18 Compromising Photos Of Motorcycle Riders On The Road

Everyone makes mistakes, though the consequences of even a tiny mistake can be compounded depending on the given situation. Driving a car and forgetting to put on a seatbelt is a mistake, though the percentages are strong that on any given day, things won't go south.

However, mistakes made in high-pressure environments often have a way of ballooning out of control—and, unfortunately, humans tend to make more mistakes in high-pressure environments. For motorcyclists, every trip out on the roads and highways risks life and limb, so avoiding bad decisions becomes, literally and figuratively, a life-and-death matter.

The risky nature of motorcycling is what makes it so much fun for many riders, though, and even riders who start out smart can end up making some pretty bad judgment calls. Keep scrolling for 18 motorcyclists who have put themselves in highly compromising situations.

18 Not So Smart

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Most motorcyclists wear plenty of protective gear and drive with a healthy sense of danger when they're on their bikes. Some, on the other hand, have no respect for the size of the cars around them nor for the danger that they pose to their own bodies. This dude is doing a front wheelie—known as a "stoppie" in certain crowds—without leathers or a helmet.

17 Off-Roading

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While this motorcyclist isn't technically in a compromising situation on the road, she's definitely taken an unusual approach to off-roading. Just consider all that sand flying everywhere and how it must feel to blast around at top speed. The boots probably help a bit but all that exposed skin has to be pretty painful at the end of the day.

16 The Whole Fam

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Riding a motorcycle with one passenger can be dangerous, especially if that passenger is a person with terrible balance, no experience, or is a child. Just imagine how risky riding with six people on one bike would be—now multiply it by the count of four children, including one toddler that's hanging on completely to one side.

15 Thumbs Up

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To people who consider themselves "real" bikers, squids are reckless know-it-alls who pose a threat to themselves and everyone else on the road around them. This biker, however, falls into a category all to himself. He's got a thick jacket on that suggests cold weather, but his choice of legwear remains, if anything, quite questionable.

14 Man's Best Friend

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Anyone who has driven with a dog in the front seat of their car knows that it's probably just about as dangerous as texting behind the wheel. Those little friends can't choose whether they want to sit on the floor, in the back seat, on the armrest, or in the driver's lap. This pup, though, has climbed aboard and seems to be enjoying the wind in his snout—even if his owner is one of the most reckless squids in the world.

13 Onward and Upward

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Typically, squidly behavior comes atop a sportbike that's got enormous exhaust and ridiculous decals. This stunt rider, though, is scuffing up the seat and tank of his pristine Triumph cafe racer, all so he can get a sweet adrenaline buzz going while risking his life to pull off a sweet pose.

12 Permit Granted

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The choice of attire becomes a part of every motorcycle rider's personality. Guys on Harleys tend to like their leather vests, as if they came straight from Sons of Anarchy, while sport bike riders go with full-body protection because they think they ride oh-so-fast. This rider, though, covered up only her hands and feet with protective gear.

11 What Do You Call That?

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Popping wheelies in traffic is one way that squids make sure to prove to the world that they're out for attention and thrill-seeking. This dynamic duo has taken things to a new level, though, as the blonde reclines back on the pillion and the driver stays upright as he pops a huge wheelie. Just imagine if that blonde hair gets caught in the wheel, though.

10 Bad Lady

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Some internet personalities have become famous for their ridiculous motorcycling in recent years. Of course, as with anything on the internet, showing a little skin is the perfect recipe for earning likes and follows. The danger factor plays into getting attention, to be certain, but the lack of protective gear only ups the sense of potential catastrophe.

9 Oh Yeah

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On a hot day, riding a motorcycle while all wrapped up in a helmet, thick leather jacket, thick leather pants, boots, gloves, and more must get pretty uncomfortable. It doesn't help that most biker gear comes in black or slightly darker black, either. This Yamaha owner went the other route, though it seems silly that the only tiny piece of clothing he still has on is also black.

8 Scenic Views

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The quintessential image of a motorcyclist is a beefy guy with dirty hair, a leather vest, and a huge Harley. This picture proves that there are plenty of riders out there that are exactly the opposite of the stereotypical biker. And what could be better than cruising a beautiful mountain day behind a red Ducati?

7 Look At Me Now

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Motorcyclists aren't technically allowed to split lanes on every road in every region where there are roads. This guy, however, is probably going to get all kinds of unwanted attention should the authorities catch him popping wheelies and staring needles into every driver he passes. On the other hand, in traffic like this, few cars will be able to catch him.

6 School's Out

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Motorcycles present all kinds of risks that simply don't exist for people who ride in normal cars and trucks. One such factor is the heat of the exhaust pipe and engine components, which are typically warm enough to cause some pretty serious burns. While this is also true of normal cars and trucks, few people wear miniskirts and crawl around under the hood.

5 Selfie Stick

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Motorcycles can take canyon carving to the next level, at least for riders with the skill, nerves, and experience to truly lean into fast, tight turns. For most people, going fast on a motorcycle would be thrill enough; these maniacs clearly have the need for speed and while their protective gear looks solid, the selfie stick choice never is.

4 Healthy Selfie

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At least this is a safer selfie—only slightly, however. Yoga pants have changed the global wardrobe and arguably, the global economy. However, they don't make for the ideal motorcycling apparel. The unwise choice to wear white yoga pants, a bold move even in the tamest of environments, is compounded by the unwise choice to catch a few selfies on the back of a motorcycle.

3 Not Your Mama's Mario Kart

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Princess Peach has become a sort of internet sensation. The Mario Kart character, even without the enhancements that most fan art online adds on, has nothing on this unique biker. Hopefully, this is a costume for a parade, because driving a motorcycle in this Mario Kart costume makes hitting a banana peel extremely risky.

2 Bring It

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Riding a motorbike safely requires concentration and balance, the latter of which is less crucial for driving a car or truck. In both worlds, just like in sports, good decision-making is a must. Paying attention to a screaming toddler or a text message can go badly behind the wheel, popping a wheelie can go badly in any situation, especially while doing the splits.

1 Dichotomy

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At the very least, the driver of this motorbike is dressed responsibly. He's got thick leathers with protective cladding and a helmet—even though his attitude, as evidenced by the plentiful Monster decals, is probably less than ideal. The hilarious part is that a lady in a tank top, short jorts, and knee-high heels on his back also wearing a helmet.

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