19 Steamy Photos Of Danica Patrick In Her Workout Gear

It was in 2002 when Danica’s curiosity for yoga started to increase. She met her ex-husband Paul Hospenthal during her recovery – it would lead to adopting yoga and fitness in general as a way to improve her stiffness from the past. Sitting in a fast car on the regular can have a damaging effect.

She continues on with her love of yoga till this day. It is on full display via her IG account. Danica also has her own clothing line, Warrior By Danica. Clearly, she has a great sense when it comes to clothing at the gym – in this article, we’ll take a look at some of her best outfits from both the past and present. Some are even of the not so PG nature.

Enjoy folks!

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19 Black & Green Selfie

via IG

She doesn’t need fancy weights or machines to work up a sweat. For Danica, all she really uses is a mat, her own body and mindfulness while working out.

Her biggest priority is working up a big sweat, that’s a lot easier when working out with very few stoppages – similar to Dancia’s routine. Let’s take a moment to not only acknowledge that hard work but that green and black ensemble as well!

18 Yoga Pants

via IG

This is Danica’s favorite attire of choice when hitting a workout or meditation. She has the yoga pants on along with a sports bra. Danica is a big fan of the yoga pants, even starting up her own line.

Who knows, maybe that’s a pair from the new collection that we’ll see in the future.

17 Outdoor Attire

via IG

We now turn our attention to a not so PG outfit of choice. It isn’t every day that a person decides to workout in beach gear. We don’t blame Danica though as she decided to take her flexibility skills outdoors.

Maybe if she didn’t take to racing, perhaps gymnastics would have been her calling.

16 Short Shorts

via Pinterest

No, this isn’t the norm for Danica. Instead, this is a behind the scenes shot from a recent photoshoot. Danica has worked more than a few in her lifetime, especially with the likes of Go Daddy and Sports Illustrated.

She likely doesn’t mind it one bit as it gives the NASCAR legend the chance to show off all her hard work in the gym.

15 Leg Behind The Head

via IG

She has the yoga pants and thankfully they’re stretchy enough to perform such a movement. Danica posted this photo to IG, here’s what she had to say;

“Another pose that alludes me most of the time. They say hips hold a lot of emotional energy.....no wonder why I get so excited when my foot gets behind my head.”

14 Karma Made Me Do It

via IG

This might be the best workout outfit on the entire list. Who wouldn’t want to hit a few more reps while looking down at that t-shirt? A simple cardio day can turn into a squat and deadlift session within moments.

That’s likely what took place with Danica, she looks exhausted lying down on the floor.

13 Travel Workout

via IG

Even when she’s on the road, Danica has the proper attire ready to go for a workout. She took to IG posting this picture while discussing the importance of traveling the world;

“Oh Earth..... you are so beautiful and I have barely scratched the surface! 31 countries is only 12% of the world according to my travel app. In my experience- Don’t be afraid to travel and see new lands and meet new people and eat new food. The world is NOT scary and travel is not hard, it’s the opposite.”

12 Down But Not Out

via Twitter

She’s down, completely exhausted but knowing Patrick, she likely got up after this photo and worked in a few more sets. Or at the very least, she continued on with her stretches.

Despite her exhaustion, the outfit looks very on point, fully decked out in a blue sort of theme.

11 Blue Leggings

via Twitter

She’s representing her clothing line in the picture above, Warrior By Danica. That’s some pretty sweet gear that was put to the test in another rigorous workout.

Given the details on the picture, it was another none stop session filled with bodyweight exercises and few breaks – that’ll get the heart pumping ASAP.

10 Inverted Selfie

via IG

“Last upper body day before the race Sunday!”

Dania posted that caption along with this photo. Yes, NASCAR drivers get in a workout as well. Heck, some even called out Danica for an unfair advantage given her lighter weight compared to the other drivers. She might be the fittest NASCAR driver of all-time. Sorry, guys!

9 Leading The Workout

via YouTube

She’s leading the workout in this photo while rocking some conservative gear. For those that thought it was going to be a lighter session, boy were they in for something else.

She would lead the workout on Good Morning America – showing off her passion for yoga and aerobic movements.

8 Holding The Pose

via IG

It was in the early 2000s during her first marriage that Danica would start to understand the purpose of yoga and why it can be so effective not only physically but mentally as well.

The practice continues to grow today – we can see her improvements given such difficult poses. These movements take time and mindfulness to pick up.

7 Sweat Angels

via IG

“Aftermath...... sweat angels as @jonferrey called them!”

Once again, she teamed up with a friend, enduring a taxing workout. She might have switched things up on the day considering she’s in an actual gym setting. Despite the skimpy gym attire, she still managed to work up a huge sweat.

6 Warrior Danica

via IG

This gym outfit meant a lot more to Danica, considering it comes from her own line, Warrior By Danica;

“Verified Tomorrow morning at 12 am 😬😆 is the launch of my October @warriorbydanica collection on @hsn! It is also a today special for my leggings....which is why I am on and off the air for almost 24 hours! Can’t wait for you all to see it!”

5 Yoga Stance

via IG

She’s got the outfit on point in the workout yoga picture above. However, what’s even better is the caption posted to the photo;

“In life, find your balance. Do what makes you feel happy, whole, true, and kind. Get outside in nature, donate your time, do yoga, get a good workout in, have a glass of wine while you make dinner, set a mantra in the morning......figure yourself out.”

4 Cross Fit Work

via IG

“Thanks @crossfitwod and @jameshobart for Sunday's 5 round workout.”

That’s right, she put the mat aside and hit a Cross Fit workout on the day. Instead of bodyweight movements, it was all about lifting some heavyweights. She had the attire to do so and without a doubt, she put in the work looking exhausted post-workout.

3 More Outdoor Yoga

via Twitter

Pick that jaw off the ground... Danica has us all in awe with the photo above, rocking some not so PG attire.

This is truly the best part of like for Patrick, traveling, enjoying the outdoors and doing what she loves, yoga movements alongside one of her closest friends.

2 Medicine Ball

via Twitter

This one comes from a photoshoot. Danica has the grey sports bra, along with her signature black shorts. She has her game face on in the picture above proving she can adapt to any type of workout, even one that is fully based on strength.

We assume Mr. Rodgers has a hard time keeping up!

1 Doing The Work

via YouTube

Red top, black shorts, and black Nikes, Danica is ready to go as she pumps the oblique muscles in the photo above.

We assume this was another one of her HIIT workouts, little breaks with the intensity as high as it can be. Just another photo showing Patrick putting in the work.

Sources – IG, Pinterest & YouTube

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