19 Photos Of Cars Rotting Away In The Streets Of Detroit

Detroit was once the most booming city in all of America, during the height and glory of the motoring industry. All of the biggest car manufacturers made their cars in this city, and the huge economy surrounding this industry led to the growth of a big and prosperous city. All that changed, though, with the gasoline crises in the 70's, when the American population turned their gaze to imports, which were significantly more fuel efficient.

Since then, Detroit has remained almost virtually unchanged, a vast, empty, and tumultuous shell of the city it once was. Hundreds of houses, buildings, and infrastructure remain in complete disrepair, abandoned for all time. Hundreds of cars rust away in silence. Let's take a look at 20 photos of cars rotting away in the streets of Detroit.

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19 Stolen Pieces

via flickr.com

When a car is parked on the streets in an area with high crime, there's always the risk of having it broken into or having the tires stolen. Things only get more risky when a car is left abandoned, as the vandals will catch on to the fact no one is coming back for it and take everything.

18 Dodge Challenger Eaten By Piranhas

via oppositelock.kinja.com

Many kinds of cars can be found in the streets of Detroit, from old rusty shells to brand new cars on blocks and stripped. This is a rather glaring case of the latter, where a nigh brand new Dodge Challenger was stripped of, well, everything. I'd be surprised if they even left the seats.

17 Newest Hover Car?

via businessinsider.com

No, someone did not take an old Mustang and convert it into a hover car. We wish. What actually has happened here is that this car has been left to rot on the streets of Detroit, and someone has taken all four wheels and left this classic hot rod to decay. What a shame.

16 Emerging From Shadow

via hiveminer.com

Much like Detroit itself, this abandoned relic is emerging from dark shadow. Indeed, though it's been in ruin for decades now, Detroit is finally coming back to life again, rising from the ashes of its oligopoly, the mega-corporations that supported countless families with promises that they X-ed out overnight.

15 Classy Car Wasted

via nytimes.com

The Impala SS is actually a pretty neat little car, and while it doesn't seem all that old, this model is getting up there in age, and could be considered a classic by now. This model was made between 94-96, and came stock with a 260 horsepower V8. This one is custom, too. Still restorable, even.

14 Parted Out For Good

via fiveprime.com

With the hood up and an engine missing from the engine bay, along with the front grill and headlights missing, it's clear that this has been parted out, where someone, instead of selling the whole car, decides to sell each of it's parts. The result is an empty shell left on the side of the road to be abandoned.

13 Ready For Takeoff

via nytimes.com

This car is ready for takeoff in a way that's different than the phrase would imply, as the only thing ready for takeoff with this car is the wheels. It's even up on blocks. Who knows why, whether it's because they wanted to do some work and never got around to it, or if a thief was interrupted mid-heist.

12 Sandwiched Mercedes

via flickr.com

These two Mercedes have been left decrepit and forgotten, crushed up and left behind on the side of the road, stacked up and sandwiched together as if they were mere garbage and trash. While they are definitely that now, it's a shame that someone didn't think about salvaging them or restoring them first.

11 Art Car Reimagined

via hiveminer.com

This abandoned Jeep was pitched off the side of the road, where thieves quickly took the tires and anything they wanted to, then vandals stepped in and covered it in gold graffiti. Paired with the red it actually is pretty aesthetically appealing, which makes it a sketchy version of an art car.

10 Cellophane Windows

via nytimes.com

This old El Camino blacked out and covered in road salt has seen better days. At one time or another it was gleaming and shiny, glossy and brand new. Nowadays, though, it sits with a missing window in decay, not remembered by anyone except the occasional observant passerby.

9 Complete With Bullet Holes

via nytimes.com

This old van sits in dilapidation, abandoned by the road somewhere in the nightmarish suburbia of abandoned Detroit. It's rusted out and clearly hasn't been used in years, parked in the same spot. Someone has even decided to use it as target practice, and since the bullet holes have rusted over.

8 Scattered With Graffiti

via alannastlaurent.com

Burned out or rusted out shells of cars litter the streets and abandoned buildings of Detroit. They are really everywhere, and this former van is just an example, a burnt out husk and shell of a car that once drove the streets in the glory days of Detroit.

7 Is The Auto Shop Open?

via nytimes.com

This van is covered in lavender graffiti and is missing quite few parts, broken down and in shambles. The curious thing is that it's sitting outside of an auto shop, which begs the question, is the shop still open, or is the entire thing abandoned along with the van?

6 Burnt Out Shells

via media.spokesman.com

These cars were left abandoned on the streets of Detroit after a fire swept through all of them. Instead of cleaning them up, though they were just left to rot and decay, abandoned curbside for all time. Why bother, really? And who knows how long they'll end up sitting here.

5 Skeletal Remains

via reddit.com

The bare bones skeleton is all that's left of this salvage car. Someone, or several people over the years, have taken almost everything removable from this car. At first glance it just looks like a rusty shell, but compared to the cars around it, it's clear just how much is missing from this car. It's everything.

4 Oldies In A Row

via hemmings.com

There's all kind of evidence of the motoring history of Detroit most everywhere you look in the city, and this old junkyard is no exception to that, with a few old classics in severe disrepair, missing tires, engines, and front fascia. Seems a pity to waste these retro cruisers.

3 Upside Down And Rusty

via deanoinamerica.wordpress.com

Empty shells of cars are a common sight to see in the mostly abandoned city of Detroit. This car has been overturned and is almost entirely rotted out with rust and decay. It's also covered in graffiti and vandalism, not that it's worth particularly much or very important.

2 Stripped Down To The Bone

via nytimes.com

This car is resting in an abandoned parking lot that's been dusted over with a fine layer of snow. The doors are all agape, and the entire engine and front end of it has been parted out or stolen. And while that may seem kind of crazy, it's really a fascinating case of recycling and avoiding waste.

1 Wrapped Up And Abandoned Taxi

via thebananadoc.wordpress.com

For whatever reason this red taxi is wrapped up with all kinds of plastic, then left abandoned in a lot somewhere amongst the streets of Detroit. These kinds of lots are pretty common, too, full of old cars, junk cars, cars that have gotten in accidents, et cetera.

Sources: New York Times, Hemmings & Flickr

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