18 Photos Every Guy Needs To See Of Female Drivers Stuck Off The Road

Getting stuck off road is an easy thing to do, especially if you've never had any kind of experience off the road before. Indeed, even the best of the best off-roaders, those who do it for living or for competition, find themselves in compromising scenarios where they need a tow to get out. It happens to the best of us, but it tends to happen more to those with less experience, or know how as to reading the terrain properly.

This concept of having the right machine can be stretched to all kinds of extremes, with some outrageous off-road builds built all in the name of better off-road performance. But, the fact is, plain and simple, that a few basic components will get you almost anywhere, and it is truly surprising just how far that Toyota Camry will go if it has the right driver. In any case, let's take a look at 18 photos every guy needs to see of female drivers stuck off the road.

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18 Flooring It Won't Help

via carstuckgirls.com

Sand is the kind of terrain that shouldn't be taken lightly. It may seem simple and easy to drive across because it's flat and doesn't really usually have many obstacles to navigate. But, it's one of the hardest terrains, because it's soft, and traction is a huge issue.

17 Hook It Up And Tow It

via picssr.com

Fording a river in a car is a pretty dangerous and risky thing to do. The mud could be too soft, there could be rocks to bottom out on, the floor could drop out suddenly and flood the engine. In this case, it looks like they've just lost all traction and need the hook up to get out, towed by a fellow off-roader on the shoreline. Hopefully, they've learned their lesson.

16 Just Another Day

via topsimages.com

This girl seems like she knows what she's doing, she looks calm, collected, and not panicking as her off-roader gets in trouble with the deep mud and water and slows to a stop, back wheel spinning as it loses all traction. If she doesn't panic, she might be able to even get herself unstuck, but the likelihood is that she'll have to get towed.

15 Keep Pushing

via carstuckgirls.com

Off-roading is most definitely best done in a vehicle that has specifically been designed for off-roading, has the appropriate mechanical features that allow for terrain navigation and such. The likelihood of getting stuck does drop dramatically.

14 Like Pushing Will Help

via madmanmovies.com

Taking the wrong car to the wrong place usually ends up in a complete mess, to the point that the best thing to do is just call a tow truck and bite the bullet. Try as you might, getting out of certain scenarios just isn't possible.

13 Not Sure Where To Go

via jeepforum.com

Though she seems to be trying hard to find a way to get unstuck, this woman might just need a big tow, some help to get out of her current predicament. But it does look like she knows her way around a Jeep, and that's pretty sweet. Not sure where to go, she might need to accept defeat.

12 Opening The Door Won't Help

via torontomustangclub.com

The idea of opening the door to get unstuck is one that has a fair amount of use, as it might be able to help you see things a little bit better, but at the same time, the act of opening the door won't help in and of itself. It takes more than just seeing your tire spinning to get unstuck.

11 Push Harder

via forums.vwvortex.com

Just like these two girls have found out to be the case, they were driving a snowy back road in their beamer and realized they lost all traction, and they were stuck. In this scenario, rocking the car might just get it unstuck, so she should just push a little harder and they'll be on their way.

10 Quickly Stuck With That Car

via yandex.com

The Mazda MX-5, otherwise known as the Miata, is one of the best budget sports car coupe convertibles that you can get. It has great performance, great handling, and has perfect weight distribution. But, it's designed for on the road performance, and so, to take it on a snowy back road would entail the potential danger of getting stuck.

9 Maximum Power

via dodgeforum.com

This girl is seriously giving it the juice, flooring her 500 horsepower Dodge Challenger engine, feeding it maximum power, all to those back two wheels. They're clearly spinning free, with no traction. It takes rocking and a featherweight on the throttle to get free of this kind of situation.

8 Really In A Bad Spot

via YouTube

This girl looks completely stuck, has no idea what to do, exacerbated by the scenario. It looks like her hood is up too, which means that it's more than just a flat. That's a big bummer, and she's really in a bad spot. Hopefully, she can call for help.

7 Careful, Don't Run Her Over

via carstuckgirls.com

The girl outside the Jeep looks slightly panicked as her friend is flooring it to try and get out of this deep mud pit they are stuck in. It looks like her leg is stuck in the mud, and she's having a hard time getting it out.

6 So Stuck It Isn't Funny

via twitter.com

This girl seems to be quite stuck, even to the point that she got herself marooned against a massive shrubbery. The mud is spewing up from the back wheels as she vigorously tries to reverse herself out of the scenario. If she is careful she might be able to liberate herself, but if she overdoes it she might get even more stuck, hopelessly so.

5 Too Soon To Go Into The Mud Flats

via pinterest.com

These mudflats seem like they are drying up quite quickly in the summer heat and baking sun. Most of the terrain around this poor woman whose car is completely stuck in thick mud looks quite dry, baked by the sun and crispy.

4 Too Deep To Drive In

via autozeitung.de

These two girls made a mistake when their off-roader was driven nose first into a deep mud pit that's hopeless to navigate through. It's probably a good thing they're wearing those shorts, as their clothes won't be getting muddy. But that's probably the least of their worries in this scenario, with an entire car stuck.

3 Bit Too Deep

via pinterest.com

Mud is one of the trickiest of all the terrain types to have to navigate while in an off-road vehicle. It's hard to know just which way to go, if it is too deep, if it's sticky and if there are any obstacles hidden beneath the surface of the mud.

2 Don't Bottom Out

via medium.com

Sometimes mud isn't too deep, sometimes it's just too slippery. If there isn't any friction, it doesn't matter what kind of car you have, it doesn't matter how good of a car it is off the road, it won't help any if you don't have a solid amount of contact. So flooring it seems like it may be the best option, but it often leads to bottoming out, which takes more weight off the tires, further lowering traction ability.

1 Getting Unstuck Is The Issue

It's always really easy to get into a tight spot, but getting out, needing a tow to pull out is often the only solution to getting out of a tight spot. With an off-road vehicle, it's always easy to be overconfident, thinking you can just go anywhere. This girl seems to have not only gotten her truck stuck, but the hood is up, meaning she probably overheated it too.

Sources: Car Stuck Girls, Yandex & Jeep Forum

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