9 Photos Of Ferrari Interiors We Wouldn’t Touch (And 10 We Would)

Ferraris are among the most sought-after cars, driven by the rich and famous, and promoted by celebrities at every opportunity. These supercars have serious power on the road and the track alike and are easily identified by their incredibly contoured body style. Ferrari is a brand that we all recognize and respect - owning one, or even driving one, is a true honor for the lucky ones that enjoy this experience.

When looking to purchase a Ferrari, it seems only natural to go all-out and explore different interior options, or better yet, customize your own! The possibilities are endless, as long as your pockets are deep enough to foot the bill. Every detail within the interior of the Ferrari can be customized. There are leather floormat options, dashboard customization, and let’s not forget the seats!

Some of the custom interiors we’ve come across are jaw-dropping and left us completely in awe. Others, well… let’s just say they left a lot to be desired. It’s amazing how much a simple aesthetic interior selection can make or break the overall impression of the vehicle. Some interior selections really added to the value of the car, making it seem classy, or in some cases, more sporty. On the other hand, some of the interiors we saw really made us question whether the owner really deserved to own the car in the first place! Let’s take a look at 10 photos of Ferrari Interiors We Wouldn’t Touch, and 10 We Would…

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19  WOULD DRIVE: Smooth Red

Via Pinterest

Everything about this Enzo is perfectly perfect – we wouldn’t change a thing. This interior is luxurious, yet sporty and the classic red on black combo is always a hit. The textured seat pattern that repeats on the door panel feels plush and regal and is enhanced by the custom red stitching along the sides of the seats.

The steering wheel carries the same color and textured effect, making this the perfect combination. This 12 cylinder, mid-engine beast looks more like a beauty on the inside. Everything about this interior is on par with the Ferrari brand and seems like a natural fit.

18 WOULD DRIVE: Classic Beauty

Via Classic UK

We dare you to check out this stunning 1981 Ferrari 400 i and tell us you wouldn’t drive it! We didn’t think you could! This car is a very rare convertible, powered by a V12 and was the first Ferrari with a factory installed automatic transmission. It’s so rare, in fact, that only 884 of these cars were manufactured and of them, and out of all of those, only 341 were made in the year 1981.

Everything about this interior is perfectly orchestrated. The muted brown/beige seats, the custom floormats, and the wood-grain finish really go a long way in making this ride look and feel like a gentleman’s touring pride-and-joy.

17  WOULD DRIVE: It's GO time!

Via Superfast

This 2008 Ferrari 812 Superfast has had some serious custom design work on the interior, and they did an incredible job. This custom interior job has taken the focus off of the “luxury” aspect and put it strictly on racing. The singular, thick, bold yellow stripe down the center of the seat enhances the performance aspect of the vehicle, and the detailing on the dashboard blends perfectly to give the sensation that this car is about to take off.

With a top speed of 340 km/h at 2.9 acceleration on a 0-62 scale, it’s sure to get you anywhere you want to go, as fast as you want to get there.

16 WOULD DRIVE: The Mysterious One

Via AutoEvolution

This stunning Ferrari F12 belongs to Alicia Keys’ husband, Swizz Beats. He did an incredible job at customizing every aspect of this car. Carlex Designs was hired to overhaul the inside of this beautiful ride, and this highly renowned car customizing corporation pulled all the stops to ensure every square inch of this powerful car was boldly designed.

The use of a thinner yellow stripe than we’ve previously seen adds to the mysterious look of this vehicle. The heavy black seats and dash add an element of intrigue. This car is not one to be messed with from the inside or out. It has an aggressive appearance and is ready to take on any contender.

15 WOULD DRIVE: Hit The Track!

Via Autogespot

Now to a Ferrari F12 TDF which was custom tailored in Maranello to ensure every detail was perfectly accounted for. Everything you’re seeing here was completely customized for the lucky owner of these expensive wheels. The design direction they took for this model was strictly sporty. The fabric seats and yellow seat emblem are perfectly coordinated with the yellow seat belt that taunts you to try to stay strapped in during this fast ride.

The yellow dash accent on the steering wheel, door handle and dash are a nice touch and are not in any way overdone. The design on this car makes it look sporty and ready for the track.

