20 Hilarious Photos Of Lowered Cars That Got Stuck

Cars with lowered suspensions are extremely popular with Instagram users where they don’t have to deal with speed bumps, potholes and steep driveways like the rest of us who live in the real world. Putting 20 inch wheels with stretched tires on a car running negative camber may win you plenty of internet points, but those can’t be used to replace your exhaust which you just ripped off reversing out of your grandma's driveway for the fourth time this year.

Lowering a car on coil-overs is fine, but as with most things in life this can be taken way too far and what you may see as an expression of your attitude ultimately ruins your car. Reducing the driveability of your vehicle is just plain uncool and we see this in the following photos of people getting stuck on speedbumps, drains and even flowers.

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20 Hellastuck

via jalopnik.com

People with stanced cars naturally tend to have a lot of friends. They need them to help them get over speed bumps, as you can see above. If you really have to live the low life it’s well worth fitting air suspension because if you own a stanced car your handling is ruined anyway, and it won’t leave you stuck in embarrassing situations.

19 The New Model Toyota Lawnmower

via carthrottle.com

We bet you didn’t know that if you have a lowered Toyota 86 and a front splitter, you can make money cutting people’s grass in your free time. It’s always amusing to see a lowered car stuck on speed humps but when they get caught up in the grass, it’s downright hilarious.

18 Let Down By A Pickup

via carfailures.com

When you’re lowering a car there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. The absolute wrong way to do it is by heating the springs which weakens them. An even bigger mistake to make is to load up weight onto springs that have been heated, leading to the result that is shown above.

17 Snow Good Miata

via autoevolution.com

This stanced Miata was acquired as a joke by Rob Ferretti who spends a lot of his time on his YouTube channel complaining about useless car mods such as these. Rob decided to see how the ground scraping car would cope in the snow, which as you can see, didn’t end well.

16 Self-Awareness Check

via youtube.com

A familiar technique amongst owners of slammed cars is to use boards under the wheels in an attempt to unbeach themselves. Often cars will get stuck in the middle on speed bumps, leaving either the wheels dangling in the air and making no contact with the ground, rendering them useless. Wonder if the guy in the Camber Gang senses the irony of this photo?

15 Lowlife Problems

via izismile.com

The byproduct of driving a slammed car and getting stuck or scraping on everything in your path is that eventually body panels give out. These types of problems can be repaired but it’s expensive, difficult and reduces the overall vehicles structural integrity. If you’re lowering a car, clearance should be the bare minimum concern.

14 Be Patient, I'm Lowered

via blog.modbargains.com

Out of all the cars that could be lowered, the already lower than average Mazda Miata seems to be a favorite. This is usually accompanied by a massive front sticker with the owners Instagram tag so everyone can tag them in their photos when they get stuck on speed bumps.

13 Instant Weight Reduction

via steemit.com

This S13 isn’t exactly stuck but the driver paid a high price for not driving with his eyes glued to the road by ripping off the rear bumper on the slightest of inclines. This demonstrates just how painful it is to drive an excessively lowered car, and the reason that most car enthusiasts only do it once.

12 How To Ruin A Car Instantly

via youtube.com

There’s really nothing dumber than taking a sports car known for its handling, lowering it into the ground and giving it the ground clearance of a lawnmower. As you can see, even a simple task like leaving a driveway becomes a two-person job and body panels are constantly needing to be replaced.

11 Stance Makes You Stuck

via jalopnik.com

When this gif was posted on Twitter, it had people lining up to relay their disgust to the poster about what the owner had done to an iconic JDM car and how it was defeated by an intersection. Lowering a car is one thing, but completely stancing it out so it can’t be driven anywhere really makes you wonder.

10 Stuck In A Drain

via bangshift.com

The owner of this lowered car was probably sweating bullets of relief when their front wheels got over the speed hump, only to be trapped by the drain immediately after. It’s a situation that people who lower their cars don’t consider until it’s happened but in this case, they’re lucky to have access to some wooden planks to get the car unstuck.

9 Lowlife

via communitynews.com.au

This lowrider presented a compelling mystery when it was seemingly abandoned after being stuck on a speed hump. A local resident described hearing a loud scraping sound around 5:30 am but dismissed it as roadworks. Eventually the council removed the car around 2 pm after it spent 6 hours blocking the carpark entrance.

8 Beached As

via youtube.com

When a lowered car gets stuck, the situation shown above is far more common. Instead of rushing in with boards and trying to push the car off the speed hump, people stand around streaming or recording it. You can hardly blame them as most people enjoy laughing at others mistakes and bad life choices.

7 Stance Life International

vai pistonclasico.com

You can see that lowering a car into the ground then getting it stuck on a speed bump is not limited to any particular culture or nationality. The owner of this car probably though he was safe because of this humps gentle incline but he has suffered the same fate of others before him, relying on bystanders to rescue him.

6 One New Front Bumper Please

via bridjit.com

When you eventually decide to lower your car, it’s essential to do up a detailed budget including how often you expect to replace front bumpers, front lips and front splitters. These parts always suffer the abuse from lowered car owners the most and as such, frequently needing to be replaced.

5 Foiled By Flat Ground

via thewikihow.com

Here we see another lowered Miata fall victim to an almost completely flat piece of road. Once you hear that scraping sound there is a bit of an art to knowing when you’re about to tear off vital components such as the exhaust. Lowered car owners tend to wear this as a badge of honor.

4 Supercar Problems

via stargate-rasa.info

The problem of steep driveways isn’t strictly limited to stanced cars. Supercars from Italy who naturally have a low stance can also encounter issues. When you’re dealing with parts that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace, the problem can get expensive, very quickly. Modern supercars often have front lift kits to negate these issues.

3 Because Race Car

via carthrottle.com

It’s easy to make fun of lowered car owners but when they put fake racecar stickers on their doors and can’t drive onto a driveway because their car got stuck on some flowers they’re really giving you a green light. Let’s face it, there is a very good reason why racecars are usually transported to the track instead of driven.

2 Guess I'll Park Here

via reddit.com

You know you’ve probably made some poor life choices when your car gets stuck on a brick road. This unfortunate situation came about as a result of lowering and stance. The owner has found themselves in a precarious position, unable to go forward or backward without damaging and scraping body parts.

1 Lowlife? No! Snowlife!

via youtube.com

As you can see, driving an extremely lowered car is really a summer sport. The owner of this car is running F&F Type 2 adjustable coilovers in his suspension, which admittedly is a decent bit of gear. However not wanting to wait until summer, they turned their car into a snow plow.

Sources: Car Throttle, Reddit and Jalopnik.

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