10 Photos Of Polar Bears Being Adorable Fluffy Giants

There are a lot of adorable animals in the world, but one that stands out is the polar bear. These guys are like giant teddy bears with their big paws and fluffy white fur. In fact, they are so amazing and adorable that we have rounded up some of the best images of these creatures, which all feature their cute faces, fun personalities, and loving bonds.

While, yes, bears of all types can be scary, the 10 photos below just show the cute and cuddly side of these creatures! They are animals that like to play around, show off, and cuddle their moms, and all of that makes for some amazing photos. So sit back, get ready to smile, and prepare yourself for a cuteness overload. Enjoy these 10 adorable photos of cuddly and sweet polar bears!

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10 This Newborn Polar Bear

Via: Cutest Paw

We are starting off with perhaps the cutest photo of a polar bear ever! This little baby is brand new to the world, so it sort of looks like a seal since all the fluffy white fur has not come in yet. That little nose and those little paws. It’s all just too much! All babies – humans, cats, polar bears and beyond – are pretty cute, but we can all agree that this image here takes the cake.

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9 This Snow-Covered Polar Bear

Via: Faze

As mentioned, polar bears can be pretty playful. Since they are found in freezing temperatures, this particular one made the best of it with a snow day! We can just imagine him rolling around in the snow or bouncing down a hill. He may even try to get his family to have as much fun as he was having. With that cute little tongue sticking out, this polar bear cub really does look like an adorable stuffed animal! 

8 These Cuddly Polar Bears

Via: Inspire Fusion

Individual polar bears are great, but as a group, they're even better! This mother and her cubs are curled up together, striking a pose for the camera in a perfect way. While they probably preferred for the photographer to keep their distance, we would have loved to join in on that cuddle game!

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7 This Playful Polar Bear

Via: Cutest Paw

Here is another baby polar bear that is ready to have some fun! This picture really proves how alike creatures can be. We have all seen human babies play with pens, for instance, and cats play with boxes. It looks like this little guy is having fun with a stick he probably found in the snow! On another note, is it just us or is this little guy not smiling?! How adorable!

6 This Waving Polar Bear

Via: Real Simple

Okay, some of these animals were born to be models, because just look at that wave and smile going on here. The trees in the background and the snow that is curving and caving in a beautiful way all make for the perfect backdrop for this cute creature! Is he waving at his friends? Is he calling his mom over? Or is he shooing the photographer away? We aren't really sure. But, this little cub is smiling in a friendly way, maybe he's calling the photographer over.

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5 This Friendly Polar Bear

Via: Pinterest.com

Here is some proof that not all bears are all scary. In fact, it seems like this specific polar bear and this adorable dog are actually friends. They sized each other up, they sniffed each other out, and they decided that everything was okay! This seems like a great bond that will hopefully last a long time. This would definitely make an interesting plot for a movie.

4 This Sleepy Polar Bear

Via: Cutest Paw

Oh, my goodness! Now, sleeping babies are just precious, but this guy is really almost too much to handle. This little polar bear baby even has a polar-bear themed bed, which is just perfect. Does it not look so cute and cozy that it looks like it’s begging for a cuddle partner? He just looks so small, so cozy, and so perfect.

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3 This Curious Polar Bear

Via: Luv Bat

Big bears can be quite cute, too – like this one here. This male or female polar bear saw a camera and knew that something strange was going on. They decided to figure out what was going on. That was lucky for us because these are some really cool shots! That big paw there may be able to do some damage (something we don't like to think about), but it just looks fascinating in this photo.

2 This Perched Polar Bear

Via: China Daily

This duo just had to be on the list! First off, that polar bear parent is making the sweetest face and looks so proud. Secondly, that baby polar bear cub is perched in the best way possible. It is holding on tight, finding a comfortable position and giving us all the feels! 

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1 These Hugging Polar Bears

Via: One Green Planet

Okay, we have seen little polar bear cubs that are playing, large polar bear adults that are being curious and protective, and polar bears paired with other creatures in cute and cuddly ways. But now, last but not least, we have these hugging polar bears. We assume that this is a mother and her cub. Like any parent –be it human or animal– she is squeezing that baby tight. She's letting her cub know how cared for it is, how loved it is, and how adorable it is! See, polar bears are sort of like us, and they are not always scary or vicious. They are protective and they just want some privacy. If we had a little cub that was that adorable, we would want to keep them all to ourselves, too!

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