14 WOULD DRIVE: Lap Of Luxury

Via Motor1

The Ferrari Portofino is a gorgeous machine that requires no introduction. The custom work on this one is absolutely unreal. It’s a beautiful twist on the classic design, yet it’s perfectly peppered with a modern twist. Tan/brown coloring gives it an older, sophisticated look which oozes luxury, yet this is offset with the colored gauges and racing pedals which add a sporty kick.

This two-toned interior is easy on the eyes, and perfectly embraces everything that is Ferrari. Under the hood is a 3.9 L V8 that rumbles all the way to 320 km/h, and there’s no classier way to drive than with interior as sophisticated as this.

13 WOULD DRIVE: Red Beauty

Via Pinterest

Take a look at this gorgeous F12 Berlinetta. This interior defines what it’s like to drive in the lap of luxury. The rich red leather interior wraps throughout the dashboard and door panels and the black striped pattern is just enough of a pop of black to define the seats without taking it overboard and cheapening the look. The pedals are a perfect match to the door handles, and the red leather-wrapped console is a really nice touch.

Auto Ferrari calls this car the most powerful and high performance naturally aspirated 12 cylinder Ferrari ever made, and paired with this interior, there’s really no topping it inside, or out!

12 WOULD DRIVE: Kickin' It Old School

Via Silodrome

Kudos to the designer of this 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB. This car is so rare that it deserved all the attention it got on the interior. This V12, 3.3 L pushes 275cc of volume per cylinder, boasting a highly powerful engine that we all wish we had. You’ll want to drive this car all day if you were surrounded by this amazing interior design.

The flat-backed seats and plush looking solid black interior are a perfect match to the thin, 3 spoke steering wheel and otherwise black interior. The seats and the wheel are all you need to tour this car around town and show off your ride. This oozes classic spunk, and we dig it!

11 WOULD DRIVE: Classy and Crisp

Via Autocar

This 2016 Ferrari California T, is hot, hot hot! While a car like this really doesn’t need much work done to it in order to impress, we can all agree that they did an amazing job on this one. The basic, thick-ribbed medium brown leather is perfect. Any darker or lighter and this would have been an epic fail – they got this right on the money! The color-accented steering wheel is a nice touch, making it really pop.

It’s nice to see the leather wrap around the console and lower dash, and this would have been overkill, had they done anything crazy with the floormats. The original exposed carpeted floor gives this car a raw, fun look. This car has an impressive V8 engine and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and with seats and color choices like these, we’re ready to jump in!

10 WOULD DRIVE: Orange Theme

Via Bespoke

The grand finale of incredible interiors has to be this one. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and we honestly can’t get our eyes off of this. This 2011 Ferrari 599 has the best looking interior we’ve ever seen! The Tailor-Made program that is offered by Ferrari was responsible for this incredible design.

The orange color is absolutely perfect and we wouldn’t change a single thing about it. This car even has matching orange calipers, in case you weren’t envious already! This car is downright sexy. There are no words to suggest anything be changed, and yet no words to fully capture the perfection we are looking at. Fun, fast, luxurious, and really enticing, this one wins the top prize for the most amazing Ferrari interior we’ve seen.

9 Wouldn’t Touch: Too Bland

Via Concours Interiors

So yeah, no. This 1984 Ferrari 308 is so boring. It’s a Ferrari, can you turn it up a notch? The pale and nearly pastel-looking beige is so understated and boring. It looks pathetically neutral – this is a 308, neutral doesn’t really work here! This dashboard is boring, the seats are plain, with bad coloring, and nothing else was done to help the interior of this car.

If we didn’t know this was a Ferrari and we were just looking at the door panel of this car, it seems eerily familiar to that of a far cheaper, domestic brand. This car deserves so much more.

8 WOULDN'T TOUCH: Too Much Italy

Via Reddit

This classic 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS was designed by Barris Kustom to accentuate the power that lies within the frame. The car itself is powered by a V8, but despite how fun it sounds to drive it, we wouldn’t want to be seen in it! We aren’t sure why anyone would attempt to put 3 different hues of brown into the interior of a car, ever!

