15 Ridiculous Photos Of Boats Left Stranded On The Road

There's a simple fact about humans and it's that they leave behind waste wherever they go. Indeed, evidence of man by his waste can be found in every corner of the Earth, including a worrying amount of plastic floating in the ocean at the furthest point from land, Point Nemo. Indeed, it seems that no matter where we go on this planet, nor what we do as humans, we can't seem to do it without leaving some kind of trace in our wake.

One of the things we abandon quite regularly is our boats. Sometimes we leave them in the ocean to rot away, or sometimes they get abandoned far from the water, deep inland, or even in our own streets. Let's look at 15 boats left stranded on the side of the road.

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15 At Least They Tied It Up

via nypost.com

This scene strikes quite a funny chord, especially with the traffic driving by as if all is normal. But it's true, there's not much normal about having a boat tied to a light post on a city street full of traffic. It's surreal and comical, really. Making sure it doesn't go anywhere in the strong current of tarmac?

14 Nice Park Job

via miami.curbed.com

The state of this boat would have anyone think that it would have been here for a huge amount of time, terribly parked. I mean, nice park job. Likely this is a salvage of some kind or another, it looks wrecked and left at sea, then brought here to the road to do, well, the same thing. Rot away.

13 Pedal Boat In Kansai

via abandonedkansai.com

This little helicopter shaped pedal boat is pretty goofy looking, especially out of water, along the shoulder of an abandoned street, with faded paint and signs of wear and tear. It definitely looks like a fish out of water, and that's pretty apt considering boats go in water, not roads.

12 The S.S. Opossum

via bbandm.wordpress.com

Someone decided to vandalize this boat to read "S.S. Opossum", and that's pretty funny, considering it's abandoned here along with a few other boats and assorted garbage and trash. It'd be pretty funny to drive by this scene, and even funnier if there was an opossum living inside of it.

11 Worth A Little Sprucing

via commons.wikimedia.org

This extremely vintage boat lies outside a big house rotting away. There's so much potential with it, though, to repurpose or upcycle. It could be moved from the curb and transformed into a tiny-house or AirBnB. Or less work could create a really neat bar/hangout area, or even less work and it could be a really cool garden feature.

10 Curbed With Finality

via bbandm.wordpress.com

The way this boat has been ditched and left abandoned in this street kind of looks like it was run aground on the curb, even though there's no water around for that to even be possible. The likelihood is that someone just backed their trailer up and dropped the boat off.

9 This Boat Looks Tired

via tillamookheadlightherald.com

Someone didn't care about their boat or their tires enough to dispose of them properly. So here they sit, by the side of the road somewhere, rotting away, former hull of glory enshrouded by tires and all kinds of junk. You might say that this boat is tired.

8 Sad And Lonely On Tarmac

via bbandm.wordpress.com

This little and small boat looks about as dismal as any boat could, cast aside in the green shadow of the curb of a road, lonely in it's white and pale blue, decaying day after day and year after year. Boats always look pretty sad out of the water, and this one especially so.

7 Sad Graffiti Shell

via bbandm.wordpress.com

Vandalism is something that many people hate, and many other people love. Personally, when it comes to abandoned things, it's not exactly like it's harming anything, and in most cases it actually beautifies the ruins. In this case, it just adds to the dejected and derelict look of the boat.

6 Parked In A Lot, Far From The Sea

via bbandm.wordpress.com

This little boat is surrounded by a vast sea of asphalt and tarmac, instead of the actual sea, or a body of water. It looks so out of place in the hot, dry sunshine, burning tarmac on all sides. With no motor it's really just a haunting shell of what it once was.

5 Abandoned Streets, Abandoned Roads

via bbandm.wordpress.com

These abandoned streets and roads are quickly being overtaken by vibrant green foliage and plant life. Tucked back in a nook created by this vegetation is a boat, broken and abandoned on the road, far away from the waters it once traversed. There's even a chair on the prow.

4 Ditched On Stilts

via nbcphiladelphia.com

People tend to abandon their boats along the highways of America pretty often, more than you might think actually. This leaves the municipal authorities or State Patrol with massive headaches trying to figure out how to move and get rid of the boats, or ticket the people who illegally abandoned them.

3 Pitched On The Side Of The Highway

via nbcsandiego.com

This boat looks like it was abandoned in quite a rush, cantilevered sideways and surrounded with trash. This kind of dumping is very illegal, so there's really no doubt that the people who pitched it off the side of the road were in quite a rush, worried about getting caught.

2 Rooftop Blues

via reddit.com

This crazy boat covered in all kinds of graffiti and surrounded by mounds of trash has been abandoned on the top of a roof, far from anything that it was designed for. As to how it got here in the first place is really just a mystery. Maybe it's a sky boat.

1 Sitting Near A Residential Street

via bbandm.wordpress.com

The tall grass surrounds this boat, abandoned and forgotten in a yard just off of a residential street, likely only a small part of an entire property left in abandonment. It's a shame, really, because if these boats were all taken care of properly they could still be used, and that's significantly less waste than the current state of things.

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