15 Photos NASCAR Doesn’t Want Us To See Of Natalie Decker

Decker sacrificed a lot during her youth, she took to racing at the age of nine and by twelve, she was already driving stock cars. As she continues to climb the ladder, folks continue to compare her to Danica Patrick. Decker doesn’t feel pressure given this comparison and we’ll elaborate as to why during the article.

Another comparable to Danica is the steamy photos available of Decker whether it be via a photoshoot or IG with her near 100K followers. Her car-related features seem to be used as props in these photos, that likely drives NASCAR mad – as do a lot of these pictures in the list below. Along with steamy pics, we’ll also include some of her tougher moments on the circuit.

Enjoy folks, let’s get started!

15 Stretching Out

via IG

Okay, let’s put those not so PG thoughts on the side for a moment and appreciate Decker’s flexibility. Perhaps she’s reading Danica Patrick’s playbook who’s a yogi herself in her own right.

Staying loose and as flexible as possible should be mandatory for racecar drivers given the stiffness felt during arduous races.

14 Tossing Boyd’s Hat

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This incident took place only days ago. We appreciate Decker’s intensity; though throwing the guy’s hat seems a little underwhelming. Anyone else wishes she would have thrown a jab below the belt, WWE style... Okay, no, just us then.

Decker was none too pleased after her crash blaming it on Boyd.

13 Sitting On The Helmet

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We’re reminded of Danica’s SI photoshoot, the one where she’s missing half her clothing while still hanging on to her helmet...

Now, this photo is a lot more PG but still, NASCAR would rather the helmet on a racer's head and not on the floor as a prop for a photoshoot.

12 Class & Tires

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Once again, the NASCAR related stuff serves more as a prop than anything else. That seems to be the theme with Natalie Decker – taking steamy shots with some type of car-related items hanging in the back – if only as a reminder that she drives fast cars for a living.

Basically reminds us of Danica Patrick during her days with SI and commercials alongside Go Daddy.

11 IG Gone Wild

via IG

Only 22, Decker already has an immense following via IG of a near 100 K followers. That’s a number most of us dream about and it’ll only get greater with her rise to fame on the constant upswing.

She’ll also gain a lot more followers with such posts – although she’s trying to send a positive message, some onlookers have other things in mind...

10 More Handstands

via IG

She’s working two of her passions in one picture, however, some onlookers might be thinking about another passion, their love for yoga attire.

Decker has more than a few attires, we’ll say that some are even of the not so PG nature but it isn’t her fault that she’s that darn fit!

9 Easter Bunny

via IG

Yup, we know what some of you might be thinking, Decker might be a fit for a certain steamy magazine given those bunny ears... Danica didn’t fall into the trap, though she took off a heck of a lot for the likes of Sports Illustrated.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Decker and the way she handles herself with these types of opportunities.

8 Fitness Time

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Don’t sleep on fitness and NASCAR, this is starting to become a theme as drivers are now opting for that tip-top shape.

Ridiculously, certain drivers criticized Danica Patrick for an unfair advantage given her weight... Yea, that’s a little over the top. Similar to Danica, Decker always finds time for a good and conditioned workout.

7 Smiling In The Hot Tub

via Pinterest

Probably the last thing some folks are thinking of is the fact that the hot tub can in fact help Decker’s joints – switching from hot and cold is a crucial way for athletes to keep a recovery rate at a quick high.

Perhaps Decker is in on this, or she just wanted to take a nice photo that has NASCAR looking the other way.

6 Jeans Outing

via Pinterest

More posing from the future NASCAR princess. She could have used a bit of downtime especially following the Daytona debacle. As discussed earlier, her day ended in flames after just one lap!

A cut to the left tire would cause an oil leak – it would lead to the fire truck warning right out of the gate.

5 Split Skills

via IG

She seems to be into the fitness space with a lot more furiousness nowadays. She even posted an entire full-body workout via IG most recently, here’s what she had to say;

“This fun workout video shows a few different exercises I love doing with @angelaatc Working out with @angelaatc has helped me tremendously! I love the diversity of my workouts because they are always different so I don’t get bored and that’s definitely a big plus.”

4 Getting In The Zone

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This definitely isn’t NASCAR’s ideal when it comes to getting in the zone. Decker, however, likes to stay flexible no matter where she is, especially if the sun and water are close by.

Working those joints is a lot easier in warmer conditions – but yea, NASCAR just doesn’t care and would rather these pics not be shown to the younger fans – even if they don’t mean anything not so PG related!

3 Smiles & Yoga Pants

via IG

This is a wallpaper worthy image especially for NASCAR fans but don’t expect the racing giants to promote this type of not so PG picture.

Granted, her smile is of the PG nature, we can’t say the same for her outfit of choice, rocking those smoking yoga pants.

2 Handstand On The Sand

via IG

She’s more than just handstands. Decker is also into another not so PG sport, boxing. Let that be a warning for the other drivers looking to gain an unfair advantage on the youngster.

Given her IG account, she has no problem throwing a punch or heck, even more than a couple at a time.

1 Forever Comparable

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Decker was asked with Front Stretch if she feels pressure to replace Danica following her retirement. Here’s what she had to say;

“Her retiring doesn’t put any pressure on me, but I do have pressure on myself to make it there because… to make it to the Cup Series has been the biggest goal of mine since I was really, really little. So I feel pressure from myself, but from other people or what Danica did, I don’t feel that kind of pressure from that.”

Sources – Pinterest, Front Stretch YouTube & IG

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