The tri-colored stripe seems as though it was intended as an Ode to the Italian heritage of the vehicle, but it runs across the dash and door panel in such an intentional and awkward way that it hurts our eyes. If you didn’t check out the carpet, do it now – you won’t want to miss this bizarre bear-looking cushiony floor. The power of this car speaks for itself, but sadly, this interior spoke even louder.

7 WOULDN'T TOUCH: Mishmash

Via Flickr

Such a nice Ferrari P415 has gone to waste with a 599 xx interior. Everything seems mismatched and tossed in. The seats are a failed attempt at looking like short sportsters and the weird meshy pattern on them just hurts our eyes.

The interior of this one just looks sloppy and decreases the car’s value. What’s that strange red fish-net looking dash accent? Why would anyone do that? And the pedals, really – that’s a bit too over-the-top. Even the red leather stitching is too loud. This is just messy and sloppy. We’ll pass on this one entirely. NO thanks!

6 WOULDN'T TOUCH: Overdone

Via Jalopnik

Oh boy. This was on purpose? For a split second this looks cool, unique, and fun. But then your eyes adjust and you realize it would be really tough to be a driver or passenger in this car for any real length of time. The overall aesthetic of this car is just way too loud. The blue dash and mustard accents are impactful in the onset, but it’s really hard to take this car seriously.

The texture of the yellow, yes, yellow carpet, is really distracting and the yellow gauges and side mirrors are a bit much. We don’t think Ferrari would approve of this interior design if they saw it!

5 WOULDN'T TOUCH: The Zebra Effect

Via Pinterest

This Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona looks like a striped monstrosity. The zebra-effects comes across as bland, and while some may call this simple elegance, we call this simply a fail. There’s nothing interesting here, and frankly, the weird black stripes make it hard to look at.

It’s even worse to see that they populate the door panel as well. This is another weird brown/tan color. We can’t figure out who would want this, but it’s fair to say we wouldn’t want to drive this particular car.

4 WOULDN'T TOUCH: Snoozefest

Via GTCarlot

This 1998 Ferrari Tour De France 456 GTA is so boring. The design really falls flat and does not do this car justice at all. The fabric undercut of the carpeting is weird, and while the mats are original and cool, the seats are that strange color that we’ve continued to detest. The seats are boring, the colors are boring, even the steering wheel is stock and plain.

No thanks, this is a Ferrari we’d love to take out for a spin, but we won’t be doing that if it means someone might associate this car as being part of our collection with interior such as this!

3 WOULDN'T TOUCH: Basic & Generic

Via GTSpirit

This is a Grigio Titanio Ferrari F12 TDF, but we’re not interested in it. This car should be associated with luxury and prestige, but if we ever opened the door to this car and saw this interior, we’d probably just look for another way to get home. The pattern within the seats is distracting and annoying, and it really should not have been carried into the flooring. Nothing about this car is okay, aside from the very impressive price tag.

The interior will put us off of buying it though, as it’s just so boring and unimpressive that we wouldn’t feel that we’re driving the real deal. If cars could be “knock-offs” like purses and sunglasses, we’d guess that this was one of them. The interior just doesn’t do it justice and the folks of Ferrari would not improve.

2 WOULDN'T TOUCH: Falls flat

Via Merlin Auto Group

Does this Ferrari 430 Scuderia have grey velvet interior? Yeah, it sadly really does. We just want to know why. This seat can easily be compared to one from the 1980s, and when it’s paired with the stock red sewn logo in the floor-mat, we’re really not interested in seeing any more.

While the color of this seat is really nice on its own, it really doesn’t belong in a supercar, it looks more like something you’d see in an older model sedan that barely pushes 180 hp. The interior of this car does not live up to the brand’s name.

1 WOULDN'T TOUCH: Too "loud"

Via Pinterest

Please make it stop! Red and yellow? Really? In a Ferrari 599? Our eyes hurt. It feels like fire. We wish we could un-see this. This car resembles something that Ronald McDonald might crawl out of and really doesn’t speak to the brand’s reputation as being a luxury, respectable racing brand. The red is overdone on the carpet and the dash, and shouldn’t run to the top of the door panel like that. Nor should it be on the door handle. The yellow is painful to see.

On their own, either of these colors would have been great, but they really don’t belong together. We’ll take the steering wheel though – that looks good!

Sources: Jalopnik, Auto Ferrari, WikiFandom

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