20 Photos Of 90 Day Fiancé Couples No One Wanted To See...Ever

The couples of 90 Day Fiancé aren’t your average duos. They have unique relationships that are not only worlds apart, but in a rush. If they want to remain together, they have just 90 days to get things in motion. Otherwise, one of the two won’t be able to remain in the country. There goes getting closer.

Some of the couples we’ve watched on the reality show seem serious and committed to the union. Others seem a smidge strange. It’s hard to tell if they are in love or getting hitched for some other reason. That’s what makes the show so hard so turn off...so we tune in.

These pics are proof that there’s always something peculiar going on with many of the couples. Something is off and it’s not difficult to determine. One half of the couple may be fooled, but the rest of us see the signs as clear as day.

The 20 photos below are awkward and odd. Love may be somewhere, but it sure seems strange.

20 Daughter And Dad, Or Dating?

Via: Intouchweekly.com

The age gap between these two isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but it must make their relationship even harder than it already is.

They are from different countries and have little in common, to begin with, so add in the age gap and there are red flags flying everywhere.

19 Romantic Or Repulsing?

Via: Instyle.com

Perhaps this fella thinks he will be getting “lucky,” but by the less-than-thrilled look on his lady’s face, he’ll be lucky if she doesn’t hog all the blankets.

No one needs to see this couple cuddling or canoodling, especially when we know they can barely get along, to begin with.

18 Reunion Problems

Via: realityblurb.com

When the show wraps, it’s time for the reunion. As the couples relive their romance (or lack thereof), tensions rise and things can get gnarly.

These folks are pointing fingers and getting flustered, something that is great for ratings, but bad for the brides-to-be. There are little decorum and lots of dissing.

17 They Seem Smitten, No?

Via: romper.com

Aren’t these two the picture of love? NOT! This couple was doomed from the start. Not only do they live far away from one another, but their age gap is significant.

Fans of the show could tell something was off, and it came as no surprise that this couple went kaput.

16 Opposites Attract

Via: realityblurb.com

They say that opposites attract, but this is just too far to fathom. The gal looks glam and the guy is an “Average Joe.”

She loves all the glitter and “bling,” and he could barely find a belt. Perhaps they had an initial spark, but that is not nearly enough to sustain a marriage.

15 …And Stay Out!

Via: menshealth.com

After all her crying and complaining, this American woman is finally telling her overseas lover that it’s time to hit the road. Nobody ever thought his feeling were genuine, and by the time the show was over, it was evident that he was never interested in this lady.

Now that she watches the show herself, she must feel foolish for falling in love.

14 Onesies For Everyone

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

The baby looks cute in his onesie, but the parents look a little weird. Sure, they may be comfy and think it’s fun to wear “feetie” pajamas, but they look sorta silly.

These would surely keep everyone warm on a cold winter day, but in the middle of the night, they’ll wake up in a pool of sweat.

13 Bored Already

Via: people.com

For a brand new couple to look this bored, there must be something going wrong in the relationship. Perhaps they are someplace that is sad or somber, so that is why they are not smiling, but taken out of context, these two couldn’t look less in love.

Even an inkling of affection would be a sign that they’re moving in the right direction.

12 Hold Mom’s Hand While Out And About…Wait, That’s Not Mom

Via: TLC.com

Age ain’t nothing but a number, but these two must get some confused glances when they go out in public hand-in-hand. They look relatively happy, but she’s a lot older, something that may be an issue down the road.

Lots of guys go for older gals, but he better be ready for an early retirement.

11 Awkward On Many Levels

Via: people.com

This pic in itself is incredibly awkward, and once you learn that these two are lovers, it makes the whole thing weirder. Perhaps these two really are in love, otherwise, she’s using his status to make it to The States.

That’s always in the back of everyone’s mind when something seems suspicious about these 90-day relationships.

10 “What Did I Get Myself Into?”

Via: screenrant.com

Looks like this fella is fed up. He’s had enough of the drama and perhaps he’s questioning why he ever got involved in a long-distance relationship in the first place. She doesn’t seem quite as fazed, but he’s clearly covering his eyes for a reason.

Is he afraid if he looks into the camera that the truth will be revealed?

9 Netflix And Chill Gone Wrong

Via: buzzfeednews.com

These two react to each other like oil and water. There is no chance that things will go well when they can’t even get along for more than a moment.

Between the arguing and the lack of genuine love, this “marriage” may never happen. This pic is a snapshot of their reality.

8 90 Days May Be Too Long

Via: TLC.com

He’s tuned out and she’s the queen of “side eye.” These two were hot and heavy, but now they don’t even seem thrilled to be seated next to each other.

Is there relationship the real deal or is he pretending to love her for his own agenda in America? She’s clearly having second thoughts.

7 Lovers’ Quarrel?

Via: blastingnews.com

By the expression on her face, she is not telling her man how much she loves him at this moment. She’s angry and she’s not holding back. He’s not hiding his feelings either, pointing a finger and giving her a piece of his mind.

Can this romance stand so much stress? We’ll see if they’re still together by this time next year.

6 PDA Or Posed?

Via: emptylighthouse.com

Kinda reminds you of that aunt that forces you to get smothered by one of her signature bear hugs. While this woman’s man doesn’t seem to mind, something is strange about this pic. Is it a true PDA or totally posed?

They may have a spark, but this relationship is still surprising, nonetheless.

5 Cute Or Creepy?

Via: intouchweekly.com

As seen on the show, this man’s culture prevents him from being affectionate in public, so this kiss on the cheek is kinda a big deal. Perhaps this pic was snapped while he was visiting his gal in The States, so he could get away with the PDA.

If these two make it through a lifetime of marriage, it won’t be an easy task. After seeing them interact, we’ve seen lots of ups and downs.

4 Halloween Horror Show

Via: Lifeandstylemag.com

Halloween has never been scarier. Sure, the kid looks cute, and mom looks OK, but dad’s daring chest-baring costume is kinda creepy. He looks quite serious about his selection, so perhaps he thinks he can snag some treats and candy along the way.

Too bad that little boy seems so concerned.

3 Passenger Is Pissed

Via: eonline.com

We’ve all heard of the “backseat driver,” but what do you call a guy in the passenger seat who’s slumped over and ready to snooze? Is he bored of listening to his honey, or is the ride especially long?

She’s not feeling his attitude, so she better look ahead and keep her eyes on the road.

2 Bad Boat Ride

Via: ibtimes.com

Boat rides are supposed to be beautiful, but these two couldn’t look more bored. Why would they be in such a bad mood when they’re on the water and the weather looks beautiful?

Clearly, there is something going on in their relationship that is causing this rift. Let’s hope the boat docks before things get more difficult.

1 Waterfalls And Weirdness

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

The waterfalls are breathtaking, but the weird poses of the people in front of them are kinda ruining the shot. They may be having fun, but this is not a pic we’d want to post on social media.

It does show that they get along – at least here – but the awkwardness of this image is now permanently stuck in our minds.

Sources - Lifestyle Mag & Twitter

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