17 Photos Of Female Tennis Stars Playing With Revealing Outfits

When it comes to tennis outfits, there truly aren’t any guarantees, well, aside from wearing white at Wimbledon. We’ve seen a wide range of outfit choices in the past, some downright bizarre while others really weren’t suitable for a national audience. Even some of the very best in the business like the Williams sisters pushed the envelope on more than a few occasions.

In this article, we’ll delve into similar occurrences with these lovely female tennis stars pushing the boundaries in terms of their attire on the court. We’ll see short shorts, short skirts, bodysuits and everyone’s favorite, the pre-game leggings rocked by the likes of Eugenie Bouchard and others.

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17 Garbine Muguruza & The Leggings

via Pinterest

In order to keep warm prior to a matchup, some tennis players decide to rock warmer clothing.

At times, it makes more than a few heads turn and the lovely Spanish star Garbine Muguruza is an example of that in the photo above, rocking the not so PG leggings to perfection.

16 Wozniacki Dressed To Impress

via Pinterest

Caroline might be considered the best looking tennis star of all-time – she’s also not too shabby when it comes to her game on the court.

Off of it, she continues to turn heads, especially with her past SI photoshoots and IG photos, Caroline has over 1.4 million followers on the platform. And oh, she also drops jaws on the court with such perfect outfits.

15 The Statement Outfit

via Pinterest

Bethanie Mattek Sands made quite the statement with this outfit. Some loved the look while others had a bit of fun with it online.

Nonetheless, we can all agree that it was quite revealing in lots of places – some would even say that it doesn’t belong on the tennis court.

14 Simona & The Swing

via Pinterest

Halep is a great talent who is arguably at the prime of her career. Now in comparison to the others, her outfit choices tend to be quite tame.

However, some just can’t help but notice a certain not so PG asset, especially in such photos. Okay, jaws off the ground please, let’s continue.

13 Eugenie’s Got Short-Shorts

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Bouchard takes a different route with pre-game attire. Some choose to rock the yoga pants – Bouchard instead opts for the shortest pair of short-shorts that were available.

Not to worry though, we’ve got a picture coming up featuring Bouchard and those leggings everyone drools over. For now, let’s drool over this picture, short shorts she didn’t wear on the court.

12 For Charity

via Pinterest

Ah yes, as promised, we can now continue to drool at yet another Eugenie photo, this time she’s caught in the signature legging attire.

Bouchard wasn’t wearing the gear for the pre-game, she actually kept the outfit on during a friendly match for charity. She gets bonus points for those Nike kicks, pretty dope!

11 The Legend

via Pinterest

We could not share an article featuring steamy players and outfits without including the legend herself, Anna Kournikova.

The photo above shows the tennis star at her absolute prime, rocking a not so PG look to perfection. The white outfit looks perfect, not to mention the revealing part in the stomach area.

10 Venus At The French Open

via Pinterest

Serena isn’t the only Williams sister making the headlines for her outfit choices. We can even say that Venus caused an even bigger uproar at the French Open back in 2010 with this ensemble.

It basically gave off the look of lingerie, saying this outfit was a revealing choice is an understatement.

9 Serena’s Puma Outfit

via Pinterest

Throughout her career, Serena joined more than a couple of different companies. Along with Nike, Williams also wore several Puma outfits on the court.

If she wanted to sell for the company, this was the best way to do so. Serena wore a tightly fitted ensemble, once again of the one-piece nature.

8 Camila Giorgi Goes Short...

via Pinterest

Some tennis players aren’t going for a revealing look, instead, the biggest priority is to be as comfortable as possible – for some, that means skimpy clothing even if that’s not the message they’re trying to convey.

The beautiful Italian player went a little too short with her dress selection, thankfully, she had an even shorter pair of shorts under to cover up.

7 Fila Shorts

via Pinterest

Before we delve in, let’s give Fila a standing ovation for these shorts... oh goodness, talk about not so PG huh...

Some players also opt for shorts when on the court, the short skirt is also a common choice as well given the freedom involved in rocking the outfit, it is easy to maneuver around the court in such attire.

6 Sharapova Candid

via Pinterest

We haven’t touched on one of the best beauties in the game, Maria Sharapova. The beauty from Russia doesn’t even need to be in her actual in-game attire to grab our attention or in some fancy photoshoot, a picture like the one above can do the trick.

This candid photo shows Sharapova in a pair of perfect Nike leggings.

5 From France With Love

via Pinterest

The beautiful French tennis star Kristina Mladenovic has us in the palm of her hand in the picture above. We can safely say that the size of her tennis attire fit right on, to perfection.

This particular shot had all the fans talking, a not so PG picture we can safely say.

4 Sharapova Swag

via Pinterest

Back in 2006, more than a decade ago, we almost swallowed our tongues at Maria’s photoshoot with the likes of Sports Illustrated, by the beach. Who else was desperately looking for water scrolling through those pics...

She would continue that trend throughout her professional career. Though, her beauty can also grab the headlines on the court with such revealing outfit choices.

3 Not So PG Adidas

via Pinterest

We can all agree that Caroline should rock more outfits from Adidas, especially if they look similar to the photo above.

On this day, Caroline opts for skimpier attire, perhaps because of the weather condition on the day – that also has a lot to do with an outfit choice. In the photo above, we get a glimpse of Wozniacki who looks a little too hot for television.

2 Lukic Gone Wild

via Pinterest

We close off the article with a Serbian player. Vojislava-Lukic caused more than a stir with this particular outfit. Of course, the main talking point is the fact that she wasn’t wearing much underneath her ensemble of choice on the day.

Heat might have something to do with that, she looks hot in more ways than one... zing!

1 Serena Taking Nike To The Next Level

via Pinterest

Serena made our heads turn on more than a couple of occasions in the past with some steamy outfit choices.

This one ranks up there as one of the absolute best – Williams’ made all the headlines rocking a tightly fitted Nike one-piece, that attire was flattering in one particular area especially...

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