions, their first guess is, “That had to have happened in Florida.” Well, this night shot taken on a spooky dirt road in South Florida might give the state a new reputation. The abandoned, covered car sure seems to be hiding something behind it, and the single spooky lamplight only adds to the creepy factor.

3 Crown Purge Craze

via DailyMail

That’s a whole lot of nope in one picture. For many people, clowns are the personification of scariness. In Australia, the “Clown Purge” craze is on high alert after costumed creeps dressed as clowns started menacing drivers by simply standing on the side of the road looking scary as all get out. Vigilantes had had enough of this and started lashing out at the clowns with machetes.

2 Poor Teddy Bear

via Boredomtherapy

Here is another photo that simply can’t be explained. A driver passing by this house on a dark, foggy night, came upon a mailbox with a tied up teddy bear seated next to it. Who knows what the teddy bear signifies, why it’s tied up, and what it all means, but if you ever see this in person, don’t stick around long enough to find out the details!

1 Karak Highway

via Steemit

While this might be a Photoshop job of an upcoming tunnel, it’s a fair warning to those traveling the Karak Highway, an infamously haunted stretch of road in Malaysia. There are legends and folklore of tragic events surrounding this road, including sightings of a demonic creature, a mysterious yellow Volkswagen bug, and a bloody kid.

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