20 Photos Of Jennifer Aniston In 2019

Fans have been in love with the beautiful Jennifer Aniston for decades. Her “California girl” vibe is as attractive as ever, proving that age does not diminish one’s vitality. She is an accomplished actress both on the big screen and on TV, and her A-list status has not suffered one bit ever since she first became popular on the hit sitcom Friends.

Whether she is ready for a role or just hanging out at home with (famous) friends, Aniston always looks like a million bucks. She keeps her body in great shape and seems to live a healthy lifestyle. Women half her age are envious of her good looks, and Aniston never fails to flaunt them.

Here are 20 pics of the actress to enjoy. These current photos of the celeb show off her spectacular smile, strong physique, and overall allure. She is a winner in every sense of the word.

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20 Still The Best Of Friends

Via: hellomagazine.com

Not only were these two lovely ladies the best of friends on TV, but they are also besties in real life.

It must be nice that these gals have maintained their close friendship after all these years. In the biz they’re in, it can be hard to find people to trust.

19 Good Jeans

Via: instyle.com

Jen’s looking cool and casual in a pair of blue jeans and a stylish scarf. She’s always smiling, so things must be going well for the A-list actress. She’s on the go and glowing.

There’s never time for this star to slow down. The roles keep coming and she’s more than ready to put her talents to use.

18 Right By Reese’s Side

Via: laineygossip.com

Standing right beside another famous face, Jen is happily sharing the spotlight with another blonde bombshell. These two ladies are super talented, so seeing them work together is a dream come true for their many fans from far and wide.

Jen looks lovely in her leather pants, and Reese is ravishing as always.

17 Then And Now

Via: pinkvilla.com

Back in the day, Jen was quite a cutie. Women from all over copied her “Rachel” haircut, and today they still love her long locks.

While her style has evolved, Jen still keeps some of her original charm front and center. Sure, she looks older now, but many would argue that she’s better than ever.

16 Night On The Town

Via: vanityfair.com

Jen is ready for an elegant evening out. She’s decked out in all black, looking confident and sophisticated. Her look is timeless, so she could sport this outfit at any time.

While we can’t see her shoes, they are surely just as stylish as the rest of the outfit. Jen wouldn’t wear plain shoes when she can afford the best pair.

15 Stellar Smile

Via: dailygossip.org

Fans from all walks of life love to see this amazing actress flash those pearly whites. Jen’s mega-watt smile is contagious, so when we see it, we smile too.

Her sunny demeanor is what makes her so likable, so as long as Jen keeps her mood up, we’ll be forever mesmerized. Say “Cheese!”

14 Close Up Cutie

Via: huffingtonpost.in

Jen’s not the type of actress to worry about a close-up shot. She may not be wrinkle-free, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a total knockout. Jen is proud of herself and all she’s accomplished. We all get older, so why not share what makes us unique?

Jen is, by all means, a gorgeous woman, so we can get super close and she still seems flawless.

13 Rad Ring

Via: afaae.com

Jen sure knows how to accessorize. She has the means to buy nearly anything her heart desires, so when she chooses something, we know it must be special.

Jen’s not one to go overboard and flaunt her fame, so she keeps her look low-key. While this ring is large, it isn’t pretentious. Jen has class that keeps her down-to-earth.

12 Tanks A Lot

Via: dailyexpress.co.uk

Jen loves to show off her bronzed skin, and this tank top does the trick. She looks casual and cool in her designer sunglasses, and the wind is whipping through her highlighted hair.

Jen never fails to look flawless, even when she’s dressed down like she is here. If only tank tops were appropriate to wear year-round.

11 Three’s Company

Via: popsugar.com

The three female stars from Friends are still seeing one another. Their chemistry on set was remarkable, and their real-life relationships are just as strong.

It’s so nice to see these three gals getting along when so many stars in Hollywood are haters. Fans would love to see a reunion of the entire cast.

10 Lotsa Leg

Via: people.com

Jen looks simply stunning in this bedazzled gown. The plunging neckline is sultry and the high slit shows off her well-toned legs.

Jen knows what looks good on her body, so when she chooses a look for a special event, she goes for dresses that dazzle. Let’s hope her night was as amazing as this dress is.

9 Sitcom Stars

Via: people.com

Here we see the Friends stars again, smiling and looking sensational. Both ladies are looking great and they are giving off positive vibes. They look youthful and happy, even more so than they did years ago.

These gals must be doing something right to look as fresh as they do after all these years in the spotlight.

8 Afternoon Around Town

Via: gotceleb.com

Jen is looking summery and stylish in her floral top and black slacks. She’s always one to wear shades while out in the sun, protecting her eyes while looking fashionable.

She’s possibly on set, but she may be taking some time off and meeting a friend for lunch. Whatever she’s up to, she looks super doing it.

7 Strappy Shoes

Via: fabiosa.com

Jen is going for a leather look with a pair of strappy heels to round out the outfit. Her skin is tanned and her hair and makeup look great. She seems to be posing for photographers, so she knows she can’t make a funny face.

Otherwise, that one bad shot will wind up in the tabloids. That said, it would be hard to get a pic of the actress looking anything less than gorgeous.

6 Golden Goddess

Via: vg.no

Jen never fails to give off a golden glow. It’s something she’s known for, so don’t expect to see her looking pale or powdery. She always has a dewy complexion, with supple skin and a nice shine. Perhaps that’s why she has maintained her good looks after all these years.

The moisturizer has its benefits, and Jen’s a prime example of how well it can work.

5 Still Rockin’ It

Via: reddit.com

Jen looks better now than she did 20 years ago. This pic proves that the actress is still smokin’ hot, and no matter your age, you can be alluring. Fans of the actress know that she’s always a stunner, but this pic shows those who aren’t already aware just how gorgeous the woman really is.

Way to go Jen for showing off your beautiful body.

4 Better Than Ever

Via: trendsmap.com

Jen may have forgotten her pants, but who needs ‘em anyway? With legs like hers, there’s no reason not to show them off. She’s otherwise covered up, but her toned and tanned legs steal the scene.

This pic is proof that Jen keeps her body in shape, giving the rest of us something to strive for.

3 Sparkling Sensation

Via: romania-azi.org

Jen is a stunner in this spectacular sequined mini dress. She’s confident and charismatic, showing the world she means business. This sparkling look gives the gal a Hollywood vibe, showing off her fab figure and sense of style.

This look is one of her best, and it seems like she knows just how amazing she looks.

2 Bombshell In A Blazer

Via: elconfidencial.com

Jen always looks smart in a blazer, and this blue one plays off her skin sensationally. She shows off some skin while still looking covered up, proving that a woman doesn’t have to wear something skimpy to look sultry.

Jen’s baby blue eyes really pop in this pic, reminding us of how pretty she is.

1 Keeping It Casual

Via: gotceleb.com

Jen can wear an evening gown or play down her look in a pair of loose jeans, sandals, and a simple T-shirt. She looks great in any style, something many women would love to do too.

Perhaps she’s enjoying some time off from work, so why should she bother to get all dressed up to do everyday things?

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