19 Revealing Photos Of Girls At Car Conventions

There are tons of car shows every year that showcase the newest, best things coming out from manufacturers, such as SEMA, AutoCon, SpoCom, and many more. But one of the best reasons for attending these events isn’t the cars, but the booth babes who stand in front of them looking hot and seductive.

It’s an age-old marketing tactic that has never gone out of style, and never will: bring hot ladies to a male-dominated event and they will flock to your product. The more attractive your babes, the better your sales will be. That’s why companies shell out big money to hire these supermodels, and it works like a charm, every time.

Car conventions are already exciting because there’s so much cool stuff on display, but these girls push it to the next level.

19 Western Auto Crafters Booth Babes

via Nate Javelosa

We’ve covered 2011 and 2012 AutoCon, and here’s a shot from 2013 in Los Angeles. These promo girls work for Western Auto Crafters, a body shop. The blonde is an internationally published model, Annelise Marie, who mesmerizes with her attitude and charisma, and the brunette is Lorena Salazar, who only makes occasional appearances at automotive shows, but is equally as stunning.

18 Sandra Wong For VIS Racing

via JDM Zip Ties

This photo was taken at AutoCon 2011, in Orange County Great Park. It’s an outdoor convention (as you can see) of purely modded cars, mostly JDM-built. Sandra Wong is a lovely supporter for VIS Racing Sports, who are known for their ultra-aggressive body kits. Sandra Wong has that girl-next-door vibe, and she’s made a lasting impression in the import community, for good reason.

17 ZCrave Booth Babe

via Speedbabes

This incredibly busty young lady was spotted at AutoCon 2012, at the Santa Anita Race Track in California. It seems like the sunny, outdoor car conventions brings out all the hottest car girls, and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to bask in the sun while out scoping cool vehicles? Even though she’s standing in front of what looks like a sports car, she’s actually wearing a dress from Zcrave, which is not a car company, but an apparel company.

16 RSR Girl At SEMA 2014

via Speedbabes

This young lady was one of the many, many promo girls at SEMA 2014, but she was definitely a standout. She has the striking face that draws people to whatever she’s advertising, and the body to make you forget what it is she’s selling. In case you can’t tell, she’s touting RSR Wheels, a California-based road, street, and racing wheel manufacturer.

15 2015 Was A Good Year

via Sub5Zero

This booth babe was seen at SEMA 2015, and she’s a testament to the fact that the year after 2014 at SEMA was just as good, in terms of car girls. She’s wearing a slinky black dress that she barely fits inside of, and she has an undeniable hourglass figure, plus a nice smile. She’s standing in front of some wheels, so we’re guessing that’s what she’s trying to get you to buy.

14 Hybrid Bunny

via Sub5Zero

It took a long time trying to “read” this beautiful girl’s top through the shiny material to see what company she’s repping, but we eventually discovered it’s Hybrid Bunnyz. They are the model arm of Team Hybrid, an import company who also employs some of the hottest car show models around, as you can see. This young lady might be leaning on a Lamborghini, it seems, but most people’s attention is probably elsewhere, and that’s saying a lot!

13 Falken’s Looker

via Race-Dezert

Even though she might look like a hotter version of the Progressive Insurance girl, the way she’s dressed, this booth babe isn’t selling insurance. She’s selling Falken Tires, one of the most esteemed Japanese tire manufacturer in the world. She has an incredibly attractive face that almost looks innocent, which is a nice change of pace from all the girls who always look like they’re bee-lining for your wallet.

12 Lexus Knows How To Pick 'Em

via Race-Dezert

This is another girl who has an innocent look to her face, but an absolutely titillating body that probably drew all the guys over to the Lexus booth at SEMA 2014. It almost looks like she’s standing next to a Lexus LFA super car, but who knows? It doesn’t really matter, anyway, because people probably forget all about Lexus once they see this girl strutting her stuff.

