20 Photos Liam Hemsworth Doesn't Want Us To See Of Miley Cyrus

Miley and Liam are officially broken up. After about a decade on and off, then married, the famous duo is done. Sad for them that they couldn’t make it through, but they are both young and have their whole lives ahead of them. Guess they figured they gave it a good run, and if it wasn’t going to work out they should let one another go.

We all know how wild Miley can be, especially when compared to her ex. He seems far more mellow, while she’s a free spirit with lots of lust for life and all it brings. Perhaps their “opposites attract” dynamic just wasn’t the glue to hold them together forever.

These 20 pics of Miley are sure to cause a stir. Now that Liam is no longer there to have any say in what she does, he may not want anyone seeing these photos. Miley has no shame to her game, but Liam is more reserved. Check out these pics and get a glimpse of Miley in all her glory.

20 Back On The Dating Scene

Via: vogue.com

After her shocking split from Liam, Miley was seen out and about with a gal pal. She and the blonde beauty are reportedly an item, meaning that Miley’s moved on and left Liam in the dust.

Who knows if this is just a rebound relationship or something more serious, but for now, the ladies are living it up.

19 Raunchy Rocker

Via: rollingstone.com

When Miley is on stage singing, she transforms into a showstopping celeb with all eyes on her. She gives the crowd their money’s worth when she grabs the mic and moves and shakes.

Liam may have formerly enjoyed seeing her performances, but now he’s staying home while she’s selling out stadiums.

18 Learning The Ropes

Via: time.com

Miley is always changing up her look, and in this case, she has rope buns just because. We’ve seen her sport long hair, short hair, and everything in between, so now she decided that ropes would be something cool to get crafty with.

Teen girls everywhere are trying the trend.

17 A Lick For Liam

Via: radaronline.com

Most couples pose for the camera in a way that’s not quite this unusual, but Miley is never one to follow the rules. She’s giving her man a lick on his collar, but he’s acting like everything’s perfectly normal.

After being with Miley all this time, a little lick is nothing to go nuts over anyway.

16 Making Faces With Madonna

Via: mirror.co.uk

Madonna is the perfect match for Miley. Both love to give the crowd something to cheer about, so the pair up is a publicity dream come true.

They are great performers and perhaps friends, so sharing the stage should come naturally. Maybe they’ll work on an album together in the future.

15 Gaudy Getup

Via: radaronline.com

Nobody expects Miley to step out in something everyone has. Her style sense is unique, so she chooses clothing that speaks to her spirit. She may look odd to some – even Liam – but her fashion-forward flair won’t be held back…even by an ex-husband.

Fans love her look, so she’s got plenty of people cheering on her wardrobe.

14 Sequin Style

Via: esquire.com

Apparently, Miley wants to shine. In this glittery ensemble, the singer is lit up like a full moon, with tons of sequins and sparkle.

She’s as over-the-top as ever, from her purple hair to her tight black pants. Liam may not find this sort of outfit amusing, but Miley is cool and confident.

13 Shouting Singer

Via: nbcwashington.com

Miley will be the first to admit that she’s got a big mouth, and this pic proves it quite literally. She may be mid-sentence or even shouting something crude, but sometimes a little peace and quiet go a long way.

Maybe her talkative nature didn’t jive with Liam’s love for the “less-is-more” mentality. Then again, perhaps she’s simply yawning.

12 Tender Throwback

Via: waterfordwhispersnews.com

We often forget that there was a time when a younger Miley was an up-and-coming talent. This pic is precious, and Miley looks innocent and sweet.

Fast forward to today, and the Miley we know is nothing like this fresh-faced girl. Maybe Liam wishes she could be a tad more tender as an adult.

11 Burger Biter

Via: plantbasednews.org

There may not be any meat in that “Impossible” burger, but Miley is enjoying it with all her might. She’s digging into the hearty helping, with her eyes closed and her mouth-watering.

She seems to be fully enjoying her meal, perhaps even more than her marriage. If only Liam were as juicy.

10 Puckering Up For Piglet

Via: livekindly.com

That tiny pig is super cute, and Miley simply adores him, starting with his small snout. She’s kissing him tenderly, proving that mini pigs make for perfect pets. Most folks have cats or dogs, but Miley is making room for all sorts of creatures in her life.

These days, she’ll have room to adopt another since Liam’s out of the picture.

9 Stage Slide

Via: nbcnews.com

Miley is rocking the stage as she slides in her seductive and smooth way. Her outfit is amazing, and her hair is flying with wild abandon. She’s showing the audience a good time, and they love her stage presence as much as her songs.

Liam won’t be backstage to wish her luck anymore, but it looks like she doesn’t need it.

8 A Boatload Of Bling

Via: wmagazine.com

As if we didn’t know it already, Miley is loaded. All this bling proves that she’s got big bucks in her bank account, and she’s apparently not afraid to flaunt it.

Most people don’t wear all their jewelry in the pool, but Miley’s got a mind of her own. This batch is probably only half of what she owns.

7 Hair Mishap

Via: radaronline.com

Back when they were together, Liam and Miley vacationed as a duo. Here they are at the airport, and Miley is looking at her man with adoring eyes. Too bad her hair is in the way, but that won’t stop her from staring.

He’s keeping his cool by wearing shades, but the paparazzi could spot these two from a mile away.

6 Real-Life Rainbow

Via: independent.co.uk

Miley is a colorful character, and this rainbow costume embodies her true nature. She’s a free spirit and loves to light up the room, so this look is just perfect for the performer.

Of course, Miley never misses an opportunity to stick out her tongue, but in this outfit, things couldn’t get much odder anyhow.

5 Spiky Style

Via: independent.co.uk

Miley had short hair for a while, and she’d play around with different ‘dos depending on her overall look. This spiky creation is certainly different, giving her an edgy vibe that turned heads.

She sometimes goes for a softer look, but this style stole the show. A good shampoo was definitely a must.

4 Bearded Beauty

Via: ew.com

Is it Miley, or a man? Here Miley is undercover, perhaps pretending to be a dude to prank someone unsuspecting. She may have fooled them, but it’s hard not to notice that it’s Miley under that beard.

Did Liam think this was funny or freaky? Miley surely seemed to have fun with the experiment.

3 Balloon Bust

Via: dailycampus.com

Miley never misses a chance to wear something super silly. She is all smiles in her hot pink outfit, complete with balloons on her breasts.

She has a pig snout on her head with ears to match, but somehow she can pull this off without being booed offstage. Her fans never falter.

2 Tons Of Tats

Via: vanityfair.com

Miley is showing off an armful of tattoos, all rather delicate and well done. She has plenty of room to add more if she so chooses, but it seems like she’s leaving space for future ink when the time is right.

Let’s hope she never tattooed Liam’s name on her body, as that would be awkward for her next romantic partner.

1 Odd Outfit

Via: sheknows.com

Miley is flashing the peace sign and putting her whole heart out there. She’s always comfortable when she’s wearing something weird, and this outfit is a prime example of such.

She’s single now, so her style doesn’t have to be subjected to Liam’s acceptance. He probably had no say in the matter anyway.

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