15 Photos NASCAR Drivers Would Rather We Didn’t See Of Their Wives

Professional drivers attract some of the most attractive women into their crew. While these WAGs don’t have jobs toiling away in the pit stop, it's practically a full-time job being by their man’s side whenever he's not in a stock car. They’re in the limelight almost as much as the drivers are.

With the age of social media upon us, NASCAR WAGs have to navigate through life as if they're under constant surveillance. While it comes naturally for many of them to soak up all the attention, they’re liable to a few foibles every now and then, many of which irk their other halves.

While the following photos of NASCAR WAGs didn’t necessarily break their reputations, it may have caused their drivers to cringe. With things NASCAR drivers have to keep on the DL, they have enough on their plates already. Without further ado, here’s a side of NASCAR WAGs their drivers wish we wouldn’t see.

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15 Samantha Busch: Trophy Wife

via autoracing1.com

Some NASCAR wives are so important to the sport, they deserve more than one spot on the list. Samantha Busch’s marriage to Kyle was so huge, it got televised.

According to Trendchaser, they dubbed the event “Fast and Fabulous: A NASCAR Wedding” when the Style Network aired it back in 2010.

14 Haley Dillon: Hornets Dancer

via New York Post

Haley Dillon isn’t just a cheerleader for her husband, driver Ty Dillon. She’s also an NBA dancer for the Charlotte Hornets, reports Sports Gossip. Perhaps if NASCAR had dancers or cheerleaders, she’d be doing that instead of the NBA.

The same source notes that she and Ty tied the knot in 2014.

13 Jordan Fish

via IG

Being a NASCAR WAG like Jordan Fish means showing up to a lot of events. Not only does Fish go to races to support her driver Denny Hamlin, but award shows too.

They were seen together in December 2014, as per Heavy, dressed to the nines for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards.

12 Samantha Busch: Charity Founder

via Twitter user @SamanthaBusch

Samantha Busch posted this photo on her Twitter back in April 2018 with the caption: “I like fast cars and I cannot lie.”

There’s more to Busch though behind her image. Trendchaser reports that she helped start the “Kyle and Samantha Busch Bundle of Joy Fund," which gives financial assistance to couples wrestling with infertility.

11 Katie Kenseth

via The San Diego Union-Tribune

Katie Kenseth just couldn’t contain her excitement. She’s seen here in the wake of her husband, Matt Kenseth’s, victory back in September 2015, as per The San Diego Union-Tribune.

With her arms wrapped around Matt and her head thrown back in a fit of laughter, Katie not only embraced her husband but the magnitude of the moment.

10 Haley Dillon: Wife and Mother

via Sports Gossip

The NBA dancer and her NASCAR driving husband added another member to their family a couple of years ago. NASCAR’s official website broke the news in November 2017 that Haley gave birth to a daughter named Oakley.

The couple were happy to show their new baby daughter in a post on Instagram with the caption, “Suddenly everything in our lives made sense.”

9 Emily Boat

via Fabwags.com

Alex Bowman and his girlfriend, Emily Boat, look like the picture perfect couple. As the site Heavy shows, despite Alex being much taller than Emily, the two are always snapping photos together while wearing big smiles.

Emily’s Twitter account also reveals that she recently graduated and is going into teaching.

8 Brittany Baca

via USA Today

In November 2018, Joey Logano won the NASCAR Cup, as per USA Today. His number one cheerleader and wife is Brittany Baca, who’s seen laughing here alongside Joey.

When a driver does well, his wife or girlfriend benefits too, which explains the sheer exuberance Brittany’s showing here on full display.

7 Paige Keselowski

via NASCAR.com

Paige Keselowski doesn’t shy away from the cameras as this photo shows—in fact, she encourages the attention, even getting her husband, Brad, to join in the selfie.

Fabwags notes that she’s the daughter of Louis White, who also raced in NASCAR, so the passion for the sport runs in her DNA.

6 Christy Futrell

via SF Weekly

Jamie McMurray may be a NASCAR winner, but his wife doesn’t mind looking casual and laid back around him. Christy Futrell here almost looks like she’s rejecting Jamie or ignoring him after something he said.

San Francisco Weekly reports that this photo took place during a ceremony where the Giants baseball team conferred upon Jamie a jersey.

5 Ingrid Vandebosch

via JeffGordon.com

One of NASCAR’s most popular drivers in recent years is Jeff Gordon. Fox Sports reports that he won a total of four Sprint Cup championships.

His top prize, however, is Ingrid Vandebosch, his wife he married back in 2006. As a model, she’s got plenty of experience being in front of the cameras.

4 Kate Edwards

via Richmond Times-Dispatch

Former driver Carl Edwards is in good medical hands while at home enjoying his retirement. According to Trendchaser, his wife, Kate Downey-Edwards, is a doctor.

Even though the two work in completely different fields, they were able to hit it off. With beauty and brains, Kate is everything a driver could ask for in a trophy wife.

3 Krissie Newman

via Bleacher Report

NASCAR WAGs get to do things fans dream of, like stroll the race track as if it were their backyard. Krissie Newman can’t help but smile as she freely walks hand in hand with her husband and NASCAR driver Ryan Newman.

According to Fabwags, the two got hitched back in 2004 after dating for three years.

2 DeLana Harvick

via americancarsamericangirls.com

If there’s a WAG in the sport that lives and bleeds NASCAR, it’s DeLana Harvick. According to Heavy, in addition to her husband, Kevin Harvick, her dad raced in NASCAR too.

Her background and experience at the race track show in all in her appearances, proving she’s a major force in the sport today.

1 Ashley Busch

via IG

Another power couple in NASCAR is Kurt and Ashley Busch. USA Today even reports that in July 2018, they had a chance to spend time with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It was all possible thanks to Ashley herself, who plays polo. The event took place in the United Kingdom as a way to raise money for charity.

Sources: Heavy, USA Today, Trendchaser, Twitter, San Francisco Weekly, The San Diego Union-Tribune, Fox Sports, Fabwags, NASCAR.com

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