11 Wheels And Deals

via Sub5Zero

This girl was spotted at the 2010 SpoCom convention in Long Beach, CA. The 2019 SpoCom Automotive Show Tour just happened over the weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center (July 20th start date), and we wonder if they had this quality of girl at any of the booths. Probably. She’s obviously advertising for some sort of wheel company, but it’s hard to take your eyes away from her legs to look at the wheels at all!

10 NITTO Wheels Girl

via Sub5Zero

Here’s another wheel girl who was seen at SpoCom 2010 in Long Beach. She has an almost exotic, Eastern European clout to her, and she looks about six feet tall (even taller with those heels), which is different than the usual blonde or Asian show girls that accompany most of these import companies. She’s hawking Nitto tires and rims, which is pretty cool, I guess.

9 BFGood Girl

via Sub5Zero

Being one of the most successful and well-known tire companies in the world, it’s good to see that BFGoodrich doesn’t skimp on their models. This unbelievable beauty was seen at SpoCom 2010, and she’s either advertising the wheel at her feet, the JDM car behind her, or herself. She probably drew a huge crowd, no doubt thanks to her, uh, awesome presentation.

8 Delicious Doll

via Pinterest

This right here is Keara Darling, a popular pinup model and operator of Delicious Dolls Magazine. She’s done plenty of photoshoots with old vintage hot rods like this truck here, but this is certainly one of her best ones. Hot rod and vintage carmakers seem to employ some of the nicest looking pinup girls around, so maybe that’s where we should focus our next car show visit.

7 Continental’s Blonde

via Sub5Zero

This beautiful blonde is standing out for Continental, one of the top-rated tire manufacturers in the world. She has that blasé, classical beauty that many car show girls don’t possess because of too much makeup or plastic. And she’s leaning on a vintage Richard Petty #43 Dodge race car, which is doubly cool!

6 Buxom HH Models

via Race-Dezert

SEMA 2014 seemed to have some of the hottest car models around, if these two are any indication. We have the classic offsetting blonde and brunette, the pretty white, low-slung dresses that accentuate their curves and assets, and those pearly white smiles that will make anyone melt. They’re wearing HH necklaces, and that could be many companies, but it’s probably HH Rims and Tires.

5 Marie Knows What She’s Doing

via Lowrider

This is Marie Madore, an absurdly thick (in the good, “thicc” sense) model and athletic trainer who has over 1 million Instagram followers. If you find her Instagram page, you can thank me later. She’s standing in for Savini Wheels, the “Gold Standard in luxury wheels,” based in Anaheim. With those killer curves and that face, she probably sold the company a lot of rims at 2015 SEMA where she was seen.

4 Miss Tuning World 2012

via Free Great Picture

This is Miss Tuning World for 2012, and she definitely looks in love with this car! Or you. Her name is Mandy Lange, and she’s a German model who also has quite a following on Instagram (116,000 followers). We can definitely see why she won the Miss Tuning competition in 2012, if this seductive picture is anything to go by.

3 Garage Girl

via SantaBanta

We’re not sure if that’s proper mechanic attire or not, but we’ll let it slide for this gorgeous lady. She’s literally filed under “Miscellaneous Babes” at SantaBanta.com, but she is anything but miscellaneous. We’re not sure if she has any expertise as a car mechanic, but we’ll still let her work on our cars anytime she wants.

2 Perfect Lamborghini Girl


Finally, we have Laura Bishop, a busty blonde who brings even more sexiness to the Lamborghini Huracan. She did a full photoshoot in this slinky black dress in front of this nightmare-dark Huracan, as well as a swimsuit edition, but this was a little more PG. The South African beauty definitely adds that killer instinct to an already killer supercar.

1 We All Scream For Ice Cream

These seductive women know how to push all of our buttons. They’ve got the slinky fishnet outfits, their lusty sitting stances behind the car’s seats (you can imagine them rubbing your shoulders with their toes, can’t you?), and they top it off with two melting cones of ice cream (you can probably imagine the ice cream melting all over them, huh?).

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