Eva Marie And 16 Other Former WWE Divas That Keep Getting Better With Age

The wrestling business is a tough one. Wrestle with the top promotions, and it’s life on the road, plenty of time spent away from family. Then there’s the training, mastering your wrestling moves and getting to grips with storylines.

Some would say, that even as recently as a decade ago, it was tougher for female wrestlers than it was for males. Women in wrestling were subjected to all sorts of things, things that wouldn’t see the light of day in a wrestling event in current times.

Most women had short stints with the major promotions. They were used for a few storylines, then moved on due to promotions wanting fresh talent. Some of these 17 became major stars, had significant careers.

As is the case with a lot of wrestlers, once retirement sets in, it’s tricky to get used to the new lifestyle. Some go off the rails, don’t take care of themselves, or the years of pounding it out in the ring takes its toll. But these 17 women have certainly taken care of themselves. If anything, they’ve gotten better with age.

17 Amy Dumas

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It’s staggering to think that Amy Dumas was a permanent fixture on the women’s roster in WWE as long ago as 2006. Although she gave it her all, wrestling wasn’t her life. She has many other strings to her bow which include charity and singing. She certainly hasn’t been twiddling her thumbs in her retirement. Keeping busy has kept Amy looking good.

16 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn retired in 2014, but has made a few appearances on the independent scene since. She hasn’t been active in over a year. But she’s a former bodybuilder and fitness model, so inactivity in wrestling certainly hasn’t been an excuse for her to take it easy. Judging by this recent pic, Kaitlyn’s fitness regime is still on point.

15 Alicia Fox

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Although Alicia hasn’t officially retired, her profile was removed from WWE’s website this year and she’s been inactive for some time. This may be because she’s focussing on getting her personal life heading in the right direction. She had addiction issues this year, but from the looks of things, the so-called Foxxy One is back on track.

14 Beth Phoenix

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Look at Beth when she started out on the wrestling scene and look at her now. She hasn’t changed much at all, still looks as beautiful as ever, if not more beautiful, and it’s 18 years on from her debut! Luckily for wrestling fans Beth’s still very much involved in wrestling as a commentator.

13 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is regarded by many to be the ultimate diva. Unlike a lot of other female wrestlers around during her time, she wasn’t just popular because of her looks. She had it all, still has it all. Nowadays, Trish dedicates her time to her yoga company. Her love for yoga and all-things fitness has kept Trish looking as fabulous as ever.

12 Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes has always looked fabulous. Famous more for her appearances on Total Divas than anything she did in the ring, Rosa was a firm fan favorite. She stepped away from wrestling to concentrate on her daughter, on family life. It’s evident that Rosa’s had some work done, but she’s still looking fabulous.

11 Paige

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Recently retired Paige looks to be revelling in retirement. She’s been wrestling from a young age. It’s all she’s known. Perhaps her injuries were a blessing in disguise because from the looks of things, retirement in her mid-20s has been treating her well. She calls herself a Glampire on social media. That’s an apt a description as any.

10 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle was put through the wringer with WWE. But the feisty diva could handle it. She’s a tough cookie, has been through a lot over the years, in and out of wrestling. Look at her today and you wouldn’t think it though. She’s in tremendous shape, looks fabulous, and could step back into the ring at any time, as she did earlier this year.

9 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson was already well into the fitness way of life before signing with WWE. That whole health and fitness lifestyle was engrained within her and has never left her. Even after stepping away from wrestling, turning her attention to other pursuits, she’s maintained her fitness levels and it shows.

8 Brie Bella

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People were shocked when the Bella Twins announced their retirement from wrestling. They were with WWE at the time and were certainly fan-favorites. Brie cited family issues as the reason for her retirement. She was still in great shape when she stepped away from the ring, and whatever issues she was dealing with on the side don’t look to have affected her.

7 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie looks like a fashion model, someone who should be walking the catwalk instead of into the ring. She’s no longer wrestling, stepped away from in-ring competition in her early 30s. This enabled her concentrate on other aspects of her life.

Eva has a fitness, modeling, and fashion designing background. Evidently, judging by this pic, she’s tapped into this since retirement.

6 Amy Weber

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Amy Weber had a short and sweet stint in the wrestling industry which ended in 2005. But the beautiful brunette hasn’t wasted any time pursuing her other passions in her retirement. She’s a singer, actress and model. Spending a lot of time on screen, in the public eye, acts as the motivation Amy needs to look after herself, and she certainly does just that.

5 Stacey Keibler

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Stacey Keibler is regarded by many, to be one of the most beautiful wrestlers of all time. Look at some of her pics over the years it’s easy to see why. The glamorous go-getter is a wife, a mum, and a wellness warrior. It seems unfathomable to think that she’s just hit the 40 mark.

4 Eve Torres

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A lot of female wrestlers come from a modeling background and Eve is no exception. She got into wrestling off the back of her modeling career, but now she’s all about using her profile to better other people’s lives. Eve’s staying active, loves training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is a practitioner, teaching the martial art for women empowerment.

3 AJ Lee

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Wrestling fans were terribly sad to see AJ Lee leave the industry off the back of that whole debacle with CM Punk and WWE. Lee’s a headstrong woman, and in the end, she butted heads with some of those at the helm of WWE. She still had plenty to give, but now she’s turned her attention to writing. Looking at her pic, Lee isn’t one to sit at her desk, on the computer all day though. She looks after herself, and judging by her social media posts, is a bit of a gym nut.

2 Layla El

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Layla El spent nine years in the wrestling industry, retiring in 2015. She was known as one of the most glamorous divas on the scene, and she had talent too. It’s amazing to think that Layla is now in her early 40s. From the looks of things, she likes to take care of herself. Her knew job as a real estate agent doesn’t look to be giving her much stress!

1 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella is something of a model, a fashionista. As one half of The Bella Twins, she was mightily popular during her in-ring days. She officially retired earlier this year, and judging by her social media pages, is absolutely loving life away from wrestling. From what we can see, stepping away from competition, that lifestyle, has done her a lot of good.

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