20 Depressing Photos Of Boats That Are Rusting Away Underwater

Thousands of boats cross to and from across the oceans around the globe every minute. The vast majority of them make it to their destinations safely, whether the cargo they carry is thousands of tons of shipping containers, crossing the vast expanse of the ocean, or whether it's just a small wind-powered vessel that isn't carrying anything except the passengers aboard it.

But not all ships make it, many crash. Most of them are close to land, where shallow waters, unforeseen obstacles, or reefs can run a ship aground. Ships will also sometimes crash in deep waters, perhaps in a terrible storm far from land, sinking down into enshrouding mystery. In any case, they are fascinating for many divers to explore. Let's take a look at 20 photos of boats rusting away under water.

20 All Covered Over

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This boat is all covered over in a thick layer of coral and sea life. It's really quite beautiful, too, starkly lit in vibrant aquamarine greens and backset by the most vibrant of electric blues.

The faint dimpling of the ocean surface can be seen far above. This would be quite the place to dive.

19 Coated In Colorful Coral

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This boat, much like many of the boats in this article, have since their sinking become covered and coated in colorful coral.

It's really beautiful to see, and even though it's in ruin and was once a tragedy, life has sprung back in one of the most breathtaking ways imaginable. Now it's a boat-shaped coral reef.

18 Don't Walk Over The Rail

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The rail on this boat has almost completely decayed and fallen apart, all that's left are a few straight pillars, covered in thick coral and surrounded by beautiful fish.

This would be a pretty spectacular place to dive, although it does look dangerous given the frail condition of the rotting boat.

17 Evenly Coated In Algae

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This boat has gone down in some pretty murky waters, and judging by the algae covering it, as well as the distinct lack of coral, this is likely a freshwater wreck.

It's enshrouded in sinister mystery, with the dim light of the sun barely filtering down through the murky depths.

16 Facing Down The Comino Dive Site

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Facing down this entire ship would be a pretty spectacular thing to see, with every surface covered in decay and algae, prominent prow still standing.

This wreckage was once the seaworthy craft known as the Comino, and now it's a popular dive site. With good reason, too. Just look at it.

15 Fish And A U-Boat

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This old U-Boat is a relic from an iconic and volatile time in history, from World War I and II. Here it lies at the bottom of the sea, sunken down to the floor, encased in electric blue and sea green hues, almost glowing in the richness of the color.

A fish calmly swims by the scene.

14 Going Down To The David Tucker Tug Boat

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This is the wreck of the David Tucker, a tug boat that sunk in the sea, fading from view to its final resting place on the bottom.

Some corals have grown around the ship, but many were likely there when it fell to the bottom. The shell is overgrown and pale with age and decay.

13 In The Debris Clouds Of Koh Tao

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The HTMS Sattakut is a wreck off the coast of Thailand, and it's surrounded here by all kinds of debris clouds and plankton, disappearing into mystery and fogginess after only a few feet.

It gives quite the imposing illusion of emerging from a different place entirely as if materializing out of nothing.

12 Just Over The Hill

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This small dinghy has sunk here in these shallow waters with a sandy, grassy bottom. Some corals have started to grow on the different geometry of the craft, and all kinds of fish are swimming around it.

Indeed, these are rich waters full of life. A great place to go snorkeling.

11 Destroying The Earth

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Many shipwrecks around the globe leach all kinds of poisons into the oceans, killing all kinds of life around the spill for miles, and even further, spreading through the food chain from bottom to top.

In fact, most of our pollution ends up hurting the oceans the most. If our oceans die, our planet does as well.

10 Lights On A Rusty Hull

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This wreck isn't actually all that far underneath the surface of the water, as it's clear to see sunshine reaching down to this depth.

Yet for some reason, these two people aren't diving with scuba gear, as would seem logical. Instead, they are in a submersible craft. Pretty fancy.

9 Michigan's Pizzazz Shipwreck

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This boat at one time perhaps had all kinds of pizzazz and flair, and the owners of the ship likely had even more of it than the ship, but all that pizzazz is gone now, replaced by the endless pressure of thousands of tons of water.

The doom of being sentenced to an eternal watery grave.

8 Never Fallen Further

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Surrounded by a school of fish, this ship looks serene and melancholic as it decays and dissolves under a vast ocean of water.

It's never fallen further before and was once even seaworthy. Alas, no more will this ship ever sail the seas again, as it's become an intrinsic part of them.

7 Not Even Discernible As A Boat

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When a sunken ship gets so covered in algae, plants, coral, and sea life that it's not even discernible as a boat anymore, that is a happy thing, really.

The ocean does an incredible job of keeping itself healthy and reclaiming all it can. But it can't reclaim poison, plastic, or pollution.

6 Otherworldly Off The Coast Of Dana Point

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The strange plant life thriving along the cords and pieces of this wrecked boat really give this photo an otherworldly atmosphere, especially deep underwater and dimly lit.

They almost look like jellyfish, or mushrooms, or a strange hybrid of both. Definitely worth a scuba dive off the coast of Dana Point.

5 P31 Met Its Fate With The Fishes

via maltadives.com

The P31 has met its fate with the fishes down in the depths of this green and emerald paradise of water.

If it weren't for the melancholy ruin of the architecture covered in a thin dismal layer of algae and brine, this would be a serene, lively view of an underwater ecosystem.

4 Rising From Deep Blue Depths

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This algae covered boat rising from the deep blue depths of the ocean is about as dissolved and decayed as it can get.

Without any coral to populate the surfaces, only small ocean plants and algae cover the ship in a fuzzy layer of green and brown beside the fish.

3 Sail Boat At The Bottom

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This sailboat has fallen far from at the surface and landed at the bottom, a sloped and sandy landscape dotted with small sea plants.

Never again will its sails feel the salty breath of the ocean winds, but will instead feel the hydrous gusts of the currents for all time.

2 Sideways And All Rusty

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This chunky metal boat inundated with salt water and coral is covered in orange rust and oxidization, as well as a bumpy layer of barnacles and algae.

The result is an old, hollow skeleton of a shape that has begun to morph into something entirely different and new.

1 Swab The Deck

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The deck of this ship has fallen into severe disrepair in the salty and corrosive waters of the ocean, where if it weren't for the coral, barnacles and saline life, the metal would dissolve extraordinarily rapidly.

Swabbing the deck is no longer an option, as it's broken apart and covered in corals.

Sources: Malta Dives, The Outdoor Journal & Nautilusive

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