Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Photos Of Hilary Duff

Actress and (sometimes) singer Hilary Duff is super cute and stylish. She is petite, perky, and pretty, and lots of fellas find her attractive. She is not everyone’s cup of tea, but then again, who is? For those who “fan out” over the blond beauty, seeing pics of her on the web is always a treat. And there are plenty of photos to choose from, as the paparazzi seems to scope her out wherever she goes.

Folks have been entertained by the energetic mom for a long time. She started out years ago, and has blossomed into the beauty we still see on screen today. She is quite talented and seems like she is down-to-earth, so her admirers appreciate just about everything she brings to the table.

These 20 pics of the star are something to see. She’s chic, fun-loving, and fabulous. Some pics are fancy while others are less formal. There’s no way this woman could look bad, so let’s embrace her excellence!

20 Zipped Up

Via: shape.com

Duff’s delicious expression is only matched by her fierce fashion choice. Her zipped-up top leaves little to the imagination, yet we are left wondering how this woman could be so spectacular.

Her sultry eyes are captivating and her overall look is luscious. When it comes to taking a great pic, this actress aces it.

19 Beach Body

Via: thethings.com

Duff isn’t shy about showing off her fit figure. She’s having a great time soaking in the rays and splashing around in the clear blue ocean. Her smile is bright and her posture radiates confidence.

She’s rocking her string bikini with all her might, and others at the beach must be in awe of her awesomeness.

18 Strike A Pose

Via: twitter.com

Duff is posing for a pic in her cute black and white outfit, beaming with beauty and happy to be where she is in life.

Her bold makeup is different than what she’s doing today, but back when this pic was taken, this look was on-trend. Leave it to Duff to take what’s modern and make it her own.

17 Sporty Stretch

Via: fantsyweb.blogspot.com

Staying in shape is important to Duff, so she’s stretching out her muscles before exercising. She looks amazing in her little shorts and sports bra, showing off her shape and muscle tone.

It takes a lot of dedication to work out regularly, but Duff is committed to conditioning her buff body.

16 Want A Ride?

Via: imgur.com

Duff is ready to hit the road, and she looks great as she gets ready for a ride. Her all-white outfit is appealing, as are her super cool shoes. Wearing high heels may not always feel comfortable, but Duff is choosing to look chic at any cost.

She can always put on some slippers when the paparazzi is out of sight.

15 Curves For Days

Via: pinterest.com

This form-fitting dress looks amazing on the actress, hugging every curve and leaving little room for a bulge or bump. Her figure is on point, so she wants to show off her spectacular shape.

Not every gal would be daring enough to squeeze into this dress, but Duff is confident and looks cute.

14 Making Waves

Via: popsugar.com

Duff is having a fine time in the water, showing off her striped bikini and enviable abs. She obviously stays fit so she can run around in a two-piece without feeling uncomfortable in her own skin.

Perhaps she’s on vacation, so she has time to relax before getting back to filming.

13 Form-Fitting

Via: pinterest.com

Duff is dressed to thrill in this strapless number with a cool pattern throughout. Her blonde hair is styled to perfection, and her shiny clutch rounds out the elegant look.

Duff looks terrific whether she’s dressed for a special event or she’s just hanging around. Must be nice to be naturally pretty.

12 California Chic

Via: classic.atrl.net

Duff is out for an evening of adventure, and her black outfit is just the right choice for such an activity. Her golden hair is honey-kissed, and her light makeup highlights her natural beauty. Is she meeting some friends or is she out on a date?

We may never know, but she’s looking stunning and self-assured.

11 Red Carpet Cutie

Via: teeninfonet.com

Duff is a delight on the red carpet in her stylish black and silver dress and sky-high stiletto heels. Her skin is bronzed and her hair is glossy.

It seems like she is excited to be part of this celeb-studded soiree, and fans are surely delighted to see her shine as always.

10 Ravishing In Red

Via: pinterest.com

Duff is rocking a shorter hairdo, and the modern cut is quite becoming. Her red dress is ravishing, with cool zippers and a perfect fit. The actress is out for the evening, and she seems to be ready for whatever comes her way.

She looks terrific, and fans must appreciate her attention to detail when it comes to her fashion picks.

9 Duff In Denim

Via: news-people.com

When it comes to wearing a pair of jeans well, Duff does it right. Her super tight pair may seem like a squeeze, but she managed to slip into her pants without a problem.

Her jeans show off the actress’ curves in all the right places, and she’s not worried about busting a seam.

8 Skimpy Skirt

Via: bellazon.com

Duff is going for an all-brown ensemble, and she’s giving us a glimpse into her sense of style. She’s not shy about going for a super short skirt or wearing a strapless top to finish off the look.

Her fishnets and boots highlight her legs, and the whole look comes together terrifically. This outfit may not be something she’d choose today, but years ago, she wore it well.

7 Fun In The Sun

Via: pinterest.co.uk

Duff is shielding her face from the rays of the sun, and her cool sunglasses protect her eyes as well. Her one-piece is adorable, and the pattern is a classic.

She’s enjoying some time off to hang out and relax. Being a celeb may seem like a breeze, but she puts in the hours to perfect her craft.

6 Just Chillin’

Via: pinterest.com

Duff is doing her thing as she takes a load off and unwinds. Even while doing nothing much, the actress manages to look adorable. Her cropped sweater and low-rise jeans show off her great shape, even though she’s lying down.

We love that wavy hair and her fun-loving expression too.

5 Super Smile

Via: rock-cafe.com

Duff’s got a smile that could stop traffic. When she wears a bold red color on her lips, the experience is magnified. She dazzles with her pearly whites, showing the world she’s a winner.

Fans adore Duff’s attitude, and this pic captures her spirit. Her smile is contagious, so let’s all say, “Cheese!”

4 A Leg Up

Via: leathercelebrities.com

Duff is squeezing past her car so she can get to where she’s going. Her muscular legs steal the show, and it’s evident that she has been working out to get her body in such fine form.

Celebs have a lot of pressure put upon them to stay in shape, so let’s hope Duff does it for herself and not for the big shots in the biz.

3 Look Both Ways

Via: celebzz.com

Duff is walking across the street with a serious expression on her face. No matter where she is, the cameras seem to follow her every move. Even when she’s just going about her day, she is spotted and snapped.

She must be used to the attention by now, but she probably would enjoy some peace and quiet every so often.

2 Dressed For Success

Via: news-people.com

Duff is daring in this body-hugging long dress that highlights her entire physique. She’s confident in her looks and has no problem with showing the world the woman she is. Navy and white go together well, and the colors look great on her.

It seems like the actress is prepared to party, so hopefully, her night was one to remember.

1 Lovely Legs

Via: nypost.com

Duff waves to the passersby with a slight smile and some pep to her step. Her dress is gorgeous and her strappy shoes look lovely on her legs.

She seems to have a hint of pink in her hair which is a modern touch she embraces well. Duff is a darling, and this dress is one of her nicest.

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