15 Photos Dr. Phil Doesn’t Want Us To See Of The Cash Me Outside Girl

During the fall of 2016, everything changed for the teen sensation during an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show. Upset at an audience member for laughing, she uttered the iconic line, “catch me outside girl, how about that.” As they say, the rest is pretty much history. Bregoli would go on to enjoy viral fame whether it be through more controversial antics or her rap career.

Dr. Phil wants to take absolutely no credit for her success, especially given all the controversies attached to her behavior since the show. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most forgettable pics since her time on the program. Surely, Dr. Phil doesn’t want us to see any of these.

Enjoy the article folks, let’s get started!

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15 Plane Controversy

via Pinterest

Since her appearance on the Dr. Phil show, it is common knowledge that Danielle has a short-fuse. It was put to the test yet again, this time on a flight out of LAX.

Things got heated when a passenger lashed out on Bregoli’s mother for taking too long in the aisle while putting her bag away. It ended in a confrontation that saw both Danielle and her mother kicked off the plane.

14 Merchandise Battles

via TMZ

Following her appearance on the Dr. Phil show, not only would her popularity skyrocket but we can say the same for her bank account. She would plaster her face all over merchandise.

However, not every company was all that thrilled with this. She hit a nerve with the popular company Champion, the catch me outside writing on some of the merchandise seemed a little too similar to the brand’s logo.

13 Rap Fame

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This might be the last thing Dr. Phil wanted, to launch her career as a rap star. Just take a look at some of the lyrics in those songs and you’ll quickly understand why...

Nonetheless, she signed with manager Adam Kluger back in 2017 – the decision to sign Bhad Bhabie was met with lots of controversy given her age and status at the time. Nonetheless, she released her first single in the summer of 2017.

12 Rehab

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During her days on Dr. Phil, Bregoli was shipped off to a ranch in isolation as the show attempted to change her aggressive and dark way from the past.

To Dr. Phil’s credit, the treatment did work, at least briefly. Such pictures gave us hope as she is all smiles enjoying the simple things in life – though as we know by now, the fix was a short-term one.

11 Older Mystery Guy

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She made the headlines with a couple of different boys, however, this particular instance had everyone scratching their heads given that the dude looked a lot older while Bregoli is still a minor today.

Nonetheless, photos of the two showed the former couple looking quite close and cuddly at the airport.

10 Woah Vicky Fight

via YouTube

She literally caught another IG star outside... Surely, Dr. Phil might’ve been rolling his eyes at this story, one tabloids like TMZ were all over.

Bregoli had some past beef with IG star Woah Vicky. She decided to settle the problem at a mall surrounded by onlookers. Of course, several videos of the incident were posted online which would only add to her fame.

9 Trouble With The Law

via YouTube

Her post-Dr. Phil life would lead to several legal battles in the courtroom. The photo above shows us a picture of Bregoli during her darkest time. She was taken in twice on different charges.

One of them was banned substance related while the other was because of an altercation with her mother that turned heated.

8 More Feuding

via TMZ

TMZ cameras caught Bregoli following this incident, given past beef, she confronted Iggy Azalea at Cardi B’s party. The result, a drink thrown in Iggy’s face by you guessed it, the catch me outside girl.

According to her Twitter, Iggy was none too pleased, “I’m not going to be scrambling around on the floor for a fifteen-year-old girl on the Internet. I don’t know I think that stuff is lame as hell, but maybe it’s because I’m a grown-up.”

7 IG Fame

via IG

He might not want to admit this, but Dr. Phil is the reason for her success and popularity nowadays. The controversial teen continues her rise to fame. On platforms like IG, she has a following of over 16 million fans if you can believe.

Given some of the content on the page, Dr. Phil would rather turn a blind eye.

6 Fashion Nova

via IG

That’s right Dr. Phil, you also launched Bregoli to fame with some of the most popular brands out there like Fashion Nova.

Danielle recently posted a picture from a shoot with the brand. Who knows, this might also end up in her own line similar to some of her close pals like Cardi B.

5 Candid In Court

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Back in the summer of 2017, Bregoli’s name returned to the headlines, this time for her court sentence. She pled guilty to four charges as a 14-year-old... yikes.

The sentence, five years of probation. Among the charges also included grand theft... Not her best day that’s for darn sure – though clearly, the charges really didn’t slow down her behavior.

4 Feuding With Kylie

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Adding to her hit list, Bregoli also took more than a couple of shots at Kylie Jenner, that includes some harsh statements made in a certain music video.

A big reason for the rivalry also has to do with Travis Scott, according to TMZ, Bregoli is a big fan of the rap star.

3 Copycat Beauty

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Whether he acknowledges it or not, Dr. Phil turned Bregoli into a millionaire. Yes, she made lots of money for her rap career and clothing line, though her recent deal with Copycat Beauty put her on the top tier.

According to Allure, the endorsement deal has a worth of over $900,000. Not bad for a girl that barely 16...

2 Smiling In Court

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Going to court is never a good thing – Bregoli didn’t get that memo in the picture above, one that likely drove Dr. Phil a bit crazy.

To her credit, she took things a lot more seriously during the verdict which was a five-year probation sentence based on multiple charges.

1 Viral Fame On The Show

via YouTube

She became an overnight legend for her, “catch me outside girl, how about that” quote on the Dr. Phil show.

However, based on his interview with the Joe Rogan podcast, Dr. Phil doesn’t want any credit for her rise to fame, “this phrase that got turned into whatever a meme or whatever they call it, it just went crazy and she was nominated for a Grammy or something. I’m serious. So I take no credit or blame, you know, I just did what I could and haven’t seen her since.”

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