15 Photos Of Danica Patrick Not Taking Any Grief

She’s been called the “most successful woman in the history of open-wheel racing,” and it sure is a well-earned title! Danica Patrick is as hot-headed as she is amazing, and her temper has flared more than a few times both on and off the track. She is notorious for her dramatic, explosive moments and has definitely set the tone that she is not a lady that takes any grief from anyone.

If Danica is upset about something, we are all made aware of that fact! Her anger seems to lie just beneath the surface, and she’s been known to demonstrate her emotions without hesitation – and oftentimes, without a filter! Her face is as expressive as her choice of words!

Let’s take a look at 15 photos of Danica Patrick not taking any grief.

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15 That Face!

Via Country Rebel

Whoa – look at that face! There’s no denying it, and no questioning the context of her thoughts – Danica is mad, and she’s about to explode! She’s made a mark for herself, not just based on her incredible driving skills, but for her vicious, aggressive, not-to-be-messed-with demeanor. It’s safe to say this picture speaks a thousand words!

14 The Martinsville Fiasco

Via SportingNews

The Martinsville fiasco is a known soft spot for Danica. This face is the face of pure revenge. She has a history of bad blood with David Gilliland, and if you weren’t aware of it before, you’re certainly aware of it now. Her face says it all –she’s in for a fight and prepared to draw first!

13 Miserable Beauty

Via TheScore

Ah, the hand gestures. Is Danica ever happy? We’ve seen her take pause and sign a few autographs, and she definitely is not shy about posing in front of the camera with her super-fit yoga bod, but that hand gesture is not a sign of good times. We would not want to cross her in this mood!

12 Making Hamlin History

Via CharlotteObserver

The Charlotte Observer was not very forgiving when they reported on Danica’s heated exchange with Denny Hamlin. She keeps wrecking cars – and he claimed he never touched hers. Why and how does Danica keep wrecking cars? She’s now retired, and we think this may be one of the reasons why.

11 Unapologetic On Larry King Live

Via Ora

Danica is not shy or apologetic for her rage and revengeful actions. Seen here on Larry King Live, she discusses her aggressive nature and the fact that she doesn’t back down on the track – she does the opposite and strikes back. She gave the example of a moment in Kansas where a competitor got too close, and she rammed his bumper as a form of revenge.

10 The Woes of Bad Scores

Via SBNation

This is the face of Danica when she knows she is more than just a little bit defeated. She keeps on with the aggressive behavior, but the reality is, she is down on her points and she’s been called out on it in this photograph. She shows no limits, and won’t back down, even when she knows she’s not exactly in the winner’s circle.

9 Danica's Drama

via cellcode.us

We can’t get enough of Danica’s beef with Hamlin. She’s half his size, and yet look at his calm demeanor compared to her aggressive stance. She looks like a pitbull on the attack, as he appears to just try to reason with her. We wouldn’t want to be in his position when she’s this fired up.

8 Biting The Hand That Feeds Her

Via YouTube

This YouTube video depicts Danica’s reaction and explanation for her competitive nature. She makes some pretty brazen statements on NASCAR and the greed that exists within the sale of merchandise and how money is floated within her industry. She certainly doesn't feel the need to tone it down and isn't afraid to bite the hand that feeds her!

7 The Pool-Side Flex

Via Pinterest

To some, pool-side defines the epitome of relaxation. To Danica it’s another place and another time that she can show off her tough exterior physique, and match it to her bad-girl attitude. She’s a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the track, and she’ll be sure that you know it!

6 Using Karma As A Scapegoat

Via Pinterest

If this isn’t a subtle hint at her outward rage, we just don’t know what is. This seemingly simple photo of Danica in her workout gear takes a sudden turn when you read the message on her work-out top. She’s more or less letting you know that Karma is the reason for her outbursts – so lookout – if she can justify it that means she’s certainly not ashamed of it!

5 Danica Storms Off

Via SportsIllustrated

Now that’s a lady on a mission. Whatever the circumstances, the other party should be grateful that she opted to storm off amidst her fit of rage in this instance. Had she stuck around, this face suggests it would have been quite a show! Get out of the way, Danica is on the loose!

4 The Milka Moment Is "The Pits"

Via YouTube

This was a classic. Danica and Milka fought in the pics, and the catfight was captured for all to see. We don’t even care that it was a bit of a blurry view; we get the idea, and are grateful for the image. It’s hard enough for most women to get along in the first place – to expect another woman to get along with Danica is a tall order!

3 Danica's Media Drama

Via Pinterest

Ah yes, Danica is elbowing her way around the press, away from the public, and into her own zone. If Danica doesn’t want to speak, she won’t. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, folks – it’s her way, or the highway, and given the look on her face and her body language in this photo, she’s sure to win this battle and get her way.

2 The Furrowed Brows

Via Pinterest

This is not the face of a happy woman. It’s quite possible that NASCAR was as “done” with Danica as she was with them. Some press and publicity is always great for coverage, but the attention she was bringing to the NASCAR franchise was almost always negative, and nobody wants that.

1 It's Closing Time...

Via SunJournal

With a net worth of over $60 million, and a career of highs and lows, we can all agree that Danica has taken her full ride with NASCAR, and has gone full circle with her career. It’s no easy task to adhere to the strict demands that NASCAR imposes on its drivers, and we’re grateful for the mesmerizing moments she has provided us with – both in the racing sense, and in the sheer entertainment value of her numerous outbursts.

